Are You Prepared For The Changes That are Coming?

As 2023 approaches, there are troubling signs of increasing financial difficulty for those of us who are still supporting ourselves and our families. I had a hope that our worldwide economic disaster would show signs of change with the elections, but things are still looking like a slow-motion train wreck.

Economic Forecast

Having personally survived many different periods of economic hardship, I know that controlling your fears and maintaining your focus on what needs to be done is the most likely way to emerge at the end of the tunnel with prospects for a better life. Quite often, the reason for global financial turmoil is that business practices are changing as a result of new technology and the propagation of changes through society leaves many people without jobs. Survivors often end up in newly created jobs in different industries than they were in before.

Banks and large corporations may fail and cryptocurrencies may evaporate, but people will still need to eat and do all of the ordinary activities that make life possible and safe in this turbulent era so there will always be ways for people to make a living if they are resourceful and find out what people need and want enough to provide an exchange for. Survival is a matter of being able to spot opportunities in the turmoil of a collapsing economy and being flexible enough to provide what others need and want.

It takes a steady hand at the wheel to navigate through a global economic convulsion and there is something about economic disasters which awaken racial memories of collapsing civilizations and long periods of suffering and ruin. Some people cling to religion as an anchor to the past reality, but others roll up their sleeves and look about them for people they can help. These resourceful people reassure others and find ways to pool their efforts to restore stability in small areas at first and larger areas as they attract like-minded survivors who work together to restore conditions that promote survival and a better future.

This is a time to find people who are interested in mutual support and advisors who can provide helpful advice that will translate to a more secure existence and greater opportunities for the future. Some of these will be non-traditional approaches but you should consider that conventional thinking is what has led to the current economic debacle. A people-centered approach to commerce and a concentration on fair exchange may be the ultimate solution to our current economic difficulties.

If we were looking for the sources of the current financial collapse, we might consider the proliferation of mass media which publishes rumors and scandals, and unverified news of an alarming nature to be one of the causes of the current unrest and political instability. Putting false information into an orderly system of exchange causes doubt and fear which are both bad for business. Widespread rumors that continue unchecked for years undermine public confidence in government and corporate activity.

When that media has the power to block truthful news sources, as it has in the past few years, a bad situation can go critical and that is what has probably contributed to the current economic situation as it is very hard to know who to trust. You might even say that traditional mass media has poisoned the communication lines of the world.

We need to observe for ourselves and learn to verify information so that we know who we can trust. Until that is done, we may be fighting a difficult battle against the sources of misinformation. Find advisors who provide you with useful information and work with others for your mutual benefit. The government alone is not able to save us as it has been infiltrated by people who do not recognize fair exchange and are busy protecting themselves and their cronies from discovery. We will emerge from this period of unrest stronger if we recognize those who are on our side and work with them to restore a new normality of truthful news and exchange in abundance.

This is not the time to attack those who do not agree with us. Find those who agree with your goals and work with them to keep things going while we find ways to snuff our burning dumpster cities and rebuild our civilization. If you do not think your city is a burning dumpster, I suggest you read your local online news and see how many shootings and break-ins there are in comparison to last year. You may see no mention of this in the newspaper or on TV.

Don’t panic, just look for people with useful advice and work with them to establish areas of mutual support. Find allies and forge strong relationships with them and you will all be more likely to come through these next few years unscathed. If you are not sure what I mean by this, look for the people who make you feel worthwhile. They are the people you need to connect with.

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