Learn Spiritual Rescue Technology And Live Guilt-Free

When you understand spirits and how they affect you, you will finally stop feeling guilty. I have been showing my clients that spirits affect their behavior for at least 14 years, but I have not made it clear that the things you do wrong and the urges you feel almost always are instigated by beings who are acting out solutions to very old problems.

You are surrounded by disembodied spirits who are stuck in old incidents and old problems which they are still trying to solve. They may accompany you through time, but their attention is still on problems they did not solve hundreds or thousands of years ago. Typically, they made mistakes from which they have never recovered and when you create an opportunity for them, they act in ways that seem to remedy their past mistake but put you in danger.

Here is an example from actual sessions. A person sees something they desire in a store or a friend’s house and they get an impulse to take it and do so. They did not plan to steal the item beforehand. This urge overcame their usual law-abiding behavior and the next thing they knew, they were possessing goods they did not pay for. When their deed is discovered, they really cannot explain the impulse that drove them to steal. They will not be able to justify their actions and will usually feel guilt for their actions but will not feel the need to make amends. It will appear to an onlooker as though they suddenly became criminal and now are hiding their actions. They may do this criminal activity once or they may continue it until they are caught and punished. They will feel guilt but will not be able to spot the source of their aberrant behavior as it is produced by a spirit solving a long-ago problem of abject poverty or criminal motivation.

Another example is the irresistible urge to interact with a member of the opposite sex. The person may be in a loving relationship, but they cannot resist longing for sex with passing strangers. This urge may be hidden or be overt and publicly embarrassing, but the person cannot resist it when it occurs. Locating the being responsible for this action and freeing them from the compulsion they are under relieves the unfortunate victim from the urges that have plagued them.

Still another example is a spirit whose integrity disappeared under fire in some ancient incident and he betrayed his comrades to save himself. His cowardice has never dissipated and if you are unfortunate enough to have him as a spiritual companion, you will experience that cowardice whenever any sort of threat occurs. A person with this kind of spiritual companion will never be able to stand up for themselves and will feel guilt at the very thought of being responsible for anything. Nothing threatening exists in the present moment, but the tortured spirit is carrying the memory of a distant shame and it will not be erased by time. Only spiritual processing will relieve the spirit of his burden and free the affected person from the shameful feelings produced by the spirit.

If a person has done or is doing something wrong this lifetime, he needs to determine how much of that activity is driven by his spiritual companions and why he is not able to resist those urges that are contrary to his normal activity. Removing the responsible spirits will relieve the person of his confusions, but he must accept responsibility for allowing the spirit to control him in unacceptable ways. When a person realizes the source of his aberrant behavior, he is usually able to put himself back on track and operate more rationally. Without the continual impulse to behave badly, most people find that they can lead more productive and happier lives. The oft-heard comment, “The Devil Made Me Do It” is a recognition of the effects of bad spiritual influences. Once you know that spirits can produce bad effects, you are sensitized to the possibility that you are being controlled by outside forces and take appropriate steps to regain control.

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