You Have Spirit Guides and Spirit Passengers

You may not have encountered this Spirit Passenger term before because I just heard it from my trusted spiritual companions. A spirit guide is a spirit who seeks to interact with you and a spirit passenger is a spirit who is just along for the ride.

There are all sorts of spirits, of course, but we can simplify things by dividing them into these two main categories, those who are trying to help or influence and those who are unable to help or unwilling to help. The spirits who surround you are like almost every other organization, a group of beings with common interests, in your case you and your activities are the common interest.

Think of any large organization you have been part of and you will remember that there were leaders and followers, innovators and skeptics, as well as people willing to interact with you and those who wished to remain in the background. Spirits exhibit the same range of characteristics of course because they were once people like we see today. Don’t get lost in the mystery of why they were once gods or politicians or pickpockets. You are surrounded by a large group of them every day and they were attracted to you because you were there or you were doing something interesting.

Let’s keep things simple and divide our spiritual companions into Spirit Guides who are willing to interact with us and Spirit Passengers who are the vast group of spirits who are unable or uninterested in doing anything other than observing us.

Spirit Guides are constantly interacting with us and they influence every decision and every action. Unless we have learned to manage them and get them to act in harmony for our benefit, they can act like a house full of mothers-in-law. They will offer lots of suggestions and some of them will be useful. If these spirits are not well managed, their suggestions can be distracting or even destructive because their intentions will not be aligned with yours.

Spirit Passengers are simply observers but you are affected by their fears and other emotions. These spirits are rarely in present time because much of their attention is still stuck on past incidents that overwhelmed them and crushed their spirit. The presence of these spirits is a liability because they can get triggered by your actions and your environment. Unlike your spirit guides, these beings are not communicating with you in a knowing way. They are hanging around observing things and just reacting when something triggers their memories. They are not as alive as your spirit guides but there are so many of them that a triggering event can be overwhelming and even cause bodily illness.

If you are doing daily SRT solo sessions, you will pick up on any triggered spirit passengers or spirit guides before they become a problem. Let’s say you are planning to change your lifestyle and sell your house and move into a small travel trailer. You are excited by the prospect, but you keep having recurring fears of what could happen when you are out on the road by yourself. You have spirit companions who have met death and disaster as vagabonds and travelers. Their images will haunt you and make your life miserable until you wake them up and bring them to present time. Then they will be able to give you reasonable advice from a present time viewpoint and you will gain the benefit of their experience without the pain of their nightmares. You will probably find a way to travel with companions for comfort and safety and migrate as a group as the birds do.

Knowing about your spirit guides and your spirit passengers gives you a way to handle mysterious upsets when life changes and also gives you an incentive to recruit new spirit guides as your needs increase. Let’s say you wish to move to a new country to retire. If you are prudent, you will seek out spirits familiar with that country and its culture to help you get settled and working in harmony with the local economy. If you are really bright, you will send some of your spirits ahead to establish a beachhead for your new life in the far-off land.

You have both guides and passengers, using Spiritual Rescue Technology you can organize these beings into a powerful group and accomplish unprecedented success. It is all a matter of aligning expectations and intentions.

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