One Stop Psychic Healing and Spiritual Counseling

You can read my books and visit my websites to learn what I do and how I teach others or you can identify an unwanted emotion or physical problem and let me talk to the spirits who are causing your particular problem.

I use a simple three step process:

1. We connect on Skype and I make contact with the spirits who are creating a problem for you in a brief online interview. At that point I will tell you if I can help solve your particular problem.

2. If you wish me to handle the problem, I will send you a link where you can pay for the session by credit or debit card.

3. We begin the session as soon as the payment occurs and will continue until the emotional or physical problem no longer bothers you.

Let me give you an example of a typical session:

A woman contacts me with a physical problem that is not resolving with traditional medicine. I look at the area that is troubling her and see a spiritual “hot spot” containing several very disturbed spirits. I contact the spirits and get the name of the spokesperson for the group and ask if he is willing to let me help him. The answer is affirmative, so I agree to handle the problem that is causing these spirits to be so disturbed. I find why they are so disturbed and unstick these spirits from the incident in which they are trapped and set them free.

The woman is amazed to see that the area is now pain free and now is ready to handle something else that she has had attention on. We handle that in the same way and end off when she feels happy and relaxed.

Here is another example:

A friend calls me with a problem that threatens to break up his happy relationship. He has suddenly become attracted to a woman who is not his wife. I look at the spirit who is causing this behavior and discover that she is a female spirit who is trying to get him together with this woman. I ask if I can help her and she agrees so I tell my friend we can do something about his problem.

He wants my help in the matter, so I find out what problem the spiritual being is trying to solve and I set her free from the situation she is in. She leaves my friend and goes off to create a new life for herself. My friend is now free from the urges that threatened to ruin his life.

One last example:

A woman is still experiencing a lot of grief concerning a friend who died unexpectedly a year ago. The friend’s death is always on her mind and she just wanted some relief from the grief. I spoke to the spirit and found that she just wanted closure for what had happened. I suggested to the woman that I should work with the spirit and see if we could achieve closure for the spirit and for her.

I took the spirit through the trauma of her unexpected death of a heart attack as she was preparing for a big party. As she lay dying, the woman who came to me for help was standing outside the door watching her die and had to smash the window to get to her.

The spirit of the dying woman had attached herself to her friend but had never been able to communicate how she felt. I was able to help the women communicate all that they had wanted to say to each other during those frantic moments and they achieved closure and peace of mind. At the end of the session, the departed spirit left to check up on some other members of her family.

What You May Have Been Doing

If you have a problem that has been bothering you for a long time with no relief, you may have tried one or all of the following methodologies:

Spells & rituals, angel readings, angel connections, spiritual healings, Scientology, numerology, feng shui with kua calculator, hypnosis, chakras balancing, angels, Metatron, Uriel, Yannie, energy healing, Reiki, spiritual healing, Shamanism, working with the Akashic Records, working with the color rays, crystal healing, and psychic surgical healing methods through distant healing processes.

Many of my clients have pursued every known method of divination and spiritual healing before they came to me. All of these systems work, but only to the extent that they favorably affect the spirits who surround us. A hot bath and a massage will also affect the spirits who surround us, but the relief is only temporary. My methodology is fast and permanent.

What I Do Is Different

I talk directly to the spirits who are influencing you and in some cases threaten to take you over completely. I can perceive them and their intentions and I get their permission to help them. Once I have their agreement, I know what to do to help them and eliminate their destructive activities.

If you wish to handle the problem they present, you pay me for a session and I free you from their influence. If there are multiple spirits actively presenting a problem, I handle all that are available to work with. The session ends when you are free from the beings who were influencing you when you arrived.

I also teach you how to communicate with spirits on your own if you wish, so that you are not completely dependent on my services. I have found that clients who work with spirits in solo sessions between sessions with me get continuing gains and find that they are in control of their thoughts and their lives.

I deliver spiritual counseling sessions 7 days a week between the hours of 9am and 8pm Eastern time. For more information see the list of links at the bottom of the page. Text me or call me at 540-320-6852 for an appointment.

