Unexpected Consequences of Economizing Unwisely

A friend of mine realized he was in over his head on his credit card debt and borrowed money from his IRA and paid off his cards and all outstanding bills.

You would think that this action would have put him into a wonderful frame of mind now that he was no longer worrying about keeping up with crushing interest payments.

He came to me because he no longer felt motivated to work, even though he had commitments to meet and clients to handle. To make this clear to you, these were the same commitments and clients he was happy to deal with before he paid off his credit cards.

On inquiring further, I learned that he had made one more change to his normal operation and that was turning his entire paycheck over to his wife so she could pay money back into the IRA within a 60 day period so their withdrawal would not be counted as a taxable distribution.

What actually happened when he did this was that he put himself into an “enforced poverty” situation with no “walking-around money” or haircut money, or lunch money for entertaining clients and other people he networked with.

This “enforced poverty” actually changed his viewpoint of himself to the point where he could no longer act like the highly talented professional he was. He is extremely effective at selling his services and commanding high rates for doing so. His easy going personality and confident approach to handling serious issues normally gives him instant credibility when dealing with new clients.

When he “pauperized” himself by cutting out the simple pleasures that made his existence comfortable, he downgraded himself in his own eyes to someone who desperately needed to make deals at any price. If you have ever encountered a salesperson who was desperate to make a sale, you will know how repellent that attitude is. You just want to get away from his desperation. That shift in his viewpoint instantly affected his ability to make money.

I coached him into looking at what he needed in the way of his own discretionary income to feel comfortable about himself and his morale increased immediately. It wasn’t much, but it changed his self esteem and that was what was needed.

Each of us has some idea of what we need to feel comfortable about our current place in life. For some, it is having enough money in their pockets to buy a meal whenever they want to. For some, it is having enough money to afford traveling by cab whenever they want to. For some, it is being dressed stylishly. All of these are creature comforts by which we judge our worth in some way.

If your income is dependent on your ability to make a good impression on others, these creature comforts are essential because they bolster your self esteem and let you concentrate on doing business. If you deprive yourself of these service facilities your attention will be distracted by their lack and you will not present yourself with your normal confidence.

Maintaining one’s self image is an individual issue and the solutions will be different for everyone. The essential point to remember is that if you are to present yourself in a way to inspire confidence, you must attend to those creature comforts that you consider essential.

I have been doing personal and business consulting for many years and deliver services over Skype and Zoom for clients all over the world. If you would like me to assist you in some personal or career matter, you can contact me at srtcounseling@gmail.com

David St Lawrence

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A Peaceful Reconciliation With a Deceased Spouse

74586-425x283-headstone1I recently participated in an emotionally moving Spiritual Rescue Technology session and enabled a friend of mine to communicate with his deceased wife and handle the upsets he had caused her during their many years of marriage.

She was so grateful for his efforts to clean up their past differences that she was able to discover what she had done on her part to create a relationship in which the differences could not be discussed. So much pent up grief from both sides was released during the session that my friend and I experienced tears of joy that did not end until the very end of the session.

My friend had been receiving Spiritual Rescue Technology sessions for some time and, as a result, he had handled all of the spiritual beings who had been instrumental in making him act in ways that he had come to regret. This meant that he was able to face the future with no risk of repeating the behavior that had made his wife’s life miserable when she was alive.

As a result of the SRT processing he had received from me, his responsibility level had risen to the point where he now wanted to take responsibility for what he had done to his deceased wife. He felt that if he could communicate with her, he and she could address the issues that had driven them apart for so many years.

In this SRT session, he and his deceased wife were able to speak openly of all of the issues that had come between them. Then we went on to handle a number of spiritual beings who were responsible for instilling certain values in her that were counter-survival.

His wife had been a bright, spiritually aware woman who had the potential to achieve success, but she had a spiritual being with her who was stuck in the beingness of a scullery maid and who was very propitiative toward men. The maid had an affair with the master of the estate and had been discarded when he got bored with her, so after that she was always careful not to rise above her station. This caused my friend’s wife to assume a propitiative attitude which prevented her from acting as his equal, even though he treated her as his equal.

The wife also had another entity who accidentally distracted her and caused her to sustain an injury that affected her for the rest of her life and eventually caused her to become an invalid. When this entity was handled and set free to create a new life, the wife realized that becoming an invalid caused her husband to give her his undivided attention for the last 10 years of her life and she had enjoyed that hold on him.

With this final discovery, the deceased wife and my friend recognized their underlying love for each other and the last of the grief left them.

At this point, I had the unusual experience of experiencing my friends deceased wife looking through my eyes at him and experiencing her fondness for him and her feeling of how proud she was of him.

Her final words indicated she was now free to move on and maybe they could be be in the same space again.

I have helped others talk to deceased family members, but had never helped two beings achieve this degree of closure before.

I will be doing this again.

David St Lawrence

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criticism-440219_640In today’s world, you are being exposed to new ideas, new technology and new ways of doing things almost every week. You either keep up and keep yourself employable and aware of what is happening, or you decide that newfangled things like smartphones and the Internet and PayPal are too much for your tired brain and you write letters in longhand to people who increasingly do not seem to write back promptly.

You either stay abreast of current developments or you can retreat from the responsibilities and challenges of the 21st Century.

Misunderstood words or symbols can make you seem stupid because you misuse them, but the inability to comprehend words and symbols can also make you commit serious errors in using equipment, in trying to help people medically or spiritually, and in handling relationships in life and business.

The handling of misunderstood words or symbols is essential if you are trying to learn new things and wish to become proficient in this new area and succeed in life.

Yes, it can be difficult to learn new words and concepts, especially if you are still doing it the hard way with printed dictionaries and encyclopedias and ignoring the incredible resistance that seems to arise in your mind when you try to confront new ideas.

Search engines, which are accessible from your computer and smartphone, will give you workable definitions of any new word or phrase in seconds, and will give you various interpretations of the validity and applicability of the information you have found.

What has not been understood until very recently is that we are surrounded by spirits who affect our moods and our actions depending on what we encounter in life. These spirits can get confused and upset when you encounter new words or concepts that activate old memories for them.

If you have studied Spiritual Rescue Technology, when you find yourself having difficulty comprehending some material you are reading, your first action should be to inquire if there is some spiritual being that is being affected by what you are studying.

What previous spiritual studies missed was that spirits have fatal incidents based on misunderstood words and when you encounter one of these words in your reading, you can be rendered unconscious if you persist in trying to read it and understand it. Your efforts to solve this unconsciousness by using a dictionary to look up the meaning of the word can be quite painful and may take a very long time, even with help from another person.

When you find yourself having difficulty comprehending some material you are reading, and you ask if there is some spiritual being that is being affected by what you are studying, you will almost always get some response. Handling the incident that is related to the word being studied will usually leave you brighter and able to keep on reading. It may be that you also have some confusion about the word, but you will find that you can clear that up with the simplest definitions from a search engine.

Difficulty in learning new things is a corollary of SRT Axiom #1 which states: If you are not enthusiastic, you are being affected by unhappy spiritual entities.

So, if you are having study difficulties, you are not enthusiastic, so you should check to see if you are being affected by unhappy entities.

There is more to be written on this very important subject, but you are currently having difficulty studying some important new material and need immediate help, please contact me at srtcounseling@gmail.com

David St Lawrence

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xkcd is one of my favorite comic strips.


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