SRT Workshop #21 Tomorrow – Searching For Spirits

On Sunday, we will be taking a closer look at some spiritual hideouts. Please mark your calendar for our Zoom workshop at 12 noon Eastern Time.

This free workshop may be a real eye-opener if you are prepared for it. We will be doing a few exercises during the workshop to make sure everyone gets a chance to see spirits in action. To give you a preview of what you may experience, take the time to do this simple exercise today.


Limiting yourself to the room you are in right now, locate a place where there are no spiritual beings.

Make a note of what you perceived.

Join us on Sunday at 12 noon Eastern time using this link:

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Get Ready For SRT Workshop #21 – Searching For Spirits

We will be doing a different kind of remote viewing this Sunday. My recent research has indicated that there are many different levels of spiritual activity that we have not observed and validated as a group. We will be searching for spirits in places we have not visited yet and we will be observing the emotions and intentions of these spirits in far away places.

I think you may find this remote viewing quite different from any remote viewing you have ever participated in. We hope to confirm some early observations concerning decision-making speeds and areas of interest.

There will be a great deal of open discussion regarding perception levels on the part of participating group members. This remote viewing is not a contest, it will be a first look at how we can validate spiritual perceptions for viewers of different levels of awareness.

Feel free to attend this remote viewing workshop even if you doubt your ability to perceive spirits. There will be participants who can perceive spirits remotely as easily as they can see the spirits accompanying you through life. When you are in the presence of spiritually aware people, you will find that you will pick up more information than you ever expected.

Becoming a skilled Spiritual Rescue Technology user requires practice observing spirits and this SRT workshop will give you that practice. Join us this Sunday, July 21stat 12 noon Eastern Time for a workshop that may change your view of the spiritual realm.

Use this link to join our Zoom session:

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Are You Willing To Question Some Well-established Beliefs?

There are things you have been taught or figured out that seem to have worked so far. Are you willing to look at new information that may contradict what you have been trusting and holding on to for this lifetime? If so, you do NOT want to read further in this article nor do you want to read about Spiritual Rescue Technology, also known as SRT.

It’s entirely OK if you wish to stick with what works for you, but if you are not happy with your life so far, you may wish to read further. What you have been taught may not be the whole truth about life and your existence.

You may have been taught that you are a human being with one life to live and when that is over, you will go elsewhere based on how you behaved this lifetime. That is the life shown in the left-hand portion of the landscape.

If you have been more imaginative than usual, you may have envisioned a life more magical, something like the right-hand portion of the landscape. Well, if you are willing to observe what is happening in the spiritual realm, you will find a reality that exceeds anything you have ever experienced.

The truth of the matter is that everything you have ever experienced has been created by intention and the only source of intention is spirits. You are an immortal spiritual being playing at being human and you are surrounded by trillions of other spirits who are playing other games with and without bodies.

With the help of a few dedicated friends, I have documented some of the spiritual games that have been played and which are still being played and that documentation is called Spiritual Rescue Technology.

Every living thing is animated by spirits and that includes the cells in your body, so you should envision yourself as being in charge of an extremely complex living machine populated by all sorts of spiritual beings. Your pets are animated by spirits and the plants in your house and yard are animated by spirits. If you take the time to learn Spiritual Rescue Technology, you will be able to communicate with the spirits populating this planet and elsewhere.

There are more spirits without bodies than those occupying and animating bodies. Since spirits are immortal, they represent an amazing source of knowledge in every possible field imaginable. Every conversation with a spirit reveals new knowledge to the SRT user and provides information going back to civilizations from other galaxies.

If you are doing anything creative this lifetime, you will have been receiving ideas and suggestions from spirits who are dedicated to helping you. If you study Spiritual Rescue Technology, you will learn how to attract helpful spirits and how to free yourself from troubled and unhelpful spirits. If you are a functioning human being, you have already attracted spirits through the Law of Attraction. If you are a happy, productive person, you will attract helpful, creative spiritual beings. If you are a miserable wretch seeking revenge on the world, you have attracted beings of a similar nature.

Learning and Using Spiritual Rescue Technology will put you in communication with the spirits in your vicinity and elsewhere in the world. You will be able to rescue them from the traps they are stuck in and learn from them if they decide to help you. You will have access to more information about the real history of the universe than any scholar who ever existed. If you are wise and share your knowledge with others who are willing to look at new ideas, you will prosper and gain friends. If you insist on showing your knowledge to those who are happy with their current beliefs, you will create enemies and your life will be short and painful.

Spiritual knowledge is there to be taken and used, but treat it like magic, to be shared only with others who are willing to use it. If you would like to read some books on the subject you can download free copies from this link:

If you want to learn how to communicate with your spiritual companions, send me an email at srtcounseling@gmail and we can set up a free introductory session.

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A New Viewpoint For SRT Users -There are multiple layers of spiritual influence at work in this universe.

Our latest major realization is that there are multiple layers of spiritual influence at work in this universe. This adds to the complexity of spiritual healing and spiritual communication.

This is a major extension of the viewpoint we have been using to develop processes for freeing spirits using Spiritual Rescue Technology. We have validated the existence of groups of spirits influencing living things on this planet and we have been using processes to free these spirits from the incidents they were stuck in so that the people, plants, and animals, these spirits were influencing could be healed and could be healthy again. If a spirit’s attention is stuck on some past traumatic incident, that incident and the pain and suffering in that incident could be rekindled if something in the present-day situation resembled the incident. This applies to spirits with or without bodies. These painful incidents have been given many different names. In Scientology, these incidents were called engrams. In SRT, we just refer to them as incidents which are spiritual memories.

To give you an idea, if you have had a serious car accident at some location, you might experience the trauma of that accident every time you drive by that same location. We have been using SRT processing to free spirits from their fixation on past incidents and it has been a relatively simple task to locate the spirits and the incidents they were fixated on.

My recent discovery that there are multiple layers of spirits influencing persons, animals, and plants means that our healing processes need to take into account the possible existence of several levels of influence so that we do not do a quick spiritual repair and fail to handle an overarching problem due to a higher level of spiritual control.

A higher level of spiritual control may apply to an individual or a group of individuals. I have observed evidence in the past of human groups that seemed to be under external control, but I can give you some verifiable examples of this group control in the bird and insect kingdoms. Most ant colonies operate as though there is a group mind controlling the colony. The ants can operate independently, but there are times when the entire colony acts as one organism. I used an example from Ron Hubbard’s writing to rid my home of ants by capturing an ant and reaching out for the queen ant and telling the queen that the yard was theirs to occupy but ants in the house would be destroyed. Two days later, I spotted my first silverfish, indicating that the ants had abandoned the house.

If you have ever been present when birds are gathering to migrate, you cannot miss the palpable excitement that fills the group and the intentional shifts in direction as they fly. There are videos of murmurations of starlings that show the amazing synchronized flight of thousands of birds, but the emotion of a migrating flock once experienced will never be forgotten. For those who can perceive it, there is a group intention that vanishes when the birds settle down after flying.

These images capture the artistry of group intentions.

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