Understanding Life Force – Part Three

Let me say it once again, with feeling: Life Force exhibits vitality and intention.

The spiritual realm is merely a massive collection of life forces engaging each other in different ways. We can look at the spiritual universe and its complexities and try to understand it by the products it has created or we can step back and consider just how individual elements composed of vitality and intention can relate to each other. To put it in a nutshell, let’s see if we can describe the functions of a living being in terms of life forces acting with and against each other.

Let’s take a rather homely example that we are all familiar with, the human body, and try to describe it in terms of life forces acting in alignment and in opposition. If every cell in the body is alive, it has vitality and intention. We are fairly certain about the vitality, but the intention? Well, let’s say the intention is to survive or to succumb or something in between. Let’s just consider cells that perform some function regarding other cells in the body.

How about white blood cells which are involved in recognizing intruders, killing harmful bacteria, and creating antibodies to protect your body against future exposure to some bacteria and viruses? Do you think that this is accomplished without some sort of intention? Intention is cause and if something is causing some result, what other than intention is involved? People who do not feel that cells are alive may postulate some sort of built-in primordial response, but what is that if not proof of a prior intention. White blood cells have a complex function. How do they accomplish these various functions without intentions? If you wish to claim these are pre-programmed functions, whose intentions are being represented here?

How about red blood cells? The red blood cell’s main function is to carry oxygen from the lungs and deliver it throughout our body. Red blood cells also transport waste such as carbon dioxide back to our lungs to be exhaled. Is there an intention involved? Why not?

T cells are another example. T lymphocytes (T cells) are responsible for cell-mediated immunity. B lymphocytes are responsible for humoral immunity or antibody production. They can recognize and have a memory of invading bacteria and viruses. Does that seem to indicate a set of intentions?

Then we have our favorite villains, cancer cells, which uniquely reprogram their cellular activities to support their rapid proliferation and migration and to counteract metabolic and radiation or chemical stress during cancer progression. These cells have evolved the ability to overcome aging by using mechanisms that enable cancer cells to divide indefinitely. Does this sound like an intentional act?

I would like to cut to the chase and say that we should be communicating with various cell groups in the same manner as we communicate with any spiritual being. We should be using reach and withdraw on specific areas of the body and actually attempting to imagine that we are these cells and see what realizations occur. I know when we have done that to injured areas of the body in the past we have often managed to see some miraculous recoveries.

I am suggesting that we should be doing reach and withdraw on cancer cells, bacteria, parasites, and on healthy cells in various body parts to see what the various intentions are and to see if we can get more of these intentions to align for the benefit of the body.

For example, the cancer cell, from what I can see, is a normal cell that mutates. That sure sounds like a response to an overwhelming incident and we have been handling those with SRT for many years. Why not get up close and personal to some cancer cells and see if we can modify their intentions so that they cause no further damage to the body?

If you would like to take on some larger targets, why not look at the intentions that exist in the liver, or lungs or heart? I am sure that the organs are alive and have intentions that affect their vitality and function. If we monitor the vitality of the areas we are working with, we should be able to see what processes are beneficial and which are not.

I feel there is much more that can be done if we bother to look at the vitality and intentions of cells in the body.

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Understanding Life Force – Part Two

Let’s start with what I stated in Part One: 

Life Force is an energy produced by spirits and it animates all living things. You might say that life force comes from the spiritual realm and manifests itself in the material world as living bodies, living plants, and other organisms. If something is alive, it is because a spirit is animating it.

Life Force exhibits vitality and intentions. 

For lack of a better terminology at this time, I am venturing to use vitality and intention as the defining characteristics of any living thing or spirit that is animating living things. These are both perceivable by anyone who is sufficiently aware.

The vitality of something is the expression of the volume of its life force. Dead things have no vitality and no life force. Happy people and animals show lots of vitality and radiate life force.

The intention of something determines what it is doing and wants to do. Intention determines the emotion of a being, what its attention is directed at, what its purpose in life is, and what effects it is trying to create. 

The intention something has produces a recognizable signature and a flow of one sort or another. Some flows are turbulent and painful to experience like rage, others are soothing and hypnotic, like sympathy. Other flows are energizing like admiration and affection. Some are prickly like suspicion. However, I finally realized that all of these flows are a result of an intention of one sort or another.

When you look at a person or animal, what kind of intention do you get from them? Are they friendly or hostile? Or, are their intentions masked so you cannot tell what their true intentions are? Are you getting an intention to survive or to succumb? Those of you who have cared for severely ill people have seen a range of intentions as a person decides they no longer want to keep the body going. There comes a point where you can tell they have decided to end this phase of their existence and shortly after that their life force winks out.
The Life Force of a living thing determines its role in the material universe. Remember that life force has vitality and intention. What determines the difference between a human being and an animal? Both have vitality, but there are different intentions involved. A being decides to animate a human body or possibly an animal body. Why do they choose differently? 

