Talking to Spirits workshop Thursday July 20th, 2017

The Talking to Spirits Workshop in Floyd was fairly busy today. We completed a spiritual healing session, rescued two beings and lifted a curse. We also connected several other people to spirits wanting to communicate with them.

The healing session allowed all participants to play a part. By focusing their attention on the area of difficulty it woke up the beings involved and made the session run much faster than usual. This session provided valuable information for anyone receiving body parts from a donor. A donated body part can be accompanied by spirits who still have attention on protecting the body part. This can cause problems for the spirits who are trying to heal the body receiving the donated material. Getting in good communication with the “guardians” allowed them to see that there were other beings ready to take responsibility for the transplanted body part and they realized they could go on and create new lives for themselves.

Rescuing beings from incidents they were still trapped in is a regular part of spiritual counseling, however we had the opportunity to help a being attached to someone’s step grandchild. This ability to reach out and contact a being attached to a person who was not even in the workshop opens the door to all kinds of remote spiritual healing. What it means is that a person afflicted by a spirit can be helped by others who are not even present! This form of remote spiritual healing has enormous applicability because it means that someone trained in Spiritual Rescue Technology, which we will be teaching in the workshops, can heal and bring sanity to all members of their extended family and families of friends.

Next week we will do more of the same and will start working with beings who are helping us.

There are still 6 openings for next weeks workshop on Thursday, July 27th at 2:00pm.

For more information about the workshops and what will be covered see:

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