Life Becomes Less Confusing When You Can Perceive Spirits

Once upon a time, we all could perceive spirits and their intentions, emotions, and locations. Most of us have lost those abilities and have even forgotten that we are immortal. This is so much the case that when people mention seeing or talking to spirits, many of the people you know will insist that such an ability is imaginary.

In fact, many people will deny that they are immortal spirits and will insist that they may have a soul and when they die, it will go to heaven or someplace else. I have a few distant relatives who insist that anything having to do with spirits is demonic and they do not wish to discuss the matter, ever.

Fortunately, those of us who can perceive spirits and can carry on conversations with them can teach others to do this also, because it is not all that difficult. I have even written a few books on the subject because I feel it is necessary for your survival to know why people behave as they do and why it is so difficult to stay focused and successful in today’s world. These books are available as Kindle books on Amazon and as free documents elsewhere.

There is no shortage of spirits to talk to because not all spirits are animating bodies. Some are taking time out from a human existence and are following people around observing and influencing them in various ways. Those who have studied Spiritual Rescue Technology have found that daily discussions with friendly spirits change their ability to get things done because it gives them access to the knowledge of spirits who have done many useful things and are willing to share what they know.

Almost any successful creative individual is picking up ideas from interested spirits. Those who recognize and acknowledge the source of these helpful ideas never run out of ideas to work with. Those who perceive the ideas but feel they are self-generated, often run out of their “inspiration” and complain of writer’s block and other imaginary maladies. It is a remarkable conceit to be able to sense ideas when they present themselves and insist that they alone are responsible for their output.

Before I learned how to perceive and communicate with spirits in a caring way, I used to struggle to write my thoughts in an organized fashion. At this point in my life, I have accumulated an entire team of helpful spirits who enjoy helping me write articles about interacting with spirits and how to help others to learn to work with their spirits. If I am not writing, they will even nudge me to get busy and produce something they think is important for people to know. Most of the time they will have the entire article laid out so that I just have to sit down and enter it via the keyboard. More recently, they have suggested that I dictate my articles, using my computer or my smartphone and this has made it easier to catch up with the backlog of ideas they have been preparing for me.

My clients who are communicating with their spirits on a daily basis report that their spiritual advisers help them in myriad ways; from giving advice, to providing warnings, to keeping them informed of what family members are doing. Some of them have spirits helping them maintain complex equipment by detecting and alerting them to problems in both electronic and mechanical systems. Others have spirits who help them solve body problems for their patients and clients. A chiropractor who can sense subtle body problems can achieve miracles for his patients because he can apply the exact remedy for the condition encountered. Almost anyone using Spiritual Rescue Technology for healing can locate the areas of body distress because of the disturbance in the life energies present in the body.

Perceiving and communicating with spirits opens an entirely new world of experience to those who are willing to observe and use the information they acquire.

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