All Scientology States Are Merely Releases

Every type of spiritual processing, whether exorcisms, Scientology, Spiritualism, PEAT Processing, EMDR, Yoga, or any other of the 75 odd practices that improve the spiritual quality of your life produce results because they create RELEASES. Something that was bothering you has been removed and you feel better, maybe even fantastic. These releases are totally valid, but they are not and never will be permanent.

Evidence from thousands of SRT cases shows that gains from Scientology processing are real, but they are not permanent. I was a Scientology auditor for about 18 years and had many wins in session and delivering sessions to others. I also noticed that after a relatively short period, months or years, everyone, including me, would sink back into the doldrums from which we had emerged.

The accepted reason was that we were exposed to suppression and needed to get our ethics in and stop associating with suppressive individuals. They did not accept the fact that we are surrounded by troubled beings who affect our thoughts and behavior every day.

Every brand of Scientology has the same problem of impermanent gains because they do not recognize the effect that continually being surrounded by spirits with engrams will produce. You can get rid of many of your own engrams with Scientology or Dianetic processing, but you will never clear the thousands of beings who surround you every day. 

Getting rid of troublesome spirits is like dusting your house or washing your car. As soon as you finish cleaning things up, there is another group of spirits landing on you.

If you had been told that your house or car will stay clean forever, you would laugh at the idea. If you receive an exorcism or Scientology processing, which is much the same thing, you may think you are good to go forever.

Sorry, but this is far from the actual situation. You have cleared away some troublesome spirits and others will replace them as soon as you go out into society, or visit a hospital, or cemetery, or have intimate contact with someone. Spirits happily jump from one person to another, even during spiritual counseling sessions! If you argue with someone or fight with someone, you are almost sure to take some of their beings home with you. In fact, you will pick up spirits while walking down a city street, and you will be able to tell because you will still have attention on some person you met on the way.

I had a client ask me if I ever experienced losing gains after processing and I told him I see this every day and it does not bother me because these gains are only releases and I can get more releases whenever I wish by communicating with the spirits surrounding me. If I become aware of a negative emotion while I am trying to create something, I merely locate the spirits responsible for the emotion and chat with them until they leave or decide to work with me. 

Any spirit who is bothering you while you are trying to do something useful is out of present time and is stuck in some old incident. If you care to read my recent book, Talking To Spirits, you should be able to handle much of this yourself. You just give yourself a release by setting the troubled spirit free. You can do these thousands of times with SRT. The supply of spirits is endless.

There is nothing wrong with achieving releases, especially when you can do them yourself, day after day for the rest of your existence.

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Life Force Versus Life Energy

I have been trying to get a grip on the difference between Life Force and Life Energy, and my spiritual companions suggest that it is easier to understand if we consider Life Force as Volume and Life Energy as a spectrum of frequencies.

Life Force is how alive something is and a person can be very alive and extremely angry or she can be very alive and in extreme exhilaration. They can be very lethargic and be content or be resentful. Thus we can use the concept of volume and frequency to characterize Life Force versus Life Energy.

I can now revise my earlier article on Life Force to separate these two concepts.

Life Force covers a range between death and unstoppable activity. Life Force is a level of action.

Life Energy covers an emotional range between being nothing and godlike serenity. Life Energy is a range of intentions.

They seem to be related and my feeling at this time is that Life Energy or intentions controls the Life Force of a person or being.

You should test this for yourself and see if your emotions affect how alive you feel. For example, if your feelings are hurt, you do not feel healthy and energetic. If you are admired, you feel good and you want to do things.

This is very well known in some spiritual practices as they caution against allowing yourself to be exposed to suppressive influences. In the presence of suppression, you will get sick and will make mistakes, while in an encouraging environment you will be healthy and successful. The difference between a hostile environment and a supportive environment is the Life Energy (intentions) that are present.

You can see this for yourself when you go into a garden or out into nature, The Life Energy in an unspoiled environment is peaceful and oriented toward growth. People have long been known to take a walk in the woods or in open fields to calm themselves. The intentions (Life Energies) of plant life are rarely hostile.

