How Do You Know If Something Is Real — Part 2

I wrote “How Do You Know If Something Is Real – Part 1” back in March with a lot of detail and I am taking another swing at the topic with simpler examples to see if I can make alternate realities as real to you as they are to us.

See last paragraph for more information

I have been an avid Sci-Fi reader since high school when I read some issues of Astounding Science Fiction and strange memories came flooding into my mind, and life was never the same afterward, because those books had opened my memories of past lives and other existences. There were also many references to alternate universes or alternate realities some of which were mirror images of our own universe with slight differences.

I always felt these universes were imaginary until I actually saw another universe while I lived in Manhattan Beach, Ca. I got a glimpse of a landscape similar to the one I was in with an ocean in the same place, but the hills along the shoreline were different. It was like looking at a double exposure with the second image very transparent. That gave me the first clue that viewing an alternate reality was a matter of altering your perception so you could see things that were outside the dimensions we consider real. That was 46 years ago and I did nothing more with alternate realities until we started encountering them in our SRT sessions.

We started encountering refugee spirits from alternate universes and we were able to interact with them and help them find safe places where they could settle down and live without fear. One encounter with spirits from another universe might be dismissed as a figment of an overactive imagination but repeated encounters, approximately 25 so far, made it very real to us that there is life in other realities, or universes if you prefer. Conditions seem to be worse in those universes than they are here because beings are fleeing those universes and coming here in spiritual form.

I am sure we SRT users are not the first to encounter beings from other universes, since our literature and legends are filled with references to unearthly visitors, but we are currently engaged in working with these visitors since their presence can cause unfortunate effects if they end up in a human body. It may be an example of the Law Of Attraction at work but these refugees tend to end up in people with similar occupations and interests. For example, our recent discoveries of medical evacuation team vehicles from another reality carrying spirits of wounded combatants all seemed to end up in men’s bodies in this universe. Other refugees were spotted in the bodies of people with similar occupations to the refugees.

I am sure that there are refugees elsewhere on Earth, but we discovered these in people’s bodies when we investigated the causes of chronic illnesses and disabilities. The presence of beings and vehicles from other realities in a person’s body alters the flow of energy and nerve functions and causes long-term effects on the person’s health and vitality. They are a spiritual presence, similar to the spirits and clusters of spirits we have been working with for years, but they do not interact with body tissues in the same way as the spirits we usually work with.

If you think of these visitors as energy manifestations of a different kind from the energy manifestations of departed earth people, you can possibly get your wits around the fact that there are things unseen, but definitely felt, which can affect human bodies by their presence and when removed provide relief where chronic disability existed before. When we can communicate with something unseen and get it to relocate, it is real enough for us. The high success rate of the healing that takes place when we handle these beings is strong support for their existence and for their rational behavior.

I asked Jasper AI to give me its impression of alternate realities intersecting with our reality and it produced about 50 stunning images that evoke the idea of this concept. I have noticed that it is easier to contact these other realities when looking at these images.

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