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A picture from one of Michael’s recent posts: "Major Mark Bieger found this little girl after the car bomb attacked our guys while kids were crowding around."Yon_iraq_photo
Michael Yon writes compelling dispatches about what is happening in Iraq. The picture that emerges from this carnage is savage, but  reassuring. Iraqis are slowly, but surely building a society where decent people will have a future.

Iraqi citizens and our soldiers deal with daily suicide attacks with a continuing determination in spite of mainstream media determined to show otherwise. It is increasingly obvious that their citizens and our soldiers are bringing order out of chaos.

The "invisible" insurgents who seemed omniscient and omnipotent are now being revealed as killers for hire — street thugs who talk with street dialects, rather than religious zealots. A new smash-hit television show: "Terrorism in the Hands of Justice" features captured insurgents telling their stories. These hour-long episodes without commercials are shown six nights per week on a government-owned, US-sponsored station. Translators working for the US Army say they "love the show," "watch it every night," and that Iraqis "downtown" chatter every morning about the latest episodes.

If you want to get a better understanding of the forces at work in this emerging democracy, you should take time to read Michael’s weblog. He is with the 1-24th Infantry Regiment of the 25th Infantry Division, whose soldiers are fighting some of the most serious insurgency battles in Iraq.

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  1. Dr.Mohammed says:

    i just want to crying .with no comment

  2. charles smith says:

    It’s sad. This war should never have happened. What now? What a mess!

  3. mandy Desjadon says:

    Michael Yon,

    You are a hero in the eyes of every American. You put your life on the line every day, just so you could let freedom ring. I hope you have a safe journey in this war, you will always be remembered in my heart. (I showed this pichure in front of my intire senior college class……they alpaud you). Even though I do not agree with why you are their in the first place, you should be here, safe…were you belong!!

    ~With great pride and respect Mandy Desjadon
    Eugene, Oregon

  4. Iraqi War Veteran (First Wave) 2003 says:

    Hey brother! Stay strong. You will get thru this and just keep doing the good you are doing out there. I know it is hard to see this mess. I have been there. I keep supporting you guys and will keep you in my prayer. Regardless of why we are out there, those children need to remain safe from all that evil out there that me and you and those troops have seen day after day. Regular civilians don’t see it or understand the reasons why we are doing what we are doing. God is watching over you. If you need anything, just let me know. Stay focused and help those who can not help themselves. Love ya bro!

    LCpl. Raider
    USMC OIF Vet.

  5. Iraqi man says:

    Terror has no religon,no humanity,no base
    Terrorists are the slaves of the devil and there end will come soon

  6. cat says:

    you are very brave person because you put your life some risk i am kind of mad that you guys are out there fightting for someone else prombles

  7. michele bousquette says:

    hi i would just like to thank you for all the bravery that you guyz have because my uncle just came home safe but now my 20 year old cousin is going to iraq and i am terrified and i would just like to thank you for fighting for the ones that are scared and good luck we all miss you


    this photo break my heart. where is the humanity, where is the hopeless, if we continuos like this, we will go down into the devil´s hand. we must figth against the badness, not using bullets and machine-guns. we must die in our ego and re-birth in our conciuosness

  9. dguevara says:

    The Americans destabilized the entire region now they can’t stop all the violence which is claiming innocent lives including children. Maybe Saddam Hussein should have never been killed but placed back into power. He understood the Shiite and Sunni and he was the only one who was able to maintain control. He understood that Iran’s Shiite population always wanted to take control of Iraq and now this is what is happening. Sad to say but my country should get out of Iraq!

  10. maria figmik says:

    when I see the horror in Iraq, I think that the images are showing that we are in a inferior level than animals.
    They kill only for necesity (hungry) but never kill for ambicious and evil plans.

  11. Milund says:

    It’s not fair for both sides; Iraqi & American, we have in Jordan more than 1 million Iraqi refugee mostly shiiat, who’s reall really hate Americans & us of course, they even start to make there own lobby. And if we start to stop them we are being accused by HRW of violating there human rights!
    I pray that this bloodshed ends soon for every one’s sake, may this brave soldier return to his family safe I salute him and my god be with the child’s mother.

  12. misscakry says:

    bring our clarity and peace back to our world,the war should have never happened

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