We live in Turbulent Times

In times like these, don’t waste your time hating or trying to get even. Take care of those you depend on and be kind and compassionate to all others you meet. They will appreciate it, and your life will run smoother. This is a time for calm judgment and positive thinking and action. If you have been trained to meditate, this is the time to use that ability.

Everyone appreciates a little help at times, and when things are in an uproar like they are today, your ability to stay calm and work toward peace and understanding will pay enormous dividends when this is all over. If you are in the United States and have not yet voted, get out and vote as if your life depends on the results, because it does.

We are in the midst of great change spiritually and socially. Many people are frightened and lash out at anything that would seem to change the rules they live by. They have been indoctrinated to believe in things that aren’t true, and if you are free to do new things and change the rules you live by, this scares them.

The rules we live by are merely agreements, and when some of these agreements are broken, society seems to be in ruins. Witness the riots that appear in many of our “best” cities when the media claims that someone is mistreated by the evil people in charge. There have always been stupid and venal people running cities, but eventually, sanity is restored, and life goes on. Evil and stupidity have been around a very long time, but the internet brings this to us fresh hourly, and it is harder to ignore. People who are different from us have been here forever, but in the past, they were at a comfortable distance unless they lived nearby. Today if someone does unthinkable things to friends and other people, we know about it within an hour of it being spotted, and it shows up in front of us with pictures and soundtrack.

The solution is not to hide in terror but to be very selective about your sources of information. A daily diet of our mainstream media will fill your thoughts will upsetting and harmful images because the news is mostly opinion, and these opinion-slingers are competing for your attention by finding and showing you the most shocking news they can find or make up. These media people give you headlines that do not match the facts and quote anonymous sources. A steady diet of this, and you will not be able to discern fact from fiction, and you will be upset and angry. If you live or work with someone who spews gossip and conspiracy theories constantly, you have some idea how today’s media can affect you.

We are sailing in a storm, and we will survive by doing the things that work in stormy times, like reducing the sail area and securing everything that can blow overboard. This is a time to do what has worked before in stressful times and to stay in touch with those you love and who support you.

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