Spirits affect your ability to exercise your free will

This Thursday’s Talking to Spirits Workshop in Floyd, Virginia will be covering how your friendly and unfriendly spirits affect your ability to exercise your free will.
Join me at 2pm, this Thursday, September 21st for an eye opening discussion and live session.
The workshop is free but call to reserve a seat since space is limited. 540-320-6852
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Amazing things you learn from talking to spiritual beings

I spent some time recently talking to a slave who had lived and died at Monticello. He was still upset at Thomas Jefferson for a number of things that never appeared in the history books.

One of the things that upset him most was having to impregnate female slaves so they would raise slave babies and reduce the need to buy new slaves. These babies were considered to be a necessary crop.

He also made it clear that Sally Hemings was treated as a slave, not as a girlfriend as some historians used to claim.

If you want to know how we access this spiritual knowledge, this chart might be helpful: http://workabletechnology.com/?p=1366

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Spiritual Insights – Thought for today

You are an immortal being and you possess a body.
If your body were to die, you would become a disembodied spirit until you picked up another body.

~~- Discovered during a conversation with a spirit in session

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Talking to Spirits Workshop in Floyd this Thursday at 2pm

On Thursday, August 24th, I will be giving live sessions in my studio located at 203 Silverleaf Lane and will be demonstrating how to handle spirits who are making you feel inadequate or fearful or angry with the world.

Everyone present will have the opportunity to contact a spirit of their choice.

Participants who have attended previous workshops can participate in live sessions in which we will rescue spirits who are still trapped in incidents that cause them to behave in destructive ways.

No preparation is required. Just come with an open mind and an interest in finding out what is actually happening when you have bad moods you cannot shake. If you are still suffering the loss of a loved one, we can find out what is happening that your loved one is not able to move on.

If you have a persisting physical condition that is not responding to medicine, we can take a look at what spiritual influences are involved.

The cost for this two hour workshop is $15 and you can pay at the door or use this handy link to pay in advance: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/15

If you would like to receive personal sessions please call me or message me at 540-320-6852

David St Lawrence

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