Here you are, a spiritual being having another human experience! Do you really have the time to study Spiritual Rescue Technology while you are trying to keep your career and life on track? Why not see me and get immediate benefits from Spiritual Rescue Technology?

Do-It-Yourself Counseling

You have spent years and lots of focused attention trying to become a top performer in your field, and now you are running into barriers that you are not able to handle. You have overcome barrier after barrier and made endless sacrifices, and now you feel you have hit a wall that you cannot push through.

If you are aware enough to realize that your life is slipping out of control, you have already tried many of the available solutions for Do-It-Yourself counseling. You may even have tried the available spiritual solutions like Scientology, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra.

When you came across Spiritual Rescue Technology, you may have realized that it is different than almost any other spiritual solution you have seen. It provides answers that no other spiritual practice can offer. It is the most advanced tool for communicating with spirits and can rescue you from literally hundreds of different kinds of spiritual maladies. You can use it immediately for realigning some parts of your life, but it takes time to master so you can change your life permanently for the better.

If you are a manager who is facing dismissal, or a salesperson of any kind who is not closing prospects, you need results fast to make the changes that will save your career and your life. If you are like millions of other mid-level managers who are frustrated with your ability to get the results you deserve, you need help now, not next year.

Wouldn’t it make sense to concentrate on being a better manager, attorney, headhunter, executive, or doctor and let me help you make the big changes that will resolve the unsolvable problems you have been facing?

It takes only a few months to become aware of the features of Spiritual Rescue Technology so you can use it for minor tasks like changing your mood, but it takes years to become proficient in using all of the features of SRT so that crushing fears and anxieties can be resolved in a couple of sessions. SRT resolves inabilities that no other practice can touch.

I have spent years training people to deliver SRT sessions to others, and I have discovered that becoming a counselor is not a matter of training. It requires an attitude and a dedicated purpose that only a few people have. People who are born counselors have been using SRT on others after reading a few of my books. Others have worked with me for years and are quite knowledgeable but do not have the instincts to use this spiritual technology to handle the vast number of challenges a spiritual counselor faces. There is also the matter that spirits not only affect the client’s mental functioning and behavior, but they can actually affect the counselor as he works to free the client from the influence of hostile spirits.

Maintaining caring communication with spirits who are in spiritual agony can be very trying, but it is doable with sufficient training. I have been working in his field for more than 45 years and have spent the last decade developing SRT so that people could use it to understand why their lives were so difficult. Many have been able to use the data to stabilize themselves even if they could not fully handle the spiritual influences that besieged them. Only a few developed the skills to handle spiritual possession, uncontrollable impulses, and self-destructive intentions that will ruin a career.

I tend to suggest a combination of training on SRT, so you know what is happening in conjunction with personal counseling sessions from me on an as-needed basis to keep you functioning at your top level of performance. I have clients who see me on a weekly basis, and others who see me every month for a spiritual checkup where we address whatever issues are impairing their ability to succeed and live happily.

If you are still frustrated with your life, contact me for a free interview, and I will be able to give you suggestions for a program that will fit your needs. If you decide to get counseling from me, you will get relief from your very first session. If the problem is due to an external event, like the death of a loved one or being fired, the counseling may take only a few sessions. If the problem has built up over a long time, the counseling will take longer, but each session will provide relief for the areas we cover.

You can email me at or you can send me a text message at 540-320-6852. I will respond within 24 hours and will schedule an interview as soon as you are ready.

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