SRT FREE WORKSHOP #6 – Barriers To Knowingness

Do you think there might be barriers to remembering things? Do you think there might be barriers to us becoming more aware?

I have the feeling that whatever these barriers are concealing might be the one thing that we want at this point. As Buddy Riley said in our last workshop, barriers are anything that impedes knowingness. So we SRT users are going to look at whatever is impeding our knowingness.

Since I have no idea of the form that these barriers take, I will suggest a round robin process of asking the participants a series of questions and tabulating responses until we have gathered enough data to help a volunteer explore their barriers with our help.

We might do a reach and withdraw on this unknown area by asking questions like:

“What would it be safe to remember?” and “What would it be wise not to know?” until we reach some conclusions as to a process that might uncover barriers in a caring and effective way.

If this is an area that interests you, join us Sunday, 12-3-23, at 12 noon Eastern Time on Zoom using the usual workshop link. If you have not participated in an SRT workshop before, send me an email at for information on the workshop and a link to join as an observer or participant.

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