Do Not Lose Track Of Your Present Time Goals While Expanding Your Consciousness

There is an undeniable fascination with spiritual abilities and expanding your awareness but you all have responsibilities regarding your relationships, your careers, and your efforts to increase your knowledge. Discovering that you are an immortal being with a long and colorful history does not free you from having to continue family responsibilities and making a living. You should assimilate new data about your history and abilities with the attitude of, “How can I apply this to making my life better and more rewarding?”

There is a continuing temptation to expand your awareness through practices that provide sensations and exposure to unknown influences without measuring the effect on your ability to control yourself and to operate effectively. Efforts to expand your awareness through drugs, astral travel, remote viewing, and indiscriminate reading of occult material, can leave you with lasting and debilitating effects due to your picking up spiritual influences which you are not prepared for.

Everything in the physical universe is affected by the spiritual universe. Intentions are a spiritual activity, for example, and everything in the physical universe is created through the application of intention. If you rummage around in the spiritual universe without a definite goal, you can pick up some spiritual influences that will seriously impair your ability to function effectively as a regular human being with a family and a job.

Yes, you have past life experiences which can help you function more effectively in present time, but you should accumulate knowledge carefully, making sure you can apply it usefully and that it is not destructive to your current role in life. Knowing that you have been part of unsavory occupations in the past should not give you free rein to practice the same skills now in present time. Knowing why you adopted these occupations is useful knowledge as it will enable you to make better decisions in the present. Resolving the issues that prompted you to adopt menacing and unsavory lifestyles will prevent you from making the same decisions this lifetime. A person becomes a murderer or an assassin or a traitor to handle a problem for which he feels he has no other solution. If you investigate such incidents, make sure you continue until you find the reason which caused the original decision. Only then can you be sure you have no further attention on that role.

Reading about the past history of this planet can be quite disturbing. Especially when you get into material that includes the effect of alien civilizations and what they did to establish and maintain control of people and spiritual beings. The fact that there are alien civilizations at work trying to influence Earth civilizations can leave people feeling paranoid and helpless, but the solution is to learn how to communicate with spirits and find out the real situation that exists today while keeping your attention on maintaining your family and your career like a normal Earth human being.

Those who are studying Spiritual Rescue Technology are learning to recruit spiritual beings who are willing to help and harness them to aid in solving problems and creating new works of art and literature. 

The spiritual universe is a power source for intentions and ideas. If you are willing to harness that power to aid you in life, you can make things happen with very little effort. There are many different efforts to harness the power of the spiritual universe, ranging from prayer, to meditation, to occult and spiritual practices. I have looked into many of these and have developed Spiritual Rescue Technology that can be used alone or with any of them to produce results.

Nonetheless, I would like to stress that you should measure everything you read or learn with the idea of how to apply it to your life so it will be happier and better. Yes, you may end up making some changes but make them with the idea of being happier and more successful, not just becoming enlightened.

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