Work With Spirits To Increase Your Abilities And Power

Every spiritual being you recruit increases your knowledge and your ability to execute your plans. Yes, you can invite beings to guide you and lead you through life which is the message of many religions, but why not take on the challenge of recruiting beings to support you in achieving your goals?


You can follow or you can lead, the choice is yours. On this planet, there is an abundance of disembodied spirits and they are an incredible resource if you know how to communicate with them and manage them.

Far too many able people spend their lives trying to rid themselves of the spirits who surround them. That is the trap of the Scientology OT levels, which are a set of processes for exorcising the spirits from your body and your surrounding area. Since new spirits replace the ones you drive off, the process is essentially endless.

The disembodied spirits surrounding us are all immortal beings with talents in every possible area of activity from art to product design to management. Anything you want to do in any field whatsoever, they have already done a thousand times over and have succeeded and failed beyond any imagining. If you have the ability to attract and manage these spirits, you have the potential to create any product or political effect you desire.

Attracting and managing spirits requires a mindset that recognizes them for their vast potential and experience. It also requires the ability to communicate with them in a caring way to recruit them and maintain their free will in the process. A top-down management viewpoint will not harness the incredible talent available in a group of spirits as it limits and often eliminates free will which is the driving force that powers a group working in harmony.

Every top performer in any field has managed to get spirits working in harmony in some area of their lives. These people may not recognize their spirits as conscious individuals, but they had found methods to encourage harmonious action in some areas of their life and these methods usually involve dedication, meditation, and repetition until harmony is established. Since these performers may not recognize their spirits as living beings, the harmonious activity they establish may be limited to a narrow range of activities. Thus you will see athletes, actors, astronauts, generals, or politicians excel in a narrow range of activities but be completely inept as functioning human beings.

Spiritual Rescue Technology has been focused for many years on setting beings free from the incidents they are trapped in and this can be taught to a person in a matter of hours. We have only recently discovered how to recruit and manage disembodied spirits so they can contribute to our everyday activities. Since we have been doing this we have discovered that the power of teamwork with spirits has a far greater effect than we ever imagined.

There have always been prodigies who displayed talents far beyond the norm and this has been regarded as one of the benefits of reincarnation or friendly possession by spirits. With Spiritual Rescue Technology, any aware person can set goals for themselves and recruit spirits interested in achieving those goals by working in harmony with them.

I can envision bright children using SRT processes to attract spirits who will speed their way to success in the field of their choice. Almost any person who feels they could do better in life can draw up an ideal scene for their life, relationships, or career and pull in spirits who are eager to participate. This will spur some interesting developments in terms of management skills as there are few organizations that allow teammates to exercise free will. Creating a spiritual team where the members have free will can be an interesting challenge.

Where I have been able to do this, my production has skyrocketed. There is still much to be learned in managing spiritual organizations, but the potential in this area is enormous. It could change civilization.

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