Signs and Portents – Exploring The Spiritual Internet

Thanks to the efforts of the SRT Workshop group and Al Leggett, in particular, I have adopted the above title as the working title of my next SRT book.

The purpose of this fourth book in the SRT series is to open the reader to the possibility of exploring the realm beyond the five senses and using the information gleaned to improve the quality of life for the reader and his family.

I use the term gleaned because it accurately conveys the accumulation of spiritual knowledge from exploring the spiritual internet. Every conversation with a spiritual being produces another bit of knowledge but it takes time and focused intention to integrate this collection of information into a useful whole.

The spiritual realm contains all of the factors that produce and control the material universe. One can limit his observations to the physical universe and hope to understand the spiritual driving forces which shape the physical world we live in, but if a person can perceive the spiritual internet of creative and destructive intentions, that person can see the ripples which precede the tsunamis which sweep the physical universe and take action.

Intentions are the cause of everything that occurs. A clean intention produces a clean result. A mix of intentions and counter-intentions will produce a resultant confusion. Intentions cannot be measured by scientific means, they can be only detected by science when there is a result or no result in the physical universe.

When a person is trained to directly observe non-physical phenomena like intention, attention and life forces, he actually can predict the future to an amazing extent. When he can pick up thoughts from others, he has the opportunity to be helpful in a more meaningful way. When a person can communicate freely with spirits, his ability to learn and perform useful work expands beyond all expectations.

There are thousands of people who have contacted the spiritual internet in some way and each can have a different view of what was observed and what remains to be explored. I have been exploring this area for 45 years and consider that we have barely scratched the surface in terms of what can be accomplished if we were to make it easier for others to move beyond the five senses and collaborate on exploring the spiritual internet.

The vastness of the spiritual internet is actually beyond imagining at this time, because there aren’t enough words to describe what is included. The effects that the spiritual universe has on the physical universe are so varied as to defy categorization. Life force animates bodies and plants. Intention shapes the physical universe. Attention creates groups and civilizations. Creative ideas result in beautiful music and art of all kinds and well as complex designs for living and organizing life.

We can easily see the physical universe results of these activities, but it is entirely possible to observe the spiritual activities that create these results before they are manifested in the physical universe. Once we are able to perceive the spiritual activities, it is easy to adapt them to our needs so the we get the desired results with less waste effort.

Exploring the Spiritual Internet is being done today by those studying Spiritual Rescue Technology and you are invited to participate and to contribute your findings for the benefit of all.

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