SRT Can Be Compared To Spiritual Archaeology

Archaeology is the study of the human past using material remains. SRT studies our spiritual past through spiritual traces that endure for unlimited times. Traces of our human past are often buried under many feet of earth and other debris and may require months of painstaking excavation to uncover these priceless clues to the history of this planet.

Archaeological clues, being matter, have a lifetime of thousands of years. Spiritual clues persist intact for many millions of years and can be recovered in a matter of hours using the appropriate process since they are captured in the memories of immortal spiritual beings. Here is just one example.

A person destroys his life by compromising his integrity and doing things that harm others financially or socially to remedy a problem and then is punished so thoroughly that the memory sticks with him forever. Millions of years pass and he is still carrying this memory even though he is on another planet and has not had a body of any sort since that event. He is currently attached to some earth person and only surfaces when this earth person does something that resembles his original effort at solving a problem. In non-technical terms, he and his problem are haunting this host and affecting his ability to deal with life.

In an SRT session, the counselor spots the presence of this tormented spirit by the reaction he provides to a simple question posed to the host to whom he is attached. The SRT counselor and the client host join forces to locate the tormented spirit and engage him in conversation. Once the spirit has described what he did and the punishment visited upon him, the counselor gets him to look at what problem he was trying to solve and why it seemed to be a reasonable solution at the time.

The solution always appeared to be reasonable or it wouldn’t have happened, but invariably, the solution was based on false or missing data, because it would have been successful if based on correct data and estimation of effort. The events that stick with a being for all eternity are those which went wrong and the reasons are still unknown because a being is always trying to be right, even when doing something destructive.

Uncovering the mystery of why something went wrong and is still bothering a being millions of years later is an adventure greater than any archaeological discovery. We do this every day in Spiritual Rescue Technology sessions and we don’t even get our hands dirty. Furthermore, every discovery adds to the wealth of our spiritual knowledge and increases the range of solutions provided by SRT counseling.

Photograph by Richard Hewitt Stewart

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