It’s the beginning of a new year here on Earth and I have been having conversations with some friends about our observations of spiritual matters as far as they are concerned with activities observable here on this planet. I would like to share what we have observed so far and want to state that these are merely OBSERVATIONS that we have made and have some agreement on and are not FACTS unless you also have made these observations and can agree with them because you have verified them.

Spiritual observation goes far beyond the five human senses of Seeing, Tasting, Hearing, Touching, and Tasting. It involves experiencing, at a deeply profound level, the beingness and intentions of other spirits.

When it occurs, your life is changed forever, even if you do not understand fully what has happened. It occurs when you are open to reaching out spiritually and putting your attention fully on the subject of your scrutiny. You will know when it occurs because you will experience a revelation that has never occurred before and suddenly you will be in possession of data that has never been presented before.

If you are like most people experiencing this for the first time, you will feel like backing up and wondering just what has happened and where did this all come from.

You may sit there in wonderment for a very long time and try to make sense of this new data in terms of the new future that has just been exposed to you. On the other hand, you may feel this is the message from GOD that you have been waiting for and choose to take up a new way of life to make use of this revelation.

From my personal experience, spiritual observation is an ongoing process that bites deeper with each reach into the spiritual realm. The process, as I and my friends experience it, is a reaching out for information to a known or unknown spirit and a recognition of the spirit’s life force and intentions with regard to my own intentions. The first contact is often tentative, with more information being exchanged with each repeated contact. Whether the spirit is free-floating, animating a body, or a plant, the exchange of communication is quite the same. There is a contact, then a recognition of kinship, then an exchange of identity information, and then intentions. If there is an alignment of intentions, admiration often ensues and an exchange of life forces follows. Your understanding of the spiritual realm grows with every exposure as long as you validate your observations with follow-up contact to expand your knowledge of what the spirits have to communicate. The more you communicate with spirits in a caring way, the more your certainty will increase of what you now know.

If you try to increase your certainty of spiritual matters by reading what others have written, you are trying to rely on second-hand knowledge and that will lead you down a long and unsatisfactory road. If someone claims they have spoken to Jesus, or Baal, or Henry Ford, and gives you enough information so you can call on that being and verify what was said, you are free to reach out and communicate for yourself and add to the available knowledge of what they are doing currently.

After the first contacts are made with other spirits, an awareness grows that there are literally millions of spirits within reach and they all have some effect on us through their intentions and emotions. This gets quite overwhelming and some newly aware spirits quickly retreat into a state of unconsciousness when made aware of their exposure to other spirits. Others reach for support from the many groups that have sprung up to protect us from the “evils” of the spiritual world. This is quite understandable because spirits come in all temperaments and ability levels because of their past experiences. Spirits who have made mistakes that caused them pain seem to spend their time preventing us from experiencing the pain they experienced.

People raised to worship a particular deity can become fervent believers after exposure to spiritual matters they do not understand. They take the advice of their local priest or minister and shun anyone who talks about spirits or demons or matters they fear. This does not protect them from being influenced by the spirits who surround them but it does give them a focus for their feelings of fear which you may have caused them by mentioning your spiritual experiences.

I am giving you data on our observations of the spiritual realms and you are free to question and examine them for information as you see fit. If you make observations of your own, feel free to share what you have found so we can expand our knowledge of this vast and generally uncharted universe of spiritual matters and concepts which keep coming into view.

I would like to acknowledge Charles Stewart, Gerrie Oliver, and Alka Madan for their recent conversations which triggered this new series of articles.

The next article will address how people create their Gods and why they persist.

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We’re Back From Tangling With Covid

One of the problems with taking on a human existence is that there are events which strike us down in unexpected ways. Along with the usual microbes, parasites, viruses, and old memories, there are spiritual traps which pin us down until we manage to wake up and shrug them off.

As most of you know, we are immortal beings who take on human or other existences every few years and play that game until we run out of energy or inspiration and switch to another body. Many of you have some memories of your previous existences and with the spread of media organizations like Medium, your awareness of your true state keeps expanding and in some cases, your abilities keep expanding also.

Unfortunately, as our awareness increases, there are more ways in which our past mistakes can get triggered and we can find ourselves feeling the effects of careless things we have done in the far distant past. Life is never smooth for long periods of time, but we live in a tightly connected world in which governments and media organizations can push emotional buttons we do not even know we have. For example, we are currently experiencing a series of COVID -19 pandemics which are resulting in wildly exaggerated claims of mortality and are now seeing extreme measures being enforced to limit the spread of this disease.

