SRT WORKSHOP THIS SUNDAY – 5-12-24 – Prepare to take notes

Make sure you have pen and paper available when you join us for the Sunday Workshop.

If you participate in the workshop, you will discover things about your body that you may wish to handle in session later. We will be running exercises to spot harmful situations in each other in order to raise your ability to perceive and understand what is happening in another person.

If you participate in these exercises, you will be able to see the various sources of pain and discomfort in each other’s bodies and will be able to recognize your own body difficulties like never before. If you can follow the discussion on these different sources, you will be able to see what problems you are prepared to resolve and which others will require help from others.

Just to give you a hint of the material to be covered, we will be including a discussion of the past agreements you and your spiritual companions are still honoring even though they do not apply to this lifetime or this body. 

We hope to be able to bring you and your spiritual companions to present time by the conclusion of this workshop.

Join us using this link: by 12 noon Eastern time.

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The major topic will be healing your body and why it is as important as increasing your psychic powers. There are too many of us who do not take sufficient care of our bodies and I am including myself in that number.

In session after session, I see clients with body problems that they are stoically ignoring because they are solving problems with their families or careers. Solving these other problems is a commendable activity, but neglecting your personal health while saving the world truly affects your ability to achieve your goals.

In this Sunday’s workshop, we will be performing group exercises where we take turns inspecting each other for unnoticed physical problems. The primary purpose is to enlighten ourselves on what is happening that we have been ignoring. Many of the difficulties that are easily spotted can be addressed by the person themselves, once their attention is brought to bear on the problem. If the problem is more than can be handled in a solo session, the person can enlist the help of another SRT user and work out a handling that will remove the problem forever.

These exercises will increase your ability to spot and recognize harmful body conditions and will give you the knowledge to know which needs medical or nutritional assistance as well as spiritual healing. Spiritual healing works well in combination with medical and nutritional healing as it provides support that other healing modalities may lack.

Join us on Sunday at 12 noon Eastern Time using this link to enter our Zoom waiting room:

If you have participated in our workshops before, you will be entered as a full participant in the workshop. If you have not entered a workshop before, you will be an observer only. If you would like to participate, send me an email at

David St Lawrence

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There will be an SRT Workshop This Sunday

The world may be going to hell, but we have the technology to change things for the better. We keep discovering new things about our relationships with spirits and are able to come up with new solutions to very old problems. We all have the choice to resist or embrace change and I would like to share our most recent discoveries.

The topics we will discuss include micro clusters, spiritual team exercises, the power of a correct indication and the relation between spiritual healing and effective medical treatment. We may also discuss career changes since these are occurring more often as our economy changes.

We will also be sharing success stories.

Join us at 12 noon EDT using this link:

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SRT Workshop #14 – SRT Team Building Discussion

This workshop was focused on the recognition and organizing of our spiritual teams. If you wish to get the most out of your study of Spiritual Rescue Technology, you should take the time to watch this workshop video.

SRT Workshop #14 Video:

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