David St Lawrence
Spiritual Rescue Technology Counselor
Floyd, Virginia

Here are some links that will give you some information on what I do:

Discussion Group

10 minute video introduction



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Realizations About Resentment

Today, I located a spiritual being who was stuck in resentment after many lifetimes of doing his best and having others get the credit. If this has happened to you, it might be worth reading the rest of his story.
He called himself Alex, and as he says, not Alex the Great, but Alex the Spineless.
The earliest incident he could remember was working on pyramids where he and others did the bulk of the design and the chief architect got all of the credit. That resentment stuck with him forever when he was sacked and disposed of when he tried to take credit for his work.
He has been with me most of my life and he has been helping me to escape from situations like his, but he has never been able to deal with the underlying resentment. He has been able to help me, but the resentment is still with him and it has affected us both.
His biggest win was getting me to tell my boss I would not install any more of the faulty systems designed by our head engineer.
Earlier, he had given me the incentive to leave a Honeywell computer project for a startup when the lead designer on the computer project was an exact clone of the architect on the pyramids. We did the work and he got the credit.
I have had many employers since then and he helped me get out from under the managers who were less able than we were, but we never handled the resentment that accompanied getting into this kind of situation.
I asked if there was an earlier incident than the Egyptian one which might account for his current resentment and he spotted an incident where he was a lead designer for a star fleet organization. He immediately realized that he did not understand politics and got blindsided then and later by pushing results and not paying attention to the political winds of change.
His resentment gave him a chip on his shoulder where he dared anyone to do things in a “political” way instead of in an honest way.
His big realization, which blew his resentment completely, was that he did not really understand the problem they wanted him to solve!
He thought it was an engineering problem, but it was really a political problem!
There were a string of realizations occurring for both of us, because this is the universal problem we face when trying to do anything or help anyone: We take a position to do a job or attempt to help someone and we fail to investigate enough to make sure what we can do is what is needed. We do what we promised to do, but it is no longer or never was what was actually needed.
It is not enough to work on solving the problem you were hired to solve, you also need to keep tabs on the environment to make sure the original goals still exist.
If we succeed in getting the job or start helping someone as a counselor, we need to continually consult the boss or the client to make sure we are solving the problem the person wants to solve. The person can change his mind, corporate cultures can change drastically and the original problem and its political situation may no longer exist.
Once Alex spotted the real source of his resentment, failing to understand the real problem, his resentment vanished and so has mine. We are both feeling more productive and more optimistic about our future.
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It’s Time for a Frank Chat About Gender Uncertainties

Once you really understand the complicated relationship between spirits and bodies, you will find that you have a more relaxed view of people who seem to have urges at variance with their body type. You will also have a true understanding of those people of one sex who identify as a member of the opposite sex. All of the data in this article comes from hundreds of Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) session hours

The urges toward sexual activity and sexual attraction are spiritual in nature and can easily be understood once you realize that a spirit has no sex or sexual parts, but generally has a history of operating successfully in a male or female body. For the rest of this article, I will call these spirits with a successful history in bodies of a particular sex “male spirits” or “female spirits”

If a being has operated as a male successfully for many lifetimes and happens to pick up a female body in a moment of excitement or inattention, this “male spirit” may run the female body in a way that emphasizes masculine qualities and may not ever develop a true femininity. SRT will not change his sexual orientation, but will make his life as a woman with masculine urges more comfortable.

On the other hand, if a being has operated as a female successfully for many lifetimes and happens to pick up a male body, this “female spirit” may run the male body in a way that emphasizes feminine qualities and may not ever develop a true masculinity. SRT will not change her sexual orientation, but will make her life as a man with feminine urges more comfortable.

Between these two extremes, there are a number of different situations depending on the number of spirits surrounding the body with different gender preferences. These can be helped significantly with SRT processing.

A normally masculine male (male spirit in a male body) with enough “female spirits” around him will find that he is attracted to male bodies in a way that he does not consider manly and he is right. His “female spirit” companions are attracted to males and will draw his attention to male bodies and may even arouse him with respect to male bodies. SRT counseling can handle these “female spirits” and get them to leave or work with the male spirit in a less distracting way. When spirits are brought into present time, they usually are able to work in harmony with the spirit running the body regardless of their sexual orientation. They become team members and contribute to the goals of the group.

