Conversation with a prodigy and the spirits who guide him

There is a term High-Functioning Autism which includes those who have extraordinary intelligence and other mental abilities and yet exhibit behaviors which make them unable to interact with others in a normal fashion.

I met a young man whose mother describes him as autistic , yet he exhibited an unusually impressive spiritual presence like no one I have met this lifetime. He does not like to read, but he has an amazing grasp of historical events and of philosophical concepts. According to his mother, he has been talking to his spirits from an early age.

When I met him, he was not in present time and was randomly displaying a number of martial arts moves and symbolic gestures I had never seen before. His social presence was that of a restless 12 year old. Since his body age is almost 30, this creates a confusing effect on the beholder.

Since these spirits were demonstrating their control of the young man, I felt free to commend them on their skills. They replied with a series of philosophic statements that showed their great spiritual wisdom. Since they were in control, I asked them if I might speak to them further and they agreed.

They were a group of 10 wise beings and dated back 18,000 years ago in India. The spokesperson for the group did not have a name and I addressed him as “Nameless One”.

It became evident that there was one of the group of spirits who was not as wise and solemn as the rest because he would cause the young man to make humorous gestures and utter loud and nonsensical phrases whenever I asked a question that startled him.

The spokesperson for the group said this spirit was an unmanageable and foolish person. The joking spirit said he was trying to insert levity into the boy’s life.

I asked the spokesperson what he was trying to teach the young man and I got a long string of philosophical principles. It appeared as though he was being trained to be a warrior priest of some sort.

When the young man finally emerged in the conversation, his major interest in life was to find the right martial art for his purposes. He had tried many different martial arts studios and they had not been satisfactory. I could understand why because the young man was not able to control himself and was continually originating strange moves and gestures. This would make him a nuisance in a teaching situation.

I had a long conversation with the spokesperson and the rest of the group about their role in giving the young man the training he needed for life in the 21st Century. I pointed out that they were giving him the wisdom of the ages, but they were not giving him the skills he needed to succeed in the 21st Century. He was completely unskilled in dealing with other people, especially women and he needs to be able to function in society to achieve his personal goals and their goals for him.

They actually could see the logic in what I was saying and said they would consider what I had said.

At this point the person himself surfaced and said, “I want to be able to meet girls!”

I said I was concerned about the young man and his mother and wanted both to be able to achieve their full potential. We agreed that this was a worthwhile goal and they would consider what they could do to make that happen.

Shortly after this we ended our discussion on a friendly note and I thanked them for taking the time to speak with me.

Afterwards, I thought about other gifted prodigies who were being assisted or controlled by their spiritual companions. Alma Deutscher was the first example that sprang to mind. Her spiritual guides enable her to compose and perform music at a master level and have brought her fame and fortune. What will happen when Alma matures and becomes interested in having a relationship with someone outside her family?

We can also consider what it will be like for a young man to fall in love with Alma, a girl who is being guided/ influenced/possessed by a bunch of old composers?

Those of you who are aware of being composite beings can come up with some interesting and workable scenarios. Those who consider spirits to be intruders may see this as the ultimate horror story.

On the other hand, by the time Alma becomes sixteen, the world may have advanced to the point where spiritual possession is a commonly discussed condition, like having a tattoo.


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Getting and Staying Focused – Are You Going to Do This All By Yourself?

There is a real difference in being focused on a goal and dedicating your life to it versus living a balanced life with family, friends and pets and time for everyone.

Hugh Macleod has captured this perfectly: Hugh MacLeod — ‘The price of being a sheep is boredom. The price of being a wolf is loneliness. Choose one or the other with great care.’

Living with a congenial group has many rewards at the cost of conforming to the group’s interests and purposes.

Striking out on your own toward a goal that most others will not understand is incredibly exhilarating, but you may find it difficult to find anyone you can share your discoveries with. Breaking new trails means that you may be ignoring established routes and signposts and will have to backtrack now and then because your route is blocked.

There will always be suggestions to take the established routes, or to drop the quest and do something that is immediately useful, like take up a real job and settle down and get married.

If you are going to be an artist, writer, musician or spiritual counselor, you need to understand what focus really is. Focus is being able to put ALL of your attention on doing what you are doing or planning what you will be doing next.

During those moments when you are in the “zone”, you are focused and nothing else matters but what you are doing at that moment. It is during those moments that you get your best work done.

You SRT students know that there are “mystic forces” which intrude on your concentration with worries about paying your bills, fears of being unsuccessful, and resentment at being misunderstood. There are other mystic forces which make it difficult to envision real success at all and make you want to take a nap or turn on the TV to distract yourself from further agonizing effort.

These “mystic forces” are the spirits around you who are suffering from deja vu because of your efforts to do something new. You can either address the incidents which are still troubling them or you can continue your efforts using reach and withdraw until these spirits leave of their own accord or wake up and begin to cooperate.

There is a third alternative for those who are good communication with their spiritual companions, and that is to discuss the desired objectives and to creatively reorganize your spiritual team so that it can operate without going out of present time and achieve the objectives in a way that everyone wins.

This is an area that deserves more investigation and we will be discussing it Sunday during the webinar on What It Means To Be Focused.

Join us at 12 noon EDT on Sunday (3-18-18) on Zoom:

The webinar fee is $10. If you have not paid your webinar fee already, use this PayPal Instant payment link to do so:

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Yes, there is a free Thursday Night Workshop on 3-1-18

This online workshop will cover new discoveries about using SRT processes.

The first discovery is that listen style counseling of any kind is an extremely limited process. Overuse of SRT listen style sessions leads to tiredness, overwhelm and loss of motivation on the part of the counselor!

Listen style counseling is practiced by many therapists and results in therapist burnout. It’s impossible not to feel overwhelmed or exhausted when you’re constantly exposed to and absorbing the emotions of other people. Even the best-intentioned practitioners with the strongest defense of self-care feel beaten down sometimes.

SRT counseling and solo sessions can produce burnout if certain precautions are not observed. We will discuss how to provide counseling without being overwhelmed or producing burnout.

We will also discuss new discoveries about reach and withdraw processing.

Join me tonight at 7pm EST. Use this link:

The workshop is free.

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When you can remember your past life skills…

Your musical ability has that extra quality that transfixes your audience.
Alma Deutscher (aged 5) playing Dancla – Air varié sur un thème de Pacini – December 2010

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