If you can train yourself to notice Life Energies in your environment, you can begin to avoid harmful energies and to seek out beneficial energies. If you can train yourself to recognize Life Force as a unique level of activity, you can align yourself with that level that suits your needs.

There will be additional articles on increasing Life Force and working with Life Energies to achieve specific goals.

Feel free to offer your refinements on how we can usefully consider these two phenomena.

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Simple Exercises To Become Aware Of Your OWN Life Force

This exercise may change your viewpoint on life from an effect viewpoint to a cause viewpoint.

What we know so far:

Life Force is the energy produced by spirits and animates all living things. Life force is known by more than 66 names: Qi, Chi, Prana, etc., but all names mean the energy that animates all living things.

Life force can be felt and observed. Every part of a living body emanates life force. When a body is damaged or dying, the life force is lessened or absent.

All living things emanate life force in proportion to their spiritual health. As living organisms dwindle from joyous exultation down to apathy and non-existence, they emanate less and less life force.

I had also written:

There are as many different ways to encourage the production of life force as there are ways to encourage spiritual welfare. Conversely, emotional attacks on the life force animating the body will damage the health of the body.

I recently realized that all of this was looking at your life force from an EFFECT viewpoint. If you got admiration and good strokes, your life force increased and if people were mean to you, your life force decreased. Boo Hoo! We live in a mean and hostile universe, so what are we to do?

Maybe if we use Spiritual Rescue Technology, SRT, technology on ourselves we might find an answer, and yes, the answer is to do some research and live experiments to see what we can do.

My first step was to reread my article, Simple Exercises to Increase Your awareness of Life Forces and my second step was to run the exercise on me and my body. I was feeling kind of blah and my normal routine would have been to take a nap until I felt more energetic. Looking at my life force made me realize that I was not really monitoring my life energy levels and was just in the habit of eating or sleeping to make myself feel better. In other words, I was finding an external stimulus to improve the state of my life force. That meant I was operating at an effect viewpoint since I was using external stimuli to change my life force level.

I felt it would be worthwhile to see if I could change my life force level by doing something or creating an effect by using my life force to accomplish something with no change in what I was experiencing. I chose to do some exercise on my recumbent bike with the intention that it should wake me up and make me feel better.

I wanted to set this first experiment up as low-level exercise so I set the effort level at 4, out of a possible 16, and I pedaled slowly for 5 minutes. I was careful to keep the effort low and the time period short so I would not get tired. When I stopped, I immediately noticed that my life force had increased markedly and I felt very cheerful so my life energy had changed also. 

This gave me the idea that maybe regular exercise goals were not being set correctly. Most of the goals I had read about were set to achieve increases in strength as a way to promote health. Perhaps setting targets for increasing life force instead of strength might produce better results with less effort.

On the other hand, there is work to be done in preventing loss of life force. I was asked to do something and I took it seriously and produced what I thought was needed and wanted in a relatively short time. When I delivered the final product, the response was underwhelming, to say the least. My life force took a hit and my emotional tone level went further down than it had in the previous week. My conversation at that point reflected my lowered life force and my lowered emotional tone and neither I nor the person I was talking to received any benefit from the conversation.

I should have done some exercise at that point to bring myself back to normal, but I did some necessary work instead and that worked almost as well. When my life force finally returned to a normal level, I was ready for some creative activity and that raised my life energy levels to the point where I could see what I had done wrong to deliver a product that was not wanted. I had delivered a property analysis as I had done several times before, but I failed to ask what was required for this particular property. This is a classic error, delivering an unwanted product or service and it creates resentment both in the giver and the recipient. 

In society in general, unwanted help rebounds on the giver, sometimes fatally. It always leaves bad feelings between the parties involved and can be avoided, if the person desiring to help takes the time to find out what exactly is being asked for. Making assumptions about the usefulness of your help is a sure route to disaster. It will lower the life forces of all involved every time.