A normally feminine (female spirit in a female body) with enough “male spirits” around her will find that she is attracted to female bodies in a way she does not consider proper and she is right. Her “male spirit” companions are attracted to females and will draw her attention to female bodies and may even arouse her with respect to female bodies. SRT counseling can handle these “male spirits” and get them to leave or work with the female spirit in a less distracting way. When spirits are brought into present time, they usually are able to work in harmony with the spirit running the body regardless of their sexual orientation. They become team members and contribute to the goals of the group.

We also encounter spirits who have run both male and female bodies for a long period of time and who have no real preference for what gender bodies they occupy. They can freely exhibit both male and female characteristics but they can suffer from not understanding or agreeing with what society expects of them. SRT counseling gives them an understanding of their true situation and will also handle any confusions of the beings surrounding this non-preferential being. Once a being understands why it has certain urges and behaviors, it can freely choose to associate with beings with the same spiritual condition or to associate with anyone without feeling guilty for being different.

Gender uncertainty is not catching, but the spiritual uncertainty may be buried for many years until some event triggers the realization that something is wrong about the role the person has been playing. This realization can happen at any time and initiates a period of stress which may continue for the rest of the person’s life. SRT counseling can ease the person into understanding who they really are and how this situation occurred.

Knowing who you really are and why you act the way you do will give you the certainty you need to live fearlessly.

Some people have decided that they want to modify their bodies to match their spiritual orientation, but this has not always been successful and some have regretted their decision to change their physical gender. Physical modification without understanding the spiritual implications will have unexpected results. Counseling will help but unless the counseling truly handles the spirits involved, spiritual problems may make life a real challenge.

If you are one who is comfortable in your gender role, this article may make it easier to understand those who have gender confusions and give you a viewpoint that enables you to help them. If someone says they identify as a member of a different sex, they are probably on the right track.

I cover this and a host of other interesting spiritual issues in my weekly Spiritual Workshops in Floyd, Virginia. Join us at 2pm on Thursdays. Call for directions.

If you would like help in this area, I deliver private counseling sessions over the Internet.

David St Lawrence


If this talk about spirits influencing your life is confusing you, read my book, Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology.

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Spiritual Technology Is Missing From Our High Tech World

Technology has provided the means for more people to accumulate wealth and power, but has not provided them with protection against exhibiting anti-social behavior when they have achieved such power. We see this almost daily as powerful people have confessed to forcing sex on others as part of their daily activities. This is not a new occurrence, but the existence of the Internet has made it easier for victims to speak out and bring the power of public opinion to bear on these abusers and the companies who employ them.

Spiritual Rescue Technology can free almost anyone from the insidious forces that lead them astray from worthwhile pursuits to degrading activities like sexual abuse or drug abuse. It is the only technology I know of that can effect a significant change in behavior in a matter of weeks, even when the degraded activity has been in force for many years.

Spiritual Rescue Technology processing can change behavior simply because it addresses the root cause of undesirable behavior, the spiritual beings who are controlling the persons thoughts and behavior. When a person exhibits uncontrolled lust for instance, spotting and handling those spiritual beings who are stuck in a role that they cannot break out of will immediately free the person from these disturbing thoughts and impulses.

It does not have to be lust that will destroy a promising career. When person is plagued by spirits stuck in a permanent state of paranoia, that person will fear anyone working with them and will find ways to attack and even destroy those around him. No amount of reasonable communication will reduce the paranoia because the paranoia is being manifested by spirits who do not respond to normal conversation and therapy.

If you understand the power of Spiritual Rescue Technology, you may be able to help someone afflicted with troubled beings who are destroying their career. If you are not up to using SRT on the person, please find a way to introduce them to me so I can help them.

Spiritual Rescue Technology makes a person more themselves with every session. They go from a state of spiritual overwhelm to a calm certainty of self and purpose in session after session. Eventually the person assumes responsibility for the condition of the spirits surrounding him and finds ways to organize them to achieve his goals. At this point, life becomes quite rewarding.

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