Spiritual Rescue Technology Is A Tool That You Use To Get Results

A technology, in the broadest possible definition, is a method used to achieve an objective. It is predated in use by the Ancient Greek word tékhnē, used to mean ‘knowledge of how to make things. If you wish to dig deep into the history of technology you can read What Is Technology by Eric Schatzberg.

Spiritual Rescue Technology fills the gap between art and science and embraces a scale of enormous magnitude that spans the difference between the material universe and the spiritual universe of thought and intention. What this means is that no one can own Spiritual Rescue Technology because it is an intellectual or mental tool for getting results in the material universe through spiritual action.

Working With Spirits

It is based on actual observations of the interactions between the material and spiritual universe and can be duplicated and constantly improved upon by those who use this tool. You can be taught to use SRT or you can teach yourself to use SRT, but there are no badges or degrees or credentials to show your level of training. There is only your awareness and ability to communicate with spirits and help them to show your progress.

Once you get the basic idea of what is involved through reading my books and articles, you can progress at your own speed without needing any contact with me. This is because progress in the use of spiritual rescue technology depends on actual communication with spirits and learning what they need and figuring out how to work with them to achieve mutually beneficial results.

In this way, you will learn ways to co-create a future with the aid and assistance of helpful spirits so that you and the spirits you are working with continue to gain awareness and the ability to get things done. You begin to use the interactions between the spiritual and material universes to your advantage once you understand how the spiritual universe controls the material universe. This data is missing from most of the literature regarding the material universe.

Everything we see and experience in the material universe originates in the spiritual universe as an intention. The only sources of intention are spirits. If you intend to create something or change something that already exists, you, as a spirit, will be doing it and the barriers to your accomplishing that creation will be spiritual, not material.

Since we are spirits animating bodies it is easy to get lost in the body game and think that material things control the world, forgetting that everything we interact with in the material world was created by spiritual intention. All of the matter and energy we are surrounded with like cars, traffic, television, cities, and our homes, are the products of applied intention. When that intention is thwarted or perverted, we get chaos and destruction, and war. Insanity is a spiritual phenomenon, as is creative genius and artistic inspiration. If more of us knew about our spiritual powers, we might have a better chance of achieving peace on earth or at least a better grade of insanity.

Understanding Spiritual Rescue Technology gives a person access to unlimited spiritual knowledge and awareness and that access is controlled by the person himself, not by anyone else. I have been working with this technology for at least 12 years and there are clients of mine who exceed my abilities in several areas because they have been working with their spirits and perfecting their skills. As we discover new things about the spiritual universe, we share our knowledge and the body of technology grows without limit. I may serve as a central clearing house for new information, but I do not consider myself the source of knowledge, only a fortunate discoverer who wishes to share what is there to be discovered.

Spiritual Rescue Technology is a guide to holding caring communications with spirits so as to achieve results in the material universe. There are no questions we may not ask and no directions we may not pursue. Our results are determined by the degree to which we can work with spirits and SRT is a collection of guidelines for successful communications with spirits. This is a moving target and SRT is constantly evolving through the work of those using it to achieve results in the material universe.

The tasks SRT has been applied to range from uncontrolled voices in our heads to spiritual possession and more recently to chronic diseases and disabilities that do not succumb to modern medicine. When I see changes to cancer tissue occurring from a short conversation with the spirits involved, I know that there is a great deal more to observe in the spiritual universe. When I can call upon one of my clients to handle a sickness I cannot resolve myself, I know there is far more power in this technology than I ever expected when I first started.

Those of us who study and use Spiritual Rescue Technology can work together to bootstrap ourselves to higher levels of awareness and spiritual power. “To bootstrap” refers to pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, that is, to use the power of something to leverage itself. Those who use SRT in their daily lives are steadily increasing their spiritual abilities as evidenced by the increases in psychic ability that are being reported every week.

If you can grasp the essential idea that intentions create what we see as the material universe, you can see the power of understanding and communicating with spirits so as to work with them effectively to achieve the results you need in life.

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Be Aware Of Beings Posing As Kundalini Energy

Kundalini is a yogic term used to refer to the vital force or energy that we all hold within us. Often called the “sleeping goddess” or “serpent power”, it is often represented as a serpent coiled around the first chakra or root chakra at the base of the spine.

I encountered a person who has a serpent-shaped cluster of beings wrapped around his spine from his butt all the way up to his neck. The serpent answered to the name of Willard and consisted of several hundred spirits from a religious order who were still engaged in punishing this person for a transgression against a religious order many thousands of years ago. This cluster of beings had convinced the person that it was Kundalini energy and was vital to his survival.

I have seen clusters of beings in many different configurations in the thousands of sessions I have done over the years, but I had never encountered a cluster of beings so cleverly disguised as this one. This cluster was exercising control over the person’s actions and influenced his sexual activity and his behavior so that he had to continually struggle to control himself. At the same time, this cluster had convinced this person that it was a manifestation of divine energy, and the person would not consider my handling it with Spiritual Rescue Technology and persuading it to leave.

Since this cluster of beings has been making him perform anti-social actions for years, it might seem obvious that intervention was indicated, but you cannot deliver counseling to someone who does not want to change. This person has been indoctrinated to believe that the urges and the energy he feels is the serpent power awakening within his body and he does not want to examine it and find out otherwise. People who have had pleasurable drug experiences often have the same viewpoint. They do not want to let go of the pleasure they experienced from drug use.

There are spiritual experts like Aletheia who describe the symptoms of Kundalini Awakening and warn about the dangers and traps that exist when this occurs. Along with profound insights, you can get lucid dreams, hallucinations, past life experiences, and spontaneous orgasms. All of these are normal experiences for any experienced spiritual adventurer, but SRT users recognize that spiritual influences can be handled and brought under control with caring communication to find the incidents that our spiritual companions are stuck in. The beings surrounding us have all sorts of incidents that they can bring to bear on us when triggered, but we learn to distinguish our thoughts from theirs and work to bring them out of their incidents and into present time.