My takeaway from these two exercises is that monitoring one’s own life force is vital to make sure that what you do maximizes your life force at all times. If your life force is low, you need to take action of a physical or creative nature to raise it.

If you are taking action for the benefit of another, you need to deliver exactly what is needed and wanted. If it is not what is needed, you will receive condemnation instead of acknowledgment and admiration, so it makes sense to make sure it is really needed and wanted before you deliver it.

Do everything possible to increase your life force and to operate with positive life energy. If you are aware of the life force and life energies of the people you are dealing with, you will be better prepared to communicate effectively with them.

Ideally, personal and business exchanges between people should raise life forces and increase life energies of all kinds. If that is not happening, something has been missed and this article should be restudied.

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Simple Exercises To Increase Your Awareness Of Life Forces

You will need some volunteers for this exercise. I suggest you volunteer two or three of your plants or your pets if you have enough. You should perform this exercise alone as any observers will be bound and determined to get involved and offer suggestions. If you can’t get rid of the observers, you can draft them as subjects in this exercise because they won’t even know you are using them as a volunteer.

Arrange yourself so that you can see all of your volunteers without having to move your head. While observing these volunteers, I want you to begin meditating by keeping your body still, observing your living volunteers, and breathing slowly. Continue meditating until you have some realization and acknowledge that this realization has occurred.

Now put your attention fully on one of your volunteers and continue until you have a realization about the level of life force you are observing.

When that occurs, put your attention fully on the other volunteers and continue until you have a realization about the level of life force you are observing. If you notice that there are several different levels of life force present in the volunteer, make note of that but continue placing your attention on the volunteer until you feel you have nothing further to notice.

Now place your attention on the other volunteers, one after another, comparing life force levels until you have a realization as to which of the volunteers is more alive and why you now know that. If you have done this exercise correctly, you now may have an appreciation of the different levels of life force that your volunteers are generating.

I did this exercise using a tomato and a bunch of grapes, both purchased from the local supermarket. The tomato was more alive, but felt immature as though it had not yet realized its purpose. The grapes had less life force and, in addition, different grapes showed different levels of life force. My attention was immediately drawn to certain grapes which seemed to be damaged and showed less life force than any of the others.

This exercise took only a few minutes, but at the end of it, I was keenly aware of the life forces in these grapes and in this tomato. They were essentially static and showed no change while I was observing them.

I took the exercise to the next level and placed my attention on one of my two cats. The first thing I noticed was that the life force of the first cat was varying, not static, and it changed when the cat noticed I was putting attention on it. I watch the cat for some minutes and its life force changed as the cat moved about and if I admired the cat, without saying anything, its life force increased.

I found the second cat and immediately noticed that its life force was much lower. It was content to lie there and observe me and exhibited no real change in life force. A few minutes later I started to admire it, silently, and the cat started to exhibit real changes in its life force and energy level. It even started to act playful, which is not this cat’s usual state. I continued to admire the cat and it got restless and moved away, acting as if I was embarrassing it.

My conclusions at this point are few but useful. The tomato and grapes were dying as they had been separated from the mother plant and were not being provided with life-giving sap. Even so, they were producing life force which indicated their current state of existence.

The cats were producing life force at a much higher rate and each was operating at a different level. In addition, their life force waxed and waned as they responded to my presence. When I admired each of them. Their responses were different, but in each case my admiration increased their life force.

If you wish to become sensitive to life force and make use of it in enhancing your life and career, I suggest you repeat this exercise many times with various subjects until you increase your ability to perceive life force and life energies of different sorts and see how these subjects respond when you admire them, challenge them, ignore them, or criticise them. We can consider life force as how alive something is and life energies as the subtle modulations of life force that produce different effects on others. Life energies include admiration, attention, emotions, etc.

I think you will quickly notice that you will feel better when you can find a way to admire others instead of doing anything else.

There are many more ways to use life force and life energies, once you learn to recognize them so this exercise should be repeated daily until you can spot life force and life energies of all types at a glance. Then you will be able to use them effectively to achieve your goals.

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