Watch your step buying the new low cost hearing amplifiers

The cost of hearing aids has dropped considerably because of competition from low cost hearing amplifiers. These $100 hearing amplifiers now look remarkably similar to $3000 hearing aids, but they do not provide equalization adjustment. Some have preset settings for quiet and noisy environments, but most amplify all sounds and do not allow you to tune them for specific environments

As an example, the Phonak hearing aid shown here sells for $1899.







This Neosonic amplifier sells for $279










This Britzgo amplifier sells for $79

Britzgo Digital Hearing Amplifier – Battery Saving Hearing Device Aid Your Life – Energy-efficient, Personal Amplifier & Digitally Controlled.




All three are similar size and sit behind the ear and all three will amplify sounds. You can buy the amplifiers on Amazon and you need to read the reviews carefully, because about 17% of amplifier buyers are disappointed with their results. The units do not work or they whistle or they are sold by intermediary sellers who do not allow returns.

If you understand the limitations of a hearing amplifier, you may get the hearing help you need. You will find that using one in a car will be frustrating, because they pick up road noise and in a restaurant you will pick up all sorts of extraneous sounds. on the other hand, you will be able to hear your significant other when they ask you to do something and you will not be saying, “What?” and driving them crazy.

One more caution, there is one site which is reviewing the Neosonic Hearing Amplifier Mini RIC and is showing the price of a cheaper model. This site is very misleading and if you run across it do not click on the Buy for Best Price link as it will take you to another Neosonic model. It appears the reviewer did not do his homework.

The real link for buying a Neosonic Hearing Amplifier Mini RIC is here.

I feel these amplifiers will fill the bill until they come out with a fully programmable hearing aid for under $500 where you can control the behavior of your hearing aid from an app on your smart phone. My estimated release date is late 2020.

Good luck with your purchases and let me know if you find a better value.

David St Lawrence

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