Some government officials want to imprison anyone who has not been vaccinated even though the vaccines and boosters have not provided the protection they were supposed to generate. Others want to censor anyone who questions the validity of the government data being provided. Any data about deaths caused by vaccinations and boosters is being severely censored so it is difficult to get an accurate idea of how the disease is progressing and what is actually effective against its spread. The use of alternate medical treatments for treating COVID-19 is being attacked quite ferociously and the doctors who are recommending such treatments are being threatened in ways that would make you think they are prescribing witchcraft instead of recognized medical solutions.

There deserves to be differences of opinion in medicine as research proceeds in different directions over time. The medical profession has not been in the forefront of sanitary practices or even observation of physiological processes for long periods of it history. Witch hunts and pillorying of dissidents does not aid the progress of treatment for pandemics that are still largely not understood.

Until we calm down as a people, and start looking at results instead of listening to media warnings of disaster, we will probably continue to churn and cast blame on those actually trying to help. Once we regain our senses, we will probably find that basic sanitation, plenty of bed rest, and sequestering of the ill will turn out to be the best solution for this world-ending pandemic promoted by the media and power-hungry politicians.

Those of you who can avoid reading the daily news will find that your mood will lighten and you can concentrate on getting better rather then living in fear that the world is coming to an end.

You may not choose to believe it but we have all lived through the Black Death and dozens of plagues throughout history and reading your local newscaster’s scare stories is probably going to stir up ugly memories you do not need to remember.

Try being creative and look for someone to help when you are able to do so. If you keep your exchange in with your environment and your neighbors, you will find yourself with a purpose and will survive. People who help others are the first to recover from disasters and come out of the experience stronger than those who have no concept of helping others. If you keep your exchange in with the world, you will find that you will receive help in many unexpected ways.

If you have experienced COVID, you have knowledge that can help others get through it. Do what you can to help others and we will all get through this pandemic together.

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Rule #1 in starting your own business – revised and updated

Posted on August 2006, October 6, 2009, and December 30, 2021, by David St Lawrence

Prepare to change your lifestyle.

I have written so many articles about starting a business and striking off in new directions that I can’t believe I failed to mention one of the most basic rules of them all when it comes to starting your own business. This actually applies to startups of any size.

Rule #1 – Lower your cost of living to the point where you can pay for rent and food doing outside work while you struggle to generate enough income with your new business.

If you live in a comfortable suburban house and you bailed out or were ejected from the corporate mothership, don’t expect that you are going to develop a viable business in less than six months and a decent customer base in less than a year. Many people report that it takes two years or more to start generating decent cash flow.

During that time you will be laying out money for equipment and training and you will still have to pay the mortgage and all the other expenses for your lovely home. You will burn through your 401K and any savings faster than you can believe.

You need to completely restructure your living arrangements so that your cost of living can be covered during the startup period and for some time beyond.

This calls for a great deal of resolve and understanding by all members of the family. Life is not going to continue in the same old way.

Sell the Land Rover and the McMansion and look for a living and workspace that doesn’t leak too badly that you can buy for cash or on terms that result in a mortgage payment of a few hundred dollars a month. Buy a used van or pickup truck or a used car for cash.

Put enough money away to live on for six months and rethink your identity. You are starting over and you are no longer a senior manager of anything. You need to get busy and learn your new trade in a big hurry.

Take classes at a good craft school. Learn the ropes by working as an apprentice if you can. If your significant other is not engaged in learning a craft, she or he should find work that provides enough income that your bank balance does not dwindle.

Make everyone part of the new solution. Ideally, your new venture should provide work for all members of the family, but if the teenagers aren’t interested in helping with your new venture, they need to find employment and an educational path that fits your new circumstances.

You don’t have to follow this advice of course, because you can always search for another corporate berth instead of risking everything on your own business acumen.

However, you will probably have to sell the house and the Land Rover anyway if you are over fifty because it may take you a year to find a new job and it will pay less than your last job.

This may sound unduly grim, but it has been done by tens of thousands of people and they have emerged from the experience stronger and more self-reliant than ever before. The freedom that comes from managing your own destiny more than makes up for the temporary hardships of starting your

own business.

Find any successful small business owner, craftsperson, or artist and ask how they lived until they became successful and you will hear a story much as I have described here.

Talk to business owners who quit after a short, unsuccessful attempt at starting a career and you will find that they ran out of money before they could become self-supporting.

