My New Book is Titled, TALKING TO SPIRITS

I have finally created a dedication for my new book, Talking To Spirits which should be available in the next few weeks


This book is dedicated to all of my readers

who wish to learn the truth

about their immortality.

Every time we talk to a spirit

we are talking to another immortal being.

We have a lot of catching up to do.

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How Valuable Is Our Culture?

Our culture defines us as a people and is one of the most valuable things a population can possess. Too often, a culture is taken for granted and no effort is made to protect it from undesired change. A culture makes a place a desirable place to live in and raise children.
We came to Floyd because of the creative and entrepreneurial culture, and the live and let live attitude that is encouraged in Floyd. That live and let live attitude should not extend to those who will abuse our culture or change our way of life instead of seeking to become part of our culture.
We as a nation are still wrestling with the idea of constructing a wall to protect our borders from those who would invade us. It is too early to say whether good sense will prevail and our customs and culture will survive, but we do have some current examples of what will happen when leaders do not value what they have in their country’s culture.
Freiburg, Germany, a sleepy college town is not doing well, according to a friend who lives in Munich. The “sunniest place” in Germany has become a place of shadows, and its progressive mindset has turned a city of free people into hunted prey.
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Learning The Underlying Cause For Inexplicable Actions – Part One

There are many mysteries in life that leave us bewildered and even angry because life seems to be so unfair.

The people we care for who treat us badly and then leave us are just one of the mysteries that cause us emotional pain.

People who are cruel to others and to animals are a puzzle that no one seems to be able to explain or to fix anyway.

The effortless popularity of some individuals can be observed, but rarely can be explained. Similarly, the pitiful insecurity and social awkwardness of others can be observed, but rarely remedied.

The actions are always visible, but the conventional wisdom of counselors, life coaches, and family members does not seem to have reliable answers for much of the out-of-character behavior that is observed. Like cures for the common cold, there are many answers but few that produce behavioral change.

I recently had the opportunity to read an excellent handbook for improving anyone’s life and the advice is very reasonable, based on observable phenomena. Almost all of what I read was very logical and follows long standing rules for achieving success, prosperity, and happiness.

What was lacking was an understanding of what actually drives behavior for most people, and that influence comes from the spirits who surround us at all times.

When a person does not know the root cause for almost all behavior, that person, no matter how expert, can only go by what they can perceive. The person who can perceive spiritual behavior and spiritual communication sees all sorts of transactions and influences that are driving the behavior that is being displayed.

In short, the non-spiritual person can only see what is visible to the naked eye. Daddy is angry at his daughter kissing her boyfriend, so they must be made to stop that behavior.

Only when you can interview the daughter’s spiritual companions and the Daddy’s spirits will you discover that Daddy has some spirits that are hot for his daughter and the boyfriend is an old rival for her affection from many lifetimes ago. Daddy, who is an ethical father, has been resisting the urges he feels for his daughter but when his spiritual companions see daughter enjoying herself with someone else, they go into wild jealousy mode and he thinks the feelings are his.

If he gets some spiritual counseling and finds out where the urges are coming from, that validates his desire to resist the urges and at the same time relieves him of that desire when the helpful spirits are handled and sent to Venice Beach for rest and recreation.

Spiritual perception is like X-ray vision. You see what is hidden from the physical universe. The more you practice using it, the better your understanding of life becomes.

In Part Two, we will examine some other spiritual factors that influence our lives.

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Webinar – Discovering The Beings Who Keep You From Making Friends And Money

I have been doing some research recently to identify spiritual beings we cannot handle on our own, and I feel I have discovered a subset of these beings who we would get great benefit and personal relief from discovering their existence.

These are the beings responsible for spiritual possession, walk-ins, curses, dementia, and other manifestations of being under someone else’s control, but the subset I wish to discuss Sunday are the beings who keep you from making friends and money.

These are beings who you cannot handle yourself unless you are very unusual. The biggest problem is that you can rarely spot them because they are the source of your persistent failures to flourish and prosper.

The real problem is that your efforts to make friends and make money are extremely painful to them and they have all sorts of maneuvers to keep you from triggering their painful experiences.

They will make you do things that your friends can see as non productive or as a complete lack of confront, but you will not be able to see or do anything about it when they try to help you by pointing out your inability to cope.

You may even be unable to recall what you do when you are confronted by a situation that activates them. These are the class of beings who take control of you and cripple your ability to deal with certain situations.

We will be doing some exercises to make you aware of the beings that affect you personally, but we will be doing this in a way that should not be embarrassing.

By the end of the webinar, you should have identified the beings who are blocking you from developing meaningful relationships, or securing the job you want, or preventing you from generating the income you are capable of.

At that time, I will be giving you a couple of solutions for handling these spirits which you can start immediately.

Join me tomorrow, Sunday, December 2nd at 12 noon on Zoom at the usual link:

There is a $10 donation for this webinar, use this link:

if you have not already donated.

There will be 5 webinars this month. If you would like to donate for a month of webinars, you will pay only $40 by using this link:

Lets finish the year in style by removing any persisting barriers! See you Sunday at noon.

David St Lawrence

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