Why You Might Want To Review The Recordings Of Your Sessions

Several of my clients report that they get more out of an SRT session when they review the session video after the session.

There are several good reasons for this. In the first place, the session speed is controlled to a great degree by the participation of the spirits encountered. They can slow the session to a crawl at times because they have difficulty recalling some past event, or they can plunge you into an overwhelming experience which bombards you with sensations and emotions.

You are an observer in your session as well as a contributor. Once you locate a spirit who is causing you some unwanted emotion or painful sensation, your SRT counselor engages the being or beings in conversation and you become the channel for all sorts of telepathic communication. In most cases, the spirits take over the conversation and you are not the originator, only a passive channel.

When you channel spirits, the words flow through you with no effort on your part and you are often unable to recall what was said afterwards. If fact, after many sessions the client has no memory of what was said, only that he was present and he feels better afterwards.

A typical session starts with the client describing what the spirit is thinking and saying. The client will say, “She was having a fight with her husband when the car went off the road.”

Once the spirit takes over the language changes. The client voices the following type of language, “The car is burning and I can’t get out. I am so pissed at him for distracting me!”

After the session, the client will remember the parts where he was still in charge of the conversation, but may not be able to recall the parts where the spirit was taking over.

When you review the session recording, you get a chance to pick up all of the action as well as any realizations you may have had while the session was going on. I have had some clients listen to a session repeatedly and pick up new realizations each time.

I am happy to send you video or audio recordings of our sessions, if you have not recorded them at the time. I can send an entire session as an attachment to a Telegram message even when it is more than 500 Megabytes. (https://telegram.im)

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