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Trying To Make Others happy

During recent counseling sessions, I discovered an often ignored factor that can completely transform your relationships with clients and other people you deal with. It is so powerful that, when followed, you will get repeat business and if you try … Continue reading

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2006 Silverado 2WD Truck for Sale -SOLD 4-5-19

This Truck was sold to a great family in 3 days! The internet is a wonderful place for doing business! Thanks for your interest! Lightly used extended cab Silverado is a pleasure to own and operate, but after 3 heart … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Workshop On Present Time

We had an informal discussion yesterday about Living and Working In Present time and you can view it at this link: Most of the workshop centered on how much we are out of present time, which is why we … Continue reading

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Webinar 3-24-19 – If Present Time Is Boring And Uncomfortable, How Do We Change The Rules?

One remedy for an unpleasant present time existence is to read a book and go elsewhere. Another remedy is to have a drink or drug that takes you attention elsewhere. However, your best chance to change your future is to … Continue reading

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