Saturday Workshop – 1-26-19 – Live Sessions on Handling Guilt

I made a stunning breakthrough this year which enables me to free almost anyone from the feeling of guilt that persists even though you have done nothing wrong.

These deep seated feeling of guilt are exploited by teachers, parents, and other authority figures to control you.

When these hidden sources of guilt are vanquished, you can remain in present time and see the supposed authority figure’s attempts to control as the fear-driven actions that they are.

When you feel guilty, you are projecting feelings of unworthiness that can be picked up by others.

You even find yourself apologizing when you are not wrong.

In Saturday’s workshop, I will run a live session on a volunteer who is suffering from unwanted guilt feelings and you will see how this problem can be handled.

To fully appreciate what is being done in the session, please read, “Would You Like To Life Guilt-Free?” and “Session Examples – Guilt” in my new book, Talking to Spirits.

For those of you who have the paperback version, please read from page 61 to page 66.

This is a free workshop and you can connect with us at 12 noon EDT tomorrow, 1-26-19 using this link:

You can connect via an iPad, or any computer, or on an Android smartphone. If you wish to participate, you will need a camera and a microphone capability.

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Spiritual Distractions Can Make Your Life A Mess

A recent prospect has tried three times to meet up with me for a FREE session. Each time there has been an easily prevented distraction, and the person KNOWS he was being distracted, but could not seem to recognize it until after the fact.

We managed to get together for a few minutes before he was interrupted and he spotted the beings who are controlling him and even came up with a name for the group, before we were interrupted because the prospect had not made arrangements so the session could be private.

I want to convey to you how serious this kind of distraction can be. This person is a single parent with teen-aged children and holds a responsible position which he earned after working their way through college while supporting his family. This person has been able to set goals and work through many obstacles, except when it comes to self-improvement.

The person has identified a cluster of beings who block his spiritual improvement and yet is unable to overcome their influence which causes him to miss appointments or double schedule them in conflict with other obligations. In the latest incident, he was unable to meet with me and asked me for a session to start 30 minutes later. When he did not show, I called him and he had already made a conflicting appointment with a family member.

It’s as if this being can make him forget appointments that he made only a few minutes ago. I have seen this before and it is very frustrating to all concerned. I have had it happen to me in the past and it is very embarrassing, because it seem like the promise of an appointment was completely erased from my memory.

This is not a memory lapse, it is the direct result of a spirit’s intervention in one’s life. In this case, we are attempting to increase this person’s awareness so he can control his life with regard to achieving his goals and the 4 beings who are manipulating him are determined that he does not discover what they are doing.

Since he continues to call me and set up appointments, I am going to help him achieve his goals by raising his necessity level. He has blown through three appointments for free sessions, so I am going to bill him in advance for the next session with no refund if he doesn’t show. He will have plenty of opportunity to decide whether he wants to pay for a session with no refund for a no-show. I hope that will raise his necessity level to the point where he will be able to show up and we can handle his distracting beings.

Since he has not been able to receive his free session, I can always offer him a free session if he shows up for the session he has paid for. The idea is to provide a positive incentive for him to take control of his life in spite of the spiritual forces distracting him.

For more information on how spirits influence and control your life, read, “Talking To Spirits“, available on

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What Would Your Life Be Like If No One Could Push Your Buttons?

In counseling session after session over the past 43 years, the majority of life changing incidents occurred because a person reacted forcefully to a situation because something pushed a button and he lost control of himself at a critical moment.

The forceful reaction was not always an aggressive action, they were often panicky and flight reactions. They were justified, but they were not the actions that the person would have chosen if they were in control of themselves and their lives.

In this current state of the world, most of us have so many buttons available to be pushed that it is rare individual who can stand up to stress and do the right thing time after time. These so-called buttons are charged incidents that we and our spiritual companions have on tap and unfortunately many of the people around us can spot these incidents and can use them to manipulate us.

These incidents can make us feel inadequate, or fearful, or even guilty if we are challenged in any way. We develop all sorts of social mechanisms to avoid being put in a situation where any of these buttons can be pushed. These social mechanisms usually involve making ourselves out to be somebody other than what we really are. It’s as if our regular personality has failed us so we adopt a personality that will be acceptable. That is actually an invalidation of ourselves, so you can see that the longer we stay in a false valence, the more out of valence and the more unreal we become.

Would you like to discover who you really are and be able to maintain that personality under pressure without effort? It a matter of deciding who you really want to be and being able to be that person and make it a winning personality.

This is not a simple one-shot cleansing because the factors that make you act like someone else under pressure are based on the number of spirits you carry with you and their past experiences that relate to your everyday challenges.

However, the cleanup is actually quite straight-forward and major changes can be obtained in less than a dozen sessions if you set your mind to discovering who you really are and shedding the influences that hold you back from being the person you want to be.

You have probably adopted a relatively meek and inoffensive personality in order to make peace with your family and the people you work for. If you have grown tired of agreeing with people who do not have your best interests at heart, we can put you back in charge of your life by removing the buttons that people use to control you. We can remove all of the signals that tell people you are spineless and ineffective and you will still be the nice guy or girl that you always have been at heart.

You have no idea how many inappropriate messages your spiritual companions send out every day in an effort to “make nice” and avoid conflict. This is why many of you are unable to say no or to refuse requests that you should not be considering.

We may do a webinar on this area in the future, but some of you can benefit immediately and improve your life and your income by getting some sessions from me to handle the buttons that people use to manipulate you.

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Talking To Spirits is now available on Amazon in multiple formats!


Spirits are an integral part of everybody’s life. Learning to work with them and harness their energy makes life an adventure instead of a burden.

Everything in this book comes from my conversations with spiritual beings during thousands of counseling sessions. You will see material here which you will not see anywhere else.

You can buy my new book, Talking To Spirits, by using this link:

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