You will also find that their lifestyle had a lot of creature comforts that did nothing to advance their careers.

Whether this change in life is a forced decision or a free choice, changing your lifestyle and cutting your costs to the bone will give you the best chance of a successful transition.

If you have gotten this far, it has probably occurred to you that this same advice applies if you are embarking on a career in any new field.

Your lifestyle has to be leaner and meaner than you ever imagined if you are to succeed. 

Wishing you the very best.

( I wrote the original post in August 2006 and am still encountering people who envision launching new businesses which will provide seamless continuity of their comfortable suburban lives. Get over it. Startups are the most exciting adventure I can conceive of, but they involve drastic changes to your lifestyle. As we prepare to enter the year 2022, this advice still applies. The world still needs your innovative solutions. You will only be around to provide them if you apply Rule #1.)

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Linking Up For Mutual Support – Choose Your Group Carefully

Something interesting is happening among those of us who communicate with spirits on a daily basis. I find we are coming to different conclusions on areas we are investigating. As we make our interests and intentions known, there are definite currents within the greater group of people who are interested in spiritual phenomena.

Choose the group that is going in your chosen direction

Just as migrating birds head toward different destinations, it has become apparent that we are not all part of the same flock, but there is a growing recognition of those who are heading in the same direction as we are.

The spiritual realm is so vast that none of us can comprehend its magnitude at this point but that has not stopped us from examining it in as much detail as we can from our different viewpoints. Like the legendary blind men examining an elephant, we see the aspects of the spirit realm that we are are able to make contact with.

Some of us are looking for confirmation of our religious viewpoints and, lo and behold, we find evidence of God and Angelic hosts. Others search for demonic activity and they find such an abundance of this that they shun all other aspects of spiritual research.

There are huge organizations that have unique perspectives on the arrangement of spiritual matters and how these can be taken advantage of to promote well-being and prosperity. They have even codified the manner in which one approaches the spiritual realm and how one addresses spirits and what manner of dress and behavior is appropriate for a spiritual experience.

Those of us who communicate with spirits every day owe a debt of gratitude to those who have researched the spiritual realms even though those pioneers have reached different conclusions. The tens of thousands of hours of research and prayer and the many conclusions that have been reached on spiritual phenomena over the last 10,000 years can be easily checked out for applicability by asking spirits for guidance.

When we simply ask spirits for information in a caring way, we see daily affirmation of the validity of the Akashic records and of various legends that have been passed down for thousands of years. Our processes are easily replicated because they are simple and produce reliable results.

We, who are learning to deal with matters far beyond the five human senses, are experiencing daily increases in awareness and knowledge as long as we continue to respect life forces in all of their forms and continue to communicate in a caring way with all of life. We are continually being exposed to new and unknown aspects of the spiritual realms and there appears to be no limit on what we can discover.

This can be troubling for those who are studying the spirit world to confirm their beliefs. I have seen many people get involved in a spiritual search for truth and have early successes in relieving themselves of worries and fears that have plagued them for years, only to depart hastily when it appears that the spirit world does not end when they have learned to communicate with departed family members and past life acquaintances.

When they learn that they are being influenced and controlled by the vast clouds of spiritual beings surrounding them on this planet, this tends to exceed their realities and they retreat to the safety of known unknowns that are taught in churches and other religious organizations. For example, most religions agree that you are a spirit of some sort, but want to separate the soul from the spirit as being something different. They also resist the idea that chickens have souls, as do cockroaches and flowers. Most religions feel that humans have souls and our pets do not. These religions have also constructed many different versions of the afterlife and rules for entering each of them.

Spiritual Rescue Technology, as described in my books, here and here, bypasses these belief systems and encourages you to talk to your spiritual companions every day and to use the data they can provide to you from their long existence as immortal beings. We also encourage you to recruit helpful spirits to assist you in your daily chores and projects. As an author who works with helpful spirits every day, I know that as long as I am working on interesting projects, I will never lack support or new ideas.

Those who have gotten gains from studying the spiritual realms and are content to stop at a level that feels comfortable, should not feel pressured to expand beyond that comfort level. They should never be made to feel that their beliefs are incomplete or deficient in any way. They may feel totally comfortable dealing with guardian angels and spirit guides and that gives them an advantage over those who have neither.

If you are willing to continually expand your knowledge of spiritual matters, you should feel free to seek out those who are pushing the boundaries in the direction you wish to go. Your participation in a group that provides mutual support will increase the probability of your finding the information you want to know.

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