SRT Workshop #14 – SRT Team Building Discussion

This workshop was focused on the recognition and organizing of our spiritual teams. If you wish to get the most out of your study of Spiritual Rescue Technology, you should take the time to watch this workshop video.

SRT Workshop #14 Video:

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Are you Getting The Help You Need From Your Spiritual Companions?

I have been droning on about working with spirits for some years now and it is all too apparent that I am not getting the message across to most of you. Maybe I need to sharpen the message so it penetrates the fog of life in the Internet age and the lies we have been told to keep us complacent.

Here is the absolute truth of the matter, no matter where you live and how uncertain your future seems to be:

Everything you have accomplished this lifetime is with the assistance or or over the opposition of your spiritual companions. Ignoring their influence is absolute recklessness. Fighting their influence is an unending and losing battle. Working with helpful spirits permanently changes the odds in your favor. The choice is yours, nobody can make the choice for you.

We have been taught that we are human beings burdened with original sin and that we owe our existence to one or more merciful Gods. Sorry, but that is only one version of a very complex story. We are spirits, immortal, but error-prone, and our errors have resulted in us losing many of our original spiritual powers. Our primary error seemed to be ignoring the needs of others when were engaged in creating effects. This lack of concern has resulted in us creating counter-intention to our creative activities and to our very existence.

This counter-intention, once created, does not dissipate until it is resolved by caring communication. We have proved this time and time again by using Spiritual Rescue Technology to rescue spirits from the incidents that have trapped their attention, sometimes for millions of years. We have also discovered that freeing a being’s attention from an incident where it was stuck increases the being’s life force by an amount proportional to the attention fixed on the incident.

As you free beings from the incidents they are trapped in, they become more aware and you will discover that your psychic abilities increase as well. This may be a result of exercising your spiritual abilities, but it is a direct result of becoming aware of how the intentions of others affect the material universe and your intentions.

Intentions cause things to occur. If something does not occur as expected, it is because there is an intention for it not to happen. The solution is not to try harder, the solution is to spot the source of counter-intention and handle it. If you study SRT, this is a piece of cake! If you do not understand spirits and their motivations, you remain in mystery and struggle to make things happen the way you want them to happen.

If you would like your life to become much easier, make friends with your spiritual companions and ask them for help. If they do not seem to be helpful, take the time to find out where their attention is stuck and free them from that trap. If you do this in a caring way, you will find that you are removing barriers to your future progress and your life will become much easier.

If this seems like a reasonable thing to do, you may wish to read my years of articles and my books on Spiritual Rescue Technology and learn how to do this for yourself. You can download freely from these links:

Directory of Articles:
Directory of Published Books:

Good Luck!
David St Lawrence

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After years of Spiritual Rescue Technology healing sessions and various side trips like Remote Viewing, we are emerging onto an entirely new playing field of unknown dimensions and opportunities. We have been playing the game as human beings, accepting limited lifespans and physical disabilities as normal boundary conditions to the game and the main focus of our endeavors has been to make life as comfortable as possible while achieving near-term goals.

Those of us with older bodies are frequently reminded that our human existence is finite, even though the material and problems we deal with every day are essentially timeless. It is quite amusing to see a person still wrestling to solve a thousand-year-old problem when he does not realize he is a spirit, timeless and deathless. We wake these spirits up day after day and bring them to present time where their relief is so great that it affects all of us who are involved in the process of rescuing them from the traps they are stuck in.

Meanwhile, most of us still consider ourselves to be human with our attention focused on our health and our bodily survival. This is in spite of the fact that many of us can now communicate freely with spiritual beings without bodies. It is hard to describe our current existence to someone still mired in the belief he is making his way through life alone without help except from a distant Deity he worships on weekends. In fact, it is so difficult that we do not suggest spending much time discussing the circumstances of our lives with these people who do not use spiritual help.

Those of you who are using Spiritual Rescue Technology to assist you in your careers and your life should eventually start thinking about the longer-term implications of your increased abilities and expanded knowledge. Regardless of your current occupation, your psychic skills give you an incredible empathy that will allow you to perceive problems and provide useful advice in almost any field of endeavor. Your grasp of situations will allow you to provide effective consultation in business and personal relationships. If you choose entrepreneurship, you will find that your grasp of human needs will provide income-producing opportunities at every turn in the road. Your understanding of people, animals, plants, and their needs will make it easier to operate in any activity you can think of.

Your ability to create freely in any medium you choose and elicit the desired responses you desire opens the door to activity in a wide range of activities you would not have considered before.

After performing enough SRT healing processes, you may realize that operating out of body is a matter of focusing your attention properly and that operating in a human frame is not the be-all and end-all it has seemed to be in the past. We are immortal and we have choices for continuing our existence that are not limited to being human. Obviously, we can re-incarnate in the body of our choice, but there are myriad other choices depending on how much responsibility we wish to assume. Coming back as an AI system inhabiting a computer complex is one opportunity we have accepted in the far distant past and will soon be available again if technology evolves as expected.

There is always the opportunity to stay as a spirit and mentor someone who needs support and encouragement. We see examples of this every day in talented children performing music they have never been trained to play an instrument. “Riding Shotgun” gives an experienced spirit a chance to exercise skills that took years to master and display them in a new environment where they will be appreciated. There may be some fields, like medicine, where prodigies are viewed askance, but demonstrated competence is acceptable almost everywhere else. A dancer, singer, sculptor, musician, artist, or writer is generally accepted on the basis of their skill regardless of their apparent age. If you want to come back as a prodigy and work your butt off, you will probably have an interesting life and reap the fame and fortune you deserve.

On the other hand, if you figure out how to come back as a famous AI artist embodied in a computer system, you might have a much longer career and create a unique effect on society. The choices you face are unlimited. In SRT Workshop #14, we will discuss the pros and cons of various future career choices.

The workshop will be held this coming Sunday, April 14, at 12 noon Eastern Time. Use this link to join us:

You will arrive in a waiting room where I will see you and bring you into the workshop. Use the link early enough to test your video and audio connections and not hold the workshop up while you get things working.

I will provide further updates during this week.

David St Lawrence

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My SRT Counseling Sessions Have Resumed


After canceling the last workshop for a heart operation, I thought it might be time for an update on the status of SRT Counseling availability. The doctors put in a stent and cleared an arterial blockage, gave me a day to recover and sent me home the next day. I was able to contact my clients without delay and have resumed counseling sessions on a slightly reduced schedule.

My spiritual companions have been quite helpful in assisting my recovery, as I cannot recall any earlier operation, and there have been three, allowing me to return to work this quickly. Continuous communication with my spiritual companions has boosted my abilities to detect and handle counter-intention which is the main reason for diminishing life force as we age.

Counseling others has continued to strengthen my intention and ability to help spirits in and out of bodies. It gives me more certainty of purpose than using SRT for myself alone. I strongly suggest that anyone using SRT regularly find someone to team up with so you get experience working with other people’s spiritual companions.

This is not a complicated ritual. One of my clients described SRT co-processing as being much like early Book One Dianetics auditing where people would simply run out incidents on each other. In SRT, we are running out painful incidents that spiritual beings are afflicted with.

Once you are in good communication with your helpful spirits, you are aware of their condition and their concerns and you continually act in a manner that keeps them cheerful and aligned with your interests. You keep spiritual distractions at bay and handle any upsets as soon as they appear.

As a final note, if you are planning any medical procedures, I suggest you work with your spirits to make sure you have their support in what you are planning. When your spirits are working with you, everything seems to require less effort and recoveries are faster.

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