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How Valuable Is Our Culture?

Our culture defines us as a people and is one of the most valuable things a population can possess. Too often, a culture is taken for granted and no effort is made to protect it from undesired change. A culture … Continue reading

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Learning The Underlying Cause For Inexplicable Actions – Part One

There are many mysteries in life that leave us bewildered and even angry because life seems to be so unfair. The people we care for who treat us badly and then leave us are just one of the mysteries that … Continue reading

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Webinar – Discovering The Beings Who Keep You From Making Friends And Money

I have been doing some research recently to identify spiritual beings we cannot handle on our own, and I feel I have discovered a subset of these beings who we would get great benefit and personal relief from discovering their … Continue reading

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There May Be A Common Reason Why Some Of You Are Experiencing Financial Difficulties

Have you looked in the mirror lately? Are you the picture of good health? Do you radiate cheerfulness and a zest for life? Or, are you pushing through life trying to ignore an avalanche of bad news and traumatic events? … Continue reading

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