Why Is It So Hard To Remember Things?

When you know how much help your spirit guides provide, it is much easier to understand and deal with your occasional failures to remember simple things like people’s names and the topic you wanted to discuss with your friends just now.

Many of us have so many spirits helping us with our daily tasks that we act in a supervisory capacity and do not get bogged down in details. When we drive, for example, many of the tasks we perform on the road like steering and maintaining our speed do not require our full attention. Looking back on a completed drive across town, we may find it difficult to remember the details of our journey.

Attention Elsewhere

When we get dressed in the morning, much of this is done automatically and we don’t even remember how we put our shoes on or how we prepare for the day. We have well-drilled spirits handling much of our daily conversations with neighbors and co-workers so that we can put most of our attention on the problems we face in life. It could be said quite accurately that we spend much of our lives asleep at the wheel, while many of the actions of the day are done by helpful spirits.

I have been able to verify this many times for myself by recalling events of the day and noticing that my role was not as a star performer but as an observer from a nearby viewpoint. When one is actually doing an action, one’s attention is on the execution of the action and the intentions required to get it done correctly. When one is observing, one’s attention is partly on the action as it is being performed and the majority of one’s attention is on the result expected and what is next to be done.

You should not freak out when you cannot remember the name of someone you were just introduced to. Instead, you should review the introductions and spot what spirit was responding to the introduction. Locating that spirit and his memory will usually give you the information you need. At the very least, it will encourage you to personally participate in introductions and take action to remember the other person’s name by noting something about the person’s intentions that makes the name stick in your memory.

There is a lot about casual social chatter that does not deserve your full attention, but the names of people and their intentions are crucial data for future dealings with them. Do your best to participate fully in learning names and intentions and life will be easier for you.


There will be a free Spiritual Rescue Technology Workshop on Zoom this Sunday at 12 noon Eastern Time. We will be discussing how to work with our spiritual companions and this matter of memory failures will be one of the topics we will be discussing. Use this link to join us either as a silent observer or as an active participant. https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

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