We have spirits surrounding us all the time and some masquerade as angels while others masquerade as devils. Having spirits masquerade as an energy that a person feels physically is probably far more common than we realize. The person gets sexually and physically stimulated and feels that it is a desirable result of their Kundalini experience. It is certainly mystical and can overwhelm a person and yet be so desirable that they will not take steps to handle what is happening.

They will not be receptive to suggestions for co-creating a solution to their problem. While they are in this state, they should be included in the group of people you cannot help. They are not willing to experience the change that will help them.

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How To Spot People You Can’t Help

One of the most frustrating things for anyone who is trying to help others is encountering a person you just can’t help. You can see this person is in trouble and they are really vocal about the difficulties they are having with life. You are willing to assist them to solve their problems and they make you wrong for every suggestion that you make.

A Person You Probably Can’t Help

They will complain about how others have treated them and they will complain about every suggestion you make to help them. They may use whiny victim voices or scornful insults to make their point, but the message is always the same. They feel you are trying to get them to change and that is not what they want. They want you to agree they are right and those who are upsetting them are wrong. Any suggestion that will help them resolve the problem is rejected if it involves them making any change whatsoever.

I have run into a few of these people recently and I failed to see the common thread that made them people I could not help because they were all very different personalities. One was an obvious victim who whined about the men in her life who had betrayed her. Another was a wealthy businessman who did not trust anyone and made that very clear to all and sundry. Another was a spiritualist who bragged about her connections to people in the field and about her spiritual prowess and was in very poor shape spiritually and healthwise.

The common thread that made them unable to receive help was the fact they were insisting they were completely right and were not responsible for what was going wrong in their lives.

They all asked for help, but once I started to help them, it became evident they wanted it on their terms.

None of them actually wanted personal change, they wanted me to solve their problem without requiring any changes in their actions or attitudes.

It has taken me some time to realize that there is a simple set of questions I should ask when I am presented with a prospective client. They will not scare off a person who sincerely wants help, but they will reveal when someone is asking me to confirm that the mean people who were bad to them were wrong and need to be punished. Effective counseling assists a person to make the changes that will create successful solutions to their problems. If a person is not willing to change, counseling will not be successful.

I think that questions along these lines should help me detect whether a client can be helped with counseling:

What problems are you faced with that you have not been able to resolve?

What changes in your life are you willing to consider to resolve these problems you are faced with?

Would you be willing to accept help in making these changes?

If there were other changes required to solve your problems, would you be willing to consider them?

Have you ever been able to make changes like this before?

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How Do You Know If Something Is Real — Part 2

I wrote “How Do You Know If Something Is Real – Part 1” back in March with a lot of detail and I am taking another swing at the topic with simpler examples to see if I can make alternate realities as real to you as they are to us.

See last paragraph for more information

I have been an avid Sci-Fi reader since high school when I read some issues of Astounding Science Fiction and strange memories came flooding into my mind, and life was never the same afterward, because those books had opened my memories of past lives and other existences. There were also many references to alternate universes or alternate realities some of which were mirror images of our own universe with slight differences.

I always felt these universes were imaginary until I actually saw another universe while I lived in Manhattan Beach, Ca. I got a glimpse of a landscape similar to the one I was in with an ocean in the same place, but the hills along the shoreline were different. It was like looking at a double exposure with the second image very transparent. That gave me the first clue that viewing an alternate reality was a matter of altering your perception so you could see things that were outside the dimensions we consider real. That was 46 years ago and I did nothing more with alternate realities until we started encountering them in our SRT sessions.

We started encountering refugee spirits from alternate universes and we were able to interact with them and help them find safe places where they could settle down and live without fear. One encounter with spirits from another universe might be dismissed as a figment of an overactive imagination but repeated encounters, approximately 25 so far, made it very real to us that there is life in other realities, or universes if you prefer. Conditions seem to be worse in those universes than they are here because beings are fleeing those universes and coming here in spiritual form.

I am sure we SRT users are not the first to encounter beings from other universes, since our literature and legends are filled with references to unearthly visitors, but we are currently engaged in working with these visitors since their presence can cause unfortunate effects if they end up in a human body. It may be an example of the Law Of Attraction at work but these refugees tend to end up in people with similar occupations and interests. For example, our recent discoveries of medical evacuation team vehicles from another reality carrying spirits of wounded combatants all seemed to end up in men’s bodies in this universe. Other refugees were spotted in the bodies of people with similar occupations to the refugees.

I am sure that there are refugees elsewhere on Earth, but we discovered these in people’s bodies when we investigated the causes of chronic illnesses and disabilities. The presence of beings and vehicles from other realities in a person’s body alters the flow of energy and nerve functions and causes long-term effects on the person’s health and vitality. They are a spiritual presence, similar to the spirits and clusters of spirits we have been working with for years, but they do not interact with body tissues in the same way as the spirits we usually work with.

If you think of these visitors as energy manifestations of a different kind from the energy manifestations of departed earth people, you can possibly get your wits around the fact that there are things unseen, but definitely felt, which can affect human bodies by their presence and when removed provide relief where chronic disability existed before. When we can communicate with something unseen and get it to relocate, it is real enough for us. The high success rate of the healing that takes place when we handle these beings is strong support for their existence and for their rational behavior.

I asked Jasper AI to give me its impression of alternate realities intersecting with our reality and it produced about 50 stunning images that evoke the idea of this concept. I have noticed that it is easier to contact these other realities when looking at these images.

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