Six Alternatives For Dealing With Spirits

I am putting this out as a challenge to all of you heavy-duty thinkers and doers. Find another alternative for dealing with spirits. I am sure there must be one which can leave you sane and satisfied. The alternatives I see in action are these: 

  1. Ignore spirits as a harmless fantasy of the simple-minded. Do your best and just forge ahead in life. Stick with material science.
  2. Avoid all dealings with spirits as they are demonic in nature and can’t be trusted. Avoid anything having to do with spirits. Stick with material science.
  3. Study Spirits and their effect on the physical universe. Immerse yourself in Metaphysics.
  4. Exorcise spirits (get rid of them) if they bother you. This is what the Catholic Church and The Church of Scientology do.
  5. Communicate with spirits and ask them to assist you. Immerse yourself in Spiritualism.
  6. Free trapped spirits and surround yourself with useful spirits and put them to work on your favorite projects. Discover and use Spiritual Rescue Technology or create your own.

To put all of this in proper perspective, replace the word “spirits” in the above sentences with “electricity,” “technology,” or “life force.” When you realize that a spirit represents a force of nature that can be applied to solve problems of the material universe, you will start to understand the potential for good that SRT represents. In fact, you may be inspired to create your own technology for working with spirits.

In my many years of working with spirits, I first concentrated on removing those spirits who were doing things I regarded as harmful to myself or my clients. There were so many aches, pains, and illnesses stemming from spiritual activity that I was able to spend 34 years handling these situations by addressing the spirits causing them. I never once considered that these spirits were attempting to help us in some way.

It wasn’t until I was giving my wife an assist for a stomach problem that anything different was evident. She made me pause my activity and said she thought the spirit was actually trying to help her by preventing her from doing something. Once I took this up with the spirit, he informed me that the only way he knew to stop her from doing something he felt was harmful was to make her feel sick. He was unable to communicate with her in any other fashion because she could not pick up his telepathic communication.

It was at this point where Spiritual Rescue Technology diverged from earlier practices in which spiritual communication was used to drive spirits away.

This was 2010 and I resolved to find out how we could work with spirits for their benefit and ours. I had no idea at that time how much of my future activity would benefit from spiritual help. As time went on, I was able to rely on my spiritual companions for help when I needed it and learned what they were interested in helping me with and what they would rather not do. As their free will increased, it became obvious that their help was dependent on inviting them to things that were interesting to them. If I stopped doing interesting things, the beings who were helping in that regard seemed to quietly vanish. There was no big goodbye or notice of departure. I would suddenly realize that there were things I could no longer do easily or at all. My so-called talent for something would suddenly diminish or vanish along with any interest I had in the subject.

I recently learned that I had to use an ability, or I would lose it if it came from my spiritual companions. I could develop an ability for myself, but over the years, I have been taking advantage of an ability to pick up all sorts of skills in very little time, and it appears that the speed of assimilation was due to help from spirits, not just my native ability. 

Ever since my high school days, I have been able to locate an interesting subject and become proficient in it and even earn a living at it without breaking a sweat. It has only been recently that I learned why this was happening and how to take full advantage of it. I now manage my spiritual companions for my benefit and for theirs.

My latest book, MANAGING YOUR SPIRITUAL COMPANIONS, contains the full details on managing a team of spirits to enjoy life to the fullest. 

It is available in serial form on three platforms.




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(A new chapter from the new book Managing Your Spiritual Companions in serial format

We have all heard of spiritual possession where a being takes control of someone and makes them behave in strange ways. This is not only a favorite topic of paranormal fiction, but it is happening around you almost every day. Talk to your friends about politics or religion and you will often see a different personality emerge. Talk to a parent about their child’s dating habits and your will see the same.

Possession is a matter of degree. There are instances where a person comes home from a hospital as an entirely different person. This is an instance where a strong being takes complete control of the body and banishes the original spirit so that it does not appear again. In the majority of cases however, a being will move to the forefront and take control in a time of stress and then subside when the threat is over.

When a person learns to manage their spiritual companions, the transfer of control from one set of beings to another is a smooth and hand-off under the direction of the being in charge. When you drive a car over a well known route, you generally do not pay attention to the minute details of the drive while it is occurring. Someone is carefully maneuvering the car and only returning control to you when needed. You are probably thinking ahead to the upcoming events of the day while your car is moving down the highway.

This is completely different than what happens when you are negotiating a strange dirt road in the dark. In this instance, you are paying attention to every detail of the drive and are totally focused on staying safely in the middle of the road.

Some people focus on what they are doing to the extent that they are aware if anything is attempting to distract them. Living a focused life allows you to produce effects exactly as you intend them.

Other people tend to operate in multitasking mode. They work with music blaring or with the TV on. They claim they can split their attention and still get work done, but anyone observing them will see that they are not putting their attention fully on what they should be doing. I have the feeling their spiritual companions are watching the TV and listening to music and whoever is doing the work is being distracted to some extent. Essentially, the spirits are taking control of actions and only a little attention is being paid to what work needs to be done.

This acts as a distraction for any intentions and negatively affects the final result. If all of your spiritual companions are focused on getting something done, the combined intention and attention will cause the desired effect to manifest without fail.

If various groups of your spiritual companions are focused on different things, there can be no unified intention and your indifferent results will show your dispersal.

If you do one thing at a time, you will do it well. If you let your spiritual companions run without supervision, you will be surprised where you will end up. Managing your spiritual companions is not optional. A well-drilled team will always outperform a mob. Managing spirits means that you are in possession and it is your will that is being done.

