Every Situation Is The Result Of A Series Of Intentions

If a person lives in a mansion on a lake, or in a tiny cabin in the woods, or in a cardboard box in an alley, they arrived in that condition through a series of intentions. If you care to evaluate the survival potential of a situation, it can best be done by inspecting the intentions that led to the current situation.

As we go through life, our intentions change, but our earlier intentions remain in force until they are examined and changed. If we do not update our intentions as we change our life’s plans, we can be carrying baggage that clutters up our lives and our garages and cellars.

I remember seeing large, beautiful houses in Florida where the two car garage was filled to the rafters with old furniture and toys accumulated over decades and never used again. In some cases, this collection of memorabilia had been moved several times from city to city.

I know of one instance where a person bought two homes and filled both of them to the ceilings with possessions from his various business dealings and is unable to even consider letting go of any of the items he has collected.

As your life evolves from a single person, to a parent with children and through several business careers to retirement, you can accumulate many things which you somehow fail to discard and similarly accumulate ideas and attitudes which do not fit your current circumstances.

If this is done to excess, you may find yourself needing an intervention from family of friends or you can end up in an elder care facility because you can no longer manage your life without help.

In almost every situation I have observed, the persons intentions are not aligned with his present time needs. He is still carrying intentions from earlier parts of this life or other lifetimes. In addition, he is being affected by the intentions of his spiritual companions and spirit guides who may be totally stuck in earlier circumstances.

If you are not totally happy with your current life and its financial state, it might be a good idea to examine all of the intentions you are currently dramatizing. Discarding everything that is not appropriate to your current lifestyle and interests will free up an amazing amount of intention.

If you are like many people, you explored many different interests and even different business opportunities and acquired skills and tools appropriate for those activities. You may still be putting attention on activities and interests that do not forward your current interests and economic needs.

How about looking at what you do not have right now in the way of financial resources and life support and comparing them to the material things and obligations that are cluttering up your life.

List the things and obligations you need to get rid of and adjust your intentions that are keeping them in place.

List the things you are trying to accomplish and are not achieving and pare that list down to what is actually needed to improve your financial situation. Discard all intentions that do not align with your financial objectives.

When your intentions are aligned with what you really need to accomplish, you will experience a sense of relief and your effective production will increase markedly. Do not add any new intentions until you have discarded those that are not needed with your desired lifestyle.

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Thanks to everyone who attended my book signing at the Floyd Library

The interactive seminar was great fun, because I did not make a presentation of what was in the book, I merely answered questions that people asked and gave examples from session to illustrate the answers.

One woman came in grieving for her dog and I explained that the reason she was grieving was that the dog was grieving because the dog was still accompanying her and she was not giving him the usual attention. I asked her to acknowledge the dog’s presence whenever she was aware of his presence. By the end of the seminar, she and the dog were doing much better.

We had a good crowd of people who had great questions for me. People even came from Christiansburg and Blacksburg which is an hour away. Gretchen helped by shooting a video of the event and I will post the link when it is uploaded to Vimeo.

I forgot to bring my business cards, but fortunately a good number of people bought books which have my contact data in them. For those of you I missed, you can reach me at 540-320-6852 or at david@spiritual-rescue-technology.com

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Author to Sign Books at the Floyd Library

Author and Spiritual Counselor David St Lawrence will share tales from his 43 years as a spiritual counselor with his latest book, “Talking To Spirits”.

On Saturday, March 9th, from 1pm to 3pm, he will be discussing his adventures and signing copies of his books at the Jessie Peterman Memorial Library 321 W. Main Street, Floyd, Virginia.

In his many years as a spiritual counselor and spiritual healer, he has lifted curses, cleared haunted houses, counseled departed relatives, rescued beings trapped in crystals, and helped hundreds of people handle the voices in their heads and problems with their bodies. He now concentrates on teaching others to talk to spirits and holds weekly online workshops and webinars where he lectures and does live sessions on volunteers and their spirits.

The author has written four books, one about surviving corporate life and the other three about his discoveries in the spiritual realm. All of his books are available on Amazon,com: Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day, Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology, Using Spiritual Rescue Technology, and his latest, Talking To Spirits.

His long transition from corporate executive to blogger to independent designer/craftsman took place in parallel with his interest in the spiritual realm which started in 1975 with a spiritualist in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. He finally realized that the real answer to the insanities of the business world lay in exploring the effects spirits have on people’s lives. His last three books describe how spirits influence our lives and provide a way that almost anyone can take control of their futures.

He can also be reached for private counseling sessions at 540-320-6852

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Free Seminar and Book Signing 3-9-19 at the Floyd Library

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