Spiritual Rescue Technology Axioms Revised And Extended

Here is a list of the current Spiritual Rescue Technology Axioms which are based on interviews with Spiritual Beings over the past 14 years. For those of you who are familiar with other spiritual axioms, this will give you a chance to compare our findings with your own experiences.

Axiom Zero – Spiritual Entities constantly affect your behavior, health and personality

Axiom One – If you are not enthusiastic, you are being affected by unhappy spiritual entities

Corollary to Axiom One – Difficulty in learning new things is a spiritual problem and resolves when the upset beings are handled

Axiom Two – All negative attitudes about anything come from spiritual entities who are being upset by what you are doing or proposing. People can disagree with you about things but their disagreement will be rational unless entities are involved.

Axiom Three– Caring Communication is an effort to raise another beings awareness and life force.

Corollary to Axiom Three – When you achieve the state of stable caring communication in session, you achieve conceptual understanding of the concepts held by entities even when they are not communicating with you directly.

Axiom Four – Any communication that is not a caring communication comes from an upset spiritual entity and is a damaging communication.

Axiom Five – A lack of integrity prevents spiritual healing

Axiom Six – For every action in the spiritual realm, there is a corresponding reaction which may be all out of proportion to the original action

Axiom Seven – Anything that is not free will is someone else’s construct

Axiom Eight – Beings give up some of their free will to be part of a group

Axiom Nine – Fairness is based on the existence of agreed upon rules. If there is no agreement, the concepts of fairness or unfairness have no meaning

Axiom Ten – Misownership started as a voluntary agreement to share in other’s emotions and sensations.

Axiom Eleven – Sanity as a being depends on the ability to recognize misownership when it exists.

Corollary to Axiom Eleven – Upset is almost always due to misownership

Axiom Twelve – Free will and misownership are mutually exclusive. Complete misownership is being someone else. Life in a body is coexistence with other beings and constant misownership.

Axiom Thirteen – Spiritual awareness extends from godlike powers down to existence as physical universe matter.

Axiom Fourteen – Spirits exhibit life force, intention, attention, emotion, admiration, and free will when not under attack.

Corollary to Axiom Fourteen – Spirits can be overwhelmed and hypnotized to diminish their natural abilities to the point where they may resemble physical universe matter.

Axiom Fifteen – Spirits are immortal and can be rehabilitated through caring communication.

Originally published on July 7. 2018 – Revised 3-28-2022

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