Notes On Your First Dynamic

Let me share what I know to be true about our first dynamics. Your First Dynamic can be considered your personal effort to survive. It is far more complex than anyone has ever dreamed it could be. None of this is conjecture, the material has come up repeatedly in session after session:

  1. You are an immortal being and can recover information from your earlier attempts of living in a body. You may have been thinking of yourself and your creations as your first dynamic, but the truth encompasses a far greater reality with immense opportunities for expansion.
  2. You have lived many different lifestyles, from the highest and most respected to the lowest and most despised lifestyles conceivable. You have learned many skills from these lifestyles, not all of which are useful this lifetime.
  3. You have created art, music, architecture, chaos, endless suffering, experiences of such beauty that still stagger the mind and others which obliterated the desire to live. Your ability to influence others is limited only by your willingness to be them and experience what you are doing to them.
  4. You are surrounded by tens of thousands of beings and clusters of beings in various states of awareness. Some are individual beings and many others are grouped in clusters of various sizes.
  5. Every one of these beings once had the potential that you once had and can be raised to higher states of awareness.
  6. Most of these other beings are operating in a crippled fashion, because they are still stuck in a long past incident which had overwhelmed them. They can all be freed from these incidents through the use of Spiritual Rescue Technology and restored to the point where they can pick up a body and live as a human being again if they choose.
  7. Your personality is the result of all of the beings who are awake at any given moment and are either contributing to or resisting your intentions.
  8. If you are in communication with the beings who surround you and are managing them so they support your actions, you can accomplish your goals with very little effort.
  9. If you are being opposed by the beings who accompany you through life, you will feel cursed and, in fact, that is what is happening. These curses can be lifted easily once spotted through the use of Spiritual Rescue Technology.
  10. You can modify your personality by adding or removing spirits from your mass of spiritual companions. You can effectively tailor your personality and your skill set to meet any need.
  11. If you can look at your spiritual companions as a source of recruits, you have an infinite resource to draw upon for any career or project you may choose.
  12. If you look at your spiritual companions as the opposition, you are facing overwhelming odds which will trigger memories of earlier times of overwhelm.
  13. You can pick up additional spiritual companions with every person your interact with. That lingering feeling you have after meeting someone new can be composed of new additions to your group of companions as well as feelings your spiritual companions have about the person you just met.
  14. You will also pick up spirits when you go to a hospital as a patient or even as a visitor. These are spirits whose bodies have died and they had not figured how to leave the hospital until you came along.
  15. Just in case you lost the thread while I was listing these discoveries, these points are ALL part of YOUR first dynamic. You are a group of beings who are operating as an Earth person and the sooner you realize that all of you are a team and act as a team, the sooner you will be able ti unlock your true potential.
  16. We have not even scratched the surface of how to weld a band of spirits into an effective and powerful team, but we do know that almost any organizing effort will improve results. If the team is capable of harmonious action, results will improve immediately.
  17. Management of spiritual companions can profitably use every humane system known to man.
  18. Acknowledging the efforts of spiritual teammates will get you working together, even if no other management technique is used.
  19. Recognizing that you are surrounded by living beings just like yourself is a good start in recognizing your common goals.
  20. The commonest reason for failure in communicating with spirits is that the person who is running the body isn’t talking to spirits, he or she is shouting at them as though these spirits were things to be commanded. There is a lack of reality on the fact that the spirits are real and are alive. Spirits treated in this manner can almost shut the person down mentally and physically.
  21. Thinking of yourself as a composite beingness may take a little practice, but if you think of yourselves as a team with a single group goal, you are well on your way to thinking and acting like the fantastic group that you can be.
  22. There are some people who wistfully yearn to be alone and constantly try to exorcise the beings who surround them. The beings who accompany you have as much right as you have to be here. Some have been with you for many, many lifetimes. They are accompanying you by choice and some were part of the group before you showed up! If you care to look around, you will notice that there is no place on this planet where there are no spirits. If you are going to play the game on this planet, learn how to recruit and motivate spirits to get things done.
  23. Your entourage of spiritual companions do not have to be named. Your recognition of their value and their contributions seems to satisfy their need for recognition.
  24. Since there is continuing instantaneous communication between most of your spiritual companions, there is no need for staff meetings as in a human organization. Once you get used to working together, you will find that there is a constant running commentary at several different levels, depending on the number of projects or tasks you are handling.
  25. The tasks we call habit patterns are generally being carried out by one or more of your spiritual companions. Those of you who spend a of of time on the road are familiar with the phenomenon of having the car seem to drive itself while you plan for what you will do when you arrive. When your vehicle comes to a situation that your spiritual companion can’t handle, he usually turns control back over to you and you have to make a decision.
  26. Many of the tasks that we do repetitively are done by our spiritual companions. Responses to greetings, idle conversations, brushing our teeth, even getting dressed are all activities that our spiritual companions do every day.
  27. All of these actions and the beings who do them are part of our first dynamic.
  28. A person can knowingly employ spiritual beings to assist in creative efforts like writing and speaking, but the vast majority of people are being assisted every day by beings who interject comments into their daily speech or cause them to do somethings or to avoid something that the beings does not want to happen.
  29. If you were to ask someone if they would like to do something they have never done before, they will often reply immediately with some self-deprecating statement like, “I couldn’t do that!” These self-deprecating statements are generated by spirits who protect you from exposure to untried things.
  30. If you think of your spiritual companions as a group of worried advisors, you will not be wrong. They are constantly trying to keep you from doing things that stir up painful memories for them. Some of these beings are actually dead relatives who are still looking after you. Like it or not, these dead relatives who are hanging around and seeking to keep you out of trouble, are all part of your first dynamic.
  31. There are also spirits who are still trying to get even with you for some long ago atrocity you did to them in a former lifetime and these spirits affect you and affect those who you deal with and do business with. Their lasting opposition to you and to your welfare influences those around you and makes these people distrust you and dislike you for reasons they cannot explain. These spirits, too, are part of your first dynamic and need to be considered whenever you wish to change your life for the better.

In short, you and all of your spiritual companions make up a complex first dynamic. Getting it sorted out will make surviving on the other dynamics much easier.

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