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Perception Drills For SRT Students

In our webinar today, I asked the participants to review the attached list of non-physical activities and see how many they could perceive. I then asked them to add whatever activities were missing from the list. This was not an … Continue reading

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Workshop and Webinar On Your Special Abilities 2-29-2020 and 3-1-2020

We have spent much of the last few years covering how spirits affect us and how we can communicate with them and recruit them as guides and helpers. It is now time to focus on the special abilities we have … Continue reading

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Notes on Writing Historical Fiction – part 1

In my years of research into matters beyond the reach of the five human senses, I have gradually arrived at the conclusion that it is almost impossible to write “historical fiction” or “science fiction” because there are so many instances … Continue reading

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How far can we push the envelope?

I asked a client today if it was OK if I helped her to become more than human. This question set off all sorts of spiritual fireworks. She was OK with the idea, but there were spirits who felt this … Continue reading

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