Do You Have Any Idea How Much Of Your Conversation Is Provided By Spirits?

I record my Zoom sessions and encourage my clients to listen to these videos afterward to see how much of their speech and responses are from them or from the spirits who surround them. It is very rare to encounter someone who is totally in control of the words that come out of their mouth. There are some people whose spirits handle almost all of their communication with other people.

Conversation Between Friends

If you listen to the average casual conversation between people you will notice that a great deal of the conversation seems to be automatic responses. Here is a typical example.

“Hi! How are you doing?” –auto

“Fine! How are you?” –auto

“How’s work going?” –auto

“Same as usual.” –auto

“I heard a rumor about some pending layoffs in our company. Is that affecting your department?”

“Don’t pay any attention to those rumors, we programmers always have work.” –auto

“I don’t know about that. I received an email this morning about a department meeting later today. Have you checked your email lately?”

“Uh, no, I haven’t”

We have many pre-programmed responses to ordinary events and it takes a shock to bring us to present time and engage our full attention. Our helpful spirits provide us with a lot of support for routine tasks and this even shows up in our SRT counseling sessions.

Our spiritual companions often interject responses to statements by others when the conversation seems to be getting into areas that make the spirit uncomfortable. These interjections show up frequently in our session video recordings.

If you would like to get an objective view of how your spirits are affecting your approach to life, you can get an eye-opening view by reviewing your session videos. You can handle much of this activity with SRT solo sessions, but if you find you have some habits which resist change, you can schedule some Spiritual Rescue Technology sessions with me and address the cause of this activity. You will be amazed at the sources of your irritation about some ideas and your resistance to making needed changes in your life.

Getting in communication with your spiritual companions will resolve issues that cannot be touched in any other way.

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