There Will Always Be An Oncoming Storm – Make Good Memories While You Can

If you live long enough, you will inevitably encounter storms that cause great losses and destruction. If you spend all your time preparing for disaster, you may mitigate your losses, but you will never have good memories to look back on. Make every day count. Tell your loved ones you care for them and if you have no loved ones, you had better take time to cultivate good friends and loved ones before it is too late.

You have a choice. You can fix your attention on the oncoming storms or on making life better in the time you have left before the storm strikes. Prepare for the storm by all means possible, but don’t forget to appreciate the good things you have and the friends who have supported you in the past.

There are strong storms like the image shown which devastate the countryside and leave destruction in their wake. There are far more dangerous storms involving political unrest and breakdowns of civilization. In the current decade of the 21st Century, we seem to be facing political storms of great violence on a global scale and these will create unimaginable destruction to our way of life.

Ignoring these storms is folly, but concentrating on them to the exclusion of caring for your loved ones and helping friends is a greater folly. Everything you do to prepare for the storm that is coming should be for the purpose of giving your family and loved one’s assurance that you care for them and will be there to support them when they need you.

Cities and civilizations have a life cycle and they wax and wane over time in spite of the best efforts of concerned citizens to make them prosper. When you see that your part of civilization is crumbling and is being overrun by inimical outside forces, you can spend your time sounding the alarm and having a cow or you can prepare whatever you can and make sure you appreciate the good things you still have with the people you care about.
Reassure your family and friends as best you can and find ways to show your appreciation for their support. Kindness is always appreciated so take time to join others in a meal or a cup of coffee if you can and let them know you care for them. You can lift someone’s life with an email or a letter if you are not internet-enabled and a friendly phone call in times of looming disaster will make you and the recipient feel better.

There will always be an oncoming storm, so spread as much sunshine as you can before the storm strikes. After the storm has passed, people will always remember moments of kindness and those memories will help them recover and get on with their lives.

Do your best to create good memories and you will never regret it.

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