Creating A Future Business Reality With An Ideal Scene

Aligned Intentions

When you write an ideal scene, you are describing the future state of some environment. The fewer people damaged in your ideal scene, the likelier it is to occur. This is because an ideal scene describes a desired alignment of intentions!

When your ideal scene describes a game that many can play and benefit from, you have taken the first steps to find those people and beings who are aligned with you. Let me list two sample ideal scenes so you can see how one enlists aligned intentions and one creates opposing intentions.


I am going to launch an online business to market the works of local craftspeople who are working from home. It will be a cooperative and memberships can be paid in money or in services. We will have an interactive website staffed by live people who will answer questions and make suggestions. The site will be open 24/7, but the live attendants will cover normal business hours for the region, and a virtual assistant (a computerized chatbot) will provide information at all other times and will take messages for staff to follow up during business hours. We will create annual sales campaigns for children’s art to increase recognition for talented young artists and the schools that support them.


I am launching an online business for my art in addition to my existing gallery and will show those other artists how an online business should be run. I will advertise through Google Adsense and Facebook Ads. My marketing plan is a comprehensive document that outlines my advertising and marketing efforts for the coming year. I will show how my art is a superior investment over art by local amateurs based on my years of experience and sales.


If you have an idea for a business, whether online or storefront, think of how you can enlist as many partners as possible. If your idea is valid and you are a trustworthy person, there are people who want you to succeed. Even if you intend your business to be a one-person business, you need others to support you and give you good recommendations. If you do not need them to support you with money, try asking them for advice and see how much of it is helpful. I created several small businesses and found that most of my customers came from recommendations from customers and friends.

Everything in the physical universe is created through intentions. If you find people whose intentions are aligned with yours, you will make the process of creating a business or relationship much easier.

Try writing an ideal scene for what you wish to be doing this year and see what you can create for yourself and others. The more people who can benefit from your ideal scene, the more likely it will occur.

If you can, avoid ideal scenes which result in taking power from others. Ideal scenes which focus on rehabilitating undesirable influences rather than destroying them are far more likely to succeed. If you can envision win-win scenarios resulting from your ideal scene, you are more likely to achieve success.

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