Linking Up For Mutual Support – Choose Your Group Carefully

Something interesting is happening among those of us who communicate with spirits on a daily basis. I find we are coming to different conclusions on areas we are investigating. As we make our interests and intentions known, there are definite currents within the greater group of people who are interested in spiritual phenomena.

Choose the group that is going in your chosen direction

Just as migrating birds head toward different destinations, it has become apparent that we are not all part of the same flock, but there is a growing recognition of those who are heading in the same direction as we are.

The spiritual realm is so vast that none of us can comprehend its magnitude at this point but that has not stopped us from examining it in as much detail as we can from our different viewpoints. Like the legendary blind men examining an elephant, we see the aspects of the spirit realm that we are are able to make contact with.

Some of us are looking for confirmation of our religious viewpoints and, lo and behold, we find evidence of God and Angelic hosts. Others search for demonic activity and they find such an abundance of this that they shun all other aspects of spiritual research.

There are huge organizations that have unique perspectives on the arrangement of spiritual matters and how these can be taken advantage of to promote well-being and prosperity. They have even codified the manner in which one approaches the spiritual realm and how one addresses spirits and what manner of dress and behavior is appropriate for a spiritual experience.

Those of us who communicate with spirits every day owe a debt of gratitude to those who have researched the spiritual realms even though those pioneers have reached different conclusions. The tens of thousands of hours of research and prayer and the many conclusions that have been reached on spiritual phenomena over the last 10,000 years can be easily checked out for applicability by asking spirits for guidance.

When we simply ask spirits for information in a caring way, we see daily affirmation of the validity of the Akashic records and of various legends that have been passed down for thousands of years. Our processes are easily replicated because they are simple and produce reliable results.

We, who are learning to deal with matters far beyond the five human senses, are experiencing daily increases in awareness and knowledge as long as we continue to respect life forces in all of their forms and continue to communicate in a caring way with all of life. We are continually being exposed to new and unknown aspects of the spiritual realms and there appears to be no limit on what we can discover.

This can be troubling for those who are studying the spirit world to confirm their beliefs. I have seen many people get involved in a spiritual search for truth and have early successes in relieving themselves of worries and fears that have plagued them for years, only to depart hastily when it appears that the spirit world does not end when they have learned to communicate with departed family members and past life acquaintances.

When they learn that they are being influenced and controlled by the vast clouds of spiritual beings surrounding them on this planet, this tends to exceed their realities and they retreat to the safety of known unknowns that are taught in churches and other religious organizations. For example, most religions agree that you are a spirit of some sort, but want to separate the soul from the spirit as being something different. They also resist the idea that chickens have souls, as do cockroaches and flowers. Most religions feel that humans have souls and our pets do not. These religions have also constructed many different versions of the afterlife and rules for entering each of them.

Spiritual Rescue Technology, as described in my books, here and here, bypasses these belief systems and encourages you to talk to your spiritual companions every day and to use the data they can provide to you from their long existence as immortal beings. We also encourage you to recruit helpful spirits to assist you in your daily chores and projects. As an author who works with helpful spirits every day, I know that as long as I am working on interesting projects, I will never lack support or new ideas.

Those who have gotten gains from studying the spiritual realms and are content to stop at a level that feels comfortable, should not feel pressured to expand beyond that comfort level. They should never be made to feel that their beliefs are incomplete or deficient in any way. They may feel totally comfortable dealing with guardian angels and spirit guides and that gives them an advantage over those who have neither.

If you are willing to continually expand your knowledge of spiritual matters, you should feel free to seek out those who are pushing the boundaries in the direction you wish to go. Your participation in a group that provides mutual support will increase the probability of your finding the information you want to know.

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