If you have had a miserable life as a human being, you might envy the life of a cherished pet and decide to reincarnate as a prized boxer pup. After all, 3 meals a day, no deadlines, and plenty of time to nap may seem very attractive to some mid-level bank executive with a bad marriage and a terrible job situation. I saw this poor guy in a kennel in Clearwater, Fla and he had just realized that some of us could see him as he was because he had not fully suppressed his human memories. You are free to reincarnate as whoever and whatever you wish, but you had better suppress any of your past life memories or you may be very miserable indeed.

I realized that the intentional part of Life Force determines what role you play in the material universe. There are no different kinds of spirits, only spirits with different intentions. If you want to call spirits with different intentions, different species, feel free, but they are still spirits and respond to communication like all other spirits. We seem to be one great family after all.

Since life force is found in birds, bees, and other bugs, what about bacteria and individual cells in our bodies? I have had some good experiences communicating to body parts, both mine and other people’s bodies, and I know I have been able to heal myself and others before I fully understood that I was talking to spirits. I think with more complete knowledge of life force and the intentional part of life force, we can do much more in the way of healing and working with living things of all kinds. I now feel that the reason that cancer cells felt different to me is that they have intentions contrary to the intentions of the rest of the cells surrounding them.

There may be a way to get them working in alignment with the rest of the body instead of working in opposition to the rest of the body. After all, SRT handles counter-intention of spirits in other situations, why not learn to apply SRT to cancer and other non-optimum body conditions?

What has been missing in my healing efforts is the recognition of intentions when I failed to handle a body condition. Another missing effort is the use of admiration for lower-level living things and spirits. I worked with a client for several years to handle spiritual effects which defied permanent handlings with SRT processes. When we finally realized that these beings had no ability to communicate in the normal way, we used admiration and handled them permanently in just a few sessions.

I feel that if we continue to study and share our findings on the nature of Life Force, we may open the door to more miracles of physical healing and useful interactions with other living things.


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Understanding Life Force – Part One

First of all, let’s review where Life Force comes from and what it does.

Life Force is an energy produced by spirits and it animates all living things. You might say that life force comes from the spiritual realm and manifests itself in the material world as living bodies, living plants, and other organisms. If something is alive, it is because a spirit is animating it.

Let me repeat this for emphasis: If something is alive, a spirit is animating it.

I will give you a few moments to consider the ramifications of that fact. For example, people are alive and you are quite certain of that. Animals are alive and you are fairly certain of that. You can tell because you are capable of detecting life force even if it does not fall into the five human senses. If something is alive, it generally exhibits motion and growth and responds to stimuli. The motion, growth, and response to stimuli can be rapid or very, very slow but it is measurable, even at microscopic levels.

When you continue to observe how far this behavior extends, you quickly realize that cockroaches, slime molds, and bacteria are alive, so are all of the cells in your body. They are all animated by life force and share the behavior of all living things. They are all animated by spirits.

Let’s review the statement I made earlier and get more specific: If something is alive, spirits are animating every part of it that is alive. 

Your body is a collection of living things and every single part that is alive is animated by a spirit, even the parts you may not consider your body. The bacteria and viruses inhabiting your body are alive and are animated by spirits. Any parasites you are carrying are alive and have their own spirits and intentions. Every blood cell is alive and has its own level of life force depending on the spiritual health of the spirit animating it.

Your body is a collection of living systems, all of them consisting of cells that are animated by spirits. Those of us who have gained an awareness of spiritual beings can observe differences in life force levels in various parts of the body and can affect these levels by communicating with the spirits involved. This communication can make the cells more alive or less alive, depending on the intention of the communication.

This is why some people are natural healers and can lay hands on a person and make them feel better or completely relieve them of pain. Other people with greater ability can put attention on a body part or internal organ and handle problems that normally require ordinary medical attention. 

People who communicate with spirits can use their abilities to spot spiritual distress when it occurs and can relieve this distress whether the living thing being affected is an animal or vegetable.

From reading the above you may have gathered that the level of life force produced by a spirit is related to the spiritual health of that spirit. A spirit emanates life force and does not have to be animating a body to be a source of life force. Many people are able to perceive spirits whether they are in a physical body or not. They are perceiving the life force directly without having to see a living organism that is being animated.

Those of you who are trying to spot the life force of beings without bodies and can’t seem to pick them out should consider how difficult it is to pick out an individual drop of water in a lake or ocean. When you are totally surrounded by something, like water, smoke, or spirits, you can feel the effect of what you are surrounded with but cannot pick out individual molecules or particles. When many spirits are putting out thoughts and emotions, it is extremely difficult to pick out one being’s thoughts.

When you meditate and get your spirits to quiet down, you can begin to perceive isolated life forces and can help them if you wish.

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