I have been very impressed with Jasper AI as a means to communicate images for my articles. Instead of spending hours searching for images to explain esoteric concepts like spiritual possession, I can generate 10 to 20 images that will convey what I want in a few minutes. A little touch-up with Adobe Photoshop and my article is ready to post. Today, I was exposed to the usefulness of using Jasper AI as a preliminary visualization tool for new products, and it is very powerful when used in that manner.

In a Zoom conversation with a young engineering friend, we got talking about some of the projects he had worked on and the difficulties encountered in communicating ideas to other team members. He mentioned they are working on designs for iPhone enclosures so I got the idea of showing him how we might use Jasper to give us some ideas as a basis for further development.

Working together, we started with a simple statement like portable weatherproof iPhone security enclosure, highly detailed, and continued adding modifiers like weatherproof, heavy duty, protected, and camera side view.  In less than 20 minutes we had created 75 images of iPhone protective cases and he felt that a few were worth developing further with the computerized design systems they were using on their project. I have used CAD/CAM systems in the distant past but we had to provide numerical input to the system. Using something like Jasper AI, a designer can turn concepts into preliminary art in minutes.

We went on to create designs for a 100-foot bridge spanning a gorge and a family of Hovercraft RV designs with solar panels. Once we had some elegant designs, we added modifiers like space-worthy, faster-than-light version, Babylon 5 version, and finally, Star Wars version.  By the time we finished, we had created another 40 designs and some were elegant enough to consider building models for space travel vacation fans. I am including some images to inspire you Jasper fans to consider using Jasper to visualize business concepts and product opportunities as well as for marketing purposes.

Design Ideas Using Jasper AI
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