There is an old proverb that still applies. Possession is nine-tenths of the law, meaning that ownership is easier to maintain if one has possession of something, or difficult to enforce if one does not. Stay in charge of your spiritual companions and all will be well.

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What About Demons?

What About Demons?

(A new chapter from the new book Managing Your Spiritual Companions in serial format)

A Demon is considered to be a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin. Demonic possession has been identified and fully described for tens of thousands of years. A demon is a supernatural being, typically associated with evil, prevalent historically in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, mythology, and folklore.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we learn that beings who have been trapped and betrayed in certain incidents can exhibit unnatural behavior and then spend eternity trying to get even with those who punished them. Beings operating in revenge mode are no longer capable of rational behavior and quite often attack anyone who approaches them no matter what their purpose. Essentially, a being driven insane by pain and torture can exhibit demonic behavior and not be able to snap out of it.

If you, as a regular earth person, pick up a demonic being as a spiritual passenger, you can find yourself acting out all sorts of impossible dreams as you seek to put control into your environment. For example, putting order into your environment normally means helping people recognize dangerous activities and avoiding and ending them. If you have a demonic spirit helping you and do not recognize it’s activities, you can begin to put order into your environment by punishing anyone who disturbs you or does not contribute to your view of what the environment needs.

As a rational being, you seek to remove disturbing people from your immediate environment. If you have demonic spiritual companions, you might be inspired to put them on cattle cars and send them to distant work camps where they can be disposed of.

Now, this might seem totally beyond the pale, but we all have racial memories of times when people who bothered us were burned at the stake or in huge piles when we felt it was necessary. Sometimes we were spectators, and other times we were participants with torches. Other times we were the ones who were burned, and that is the reason these tales are so upsetting.

Today, in 2020 and in 2021, we have the spectacle of mobs of students and other city dwellers burning buildings and breaking into stores upon hearing news that someone did something awful to someone else. After all, nothing says justice, like stealing a TV from a local merchant or pillaging a liquor store for your favorite libation. When you look at the pictures of those excitedly looting and burning, you can see that they are not acting like themselves. What is happening is that the demons we push back out of our conscious minds break free when we get too many reminders of the excitement that comes from rioting and destroying things. The senseless rampages of the past rise up and away we go to pillage downtown stores.

There are many of us who have done awful things and gone on to lead other lives and have been careful to forget those things we did. Some people can’t seem to forget, and their dreams are haunted by memories of foul deeds that just won’t go away.

Desperate priests have driven out demons since they were first discovered, and psychiatrists have continued the tradition by prescribing drugs that hush the demons, but only make them retreat into the background until the day you forget to take your medicine.

The only real way to handle your demons is to use Spiritual Rescue Technology processes and recover the incidents that first drove them mad. Once this is done, and they are freed from the incident, they are able to operate in present time and usually decide to take some time off on a deserted island or remote beach and figure out what they are going to do for their next few lifetimes. They no longer are driven by forces they cannot control. They recover their free will and are ready to get back in the game of life.

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There is a legend among medical people that there is a tendency for cognitive processes to be specialized to one side of the brain or the other. This probably stems from the discovery that the left hemisphere controls movement for the right side of the body, while the right hemisphere directs the left side.

More recently, this has been relegated to the status of a myth by psychologists. (

I can verify that the brain has little to do with actual cognitive thought or memory of any kind, and you can do this also. When we communicate with a spirit, we are communicating with a being who no longer is associated with a body, and yet we are presented with memories and images from the being’s past.

If you have the chance to chat with a departed relative, you will find that their personality is intact, for the most part, and they still have a sense of humor and their regard for you. Almost everything you knew to be true about them when they were among the living is true today. Their concerns are different, of course, because they now have different objectives.

The point I am trying to make is that the body is a garment we put on to assume a human identity. If we chose to put on a canine body, we might end up as a really smart dog or a disturbed one, as I witnessed in a Clearwater pet shop. I saw a young boxer puppy trying to hide behind the rest of his litter mates when he realized I knew who he was. It was quite startling to look at a dog and get mental images of a middle-aged human banker wearing a dog body.

We are immortal spirits, and I am sure that some of us have tried to change our luck by changing species. Who has not idly thought how nice it would be to fly free as a bird or roam the woods as a wild creature. Otters, after all, seem to have a lot of fun. Becoming a horse in your next life might seem a way to escape responsibilities, but a lack of opposable thumbs limits your ability to surf the internet.

It is more useful to view your brain as a switchboard that translates your ideas into movement and physical responses. When your brain is damaged, you still exist, but your ability to communicate and control your body is severely limited. This deprivation can cause mental problems, but it is mainly due to your inability to express yourself.

Your brain has little to do with you being logical and analytical, or emotional, intuitive, and creative. Those choices are up to you and are influenced by the spiritual companions you encourage. As I mentioned elsewhere, spirits flock to people who are doing things that interest them. If you develop a strong interest in cooking, you will attract helpful kitchen spirits. If you are plotting to destroy Parliament, you may attract explosive experts.

If you set yourself to achieve a high and noble purpose, you will eventually attract spirits who will support you in your efforts. If you persist on this course in spite of all obstacles, you will eventually succeed. Your body and its brain are merely part of the physical package you have chosen and do not represent a limiting factor unless you decide they are.

Your body is a garment you put on to assume a human identity.

Your intentions and purposes are the determining factor in achieving success,

along with opposable thumbs!

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