Every act of creation is the result of an intention. If many people are involved in creating the intention, the resulting future will be the vector determined by the aggregate of the intentions.

Visualizing The Future

If one person has a clean intention to create a project that project gets it done in the way it was intended. If several people are involved in the creation of a result come to final result will be an aggregate of those intentions. If the intentions are aligned the result will be appropriately agreeable. If the intentions are misaligned or in conflict, the result will be a mess.

I was talking today with a woman whose son has disappeared from her life leaving no way for her to locate him. She is understandably in grief and her attention is on her loss and the current state of the world as she sees it. She is overcome with grief and is not prepared at this time to look ahead to the future. As long as her attention is stuck on her missing son she will not make progress in terms of recovering and leading a normal life.

There is not one of us who has not encountered a tragedy of sufficient magnitude to stop us in our tracks. Some people become mired in the tragedy and their attention sticks on this event and forever after they have attention stuck on the tragedy and basically are no longer creating a future for themselves. This is a matter of personal choice of course and some may feel that moving on is disrespectful to those who have suffered in a tragedy.

However, life is motion and time continues for all of us and if we do not deliberately create a future for ourselves we can remain stuck in the past and basically lose touch with present-day realities. This makes us unable to function and we become dependent on the care of others which is not a good thing.

Most of us hope for a future that is as good or better than the past and we are willing to plan for it and work toward that future. Getting the future you want is simply a matter of intending the desired future to occur and making sure that all counter intentions to that future are handled. If the counter intentions are coming from your family or friends then you have a task to persuade them to agree with you or a plan for getting around their objections.

If the counter intentions are spiritual in nature then you need to be aware of these counter intentions in yourself or from thoughts that come to mind from sources that you do not recognize. These particular counter intentions will show up as distractions, doubts, and uncertainties and we’ll take a certain strength of will to recognize them and overcome them. If you find yourself unable to overcome these distractions doubts and uncertainties you need to find a trusted confidant or counselor who can help you focus on what you need to do to create the future you desire. Fortunately, there is plenty of counseling assistance and career guidance assistance available to almost anyone who recognizes that they are not able to create the future they desire.

The future does not just happen, it is the result of intention. If you have no coherent intentions, your future will be a mess! If you can focus on what you need and want and put together a plan for your future and keep your intentions directed toward creating this future, you will probably get the future you intend.

To put it another way, you are where you are right now because of the decisions you have made in the past. Each one of those decisions resulted in an intention that directed you on a particular course of action. If you decide to do nothing now, that is exactly what will happen. If you decide to change your life in a particular way and persist in that direction, you end up with the future you deserve because you have intended it.

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