Have You Ever Noticed That Spiritual Ascensions Do Not Last?

In a perfect world, where a single spirit animates a body, an increase in awareness and transformation to a higher level of consciousness should produce a permanent change in the spirit’s power and happiness. A spiritual ascension is a magical awakening of your soul into a higher level of consciousness. It is an increase in vibration frequency that generates positive energy and light. It unleashes your innate powers and wisdom. They are marvelous experiences and I have had many so I know their value. Each one can change your life for the better, but I have not seen a state of ascension last.

There are plenty of practices and rituals which produce spiritual ascensions but very few last more than a few months. This is so much the case that every organization that claims to produce a stable state of increased awareness and power through training or processing is guilty of misrepresenting the state produced. The levels of awareness achieved can be truly significant, but all of them are temporary. If you do not adopt a practice of daily Spiritual Rescue Technology sessions, you will slowly but steadily lose ground physically and mentally.

When a person does a ritual to achieve spiritual ascension, the being animating the body and many of the beings surrounding the body achieve a similar ascension. Those of you who have gone exterior to your bodies during processing know the incredible elation that comes when your viewpoint expands and you realize you can run your body from outside of it. What you do not realize is that all spirits sharing your space undergo the same ascension as a result of the process being run. The spirits sharing your space, and there are lots of them, experience life as you do and benefit from any positive processing that you receive.

It doesn’t matter if the organization is the Church of Scientology or one of its many offshoots, the results are indeed marvelous, but temporary. The reason for the failure of these states of ascension does not lie in the processing, it lies in the fact that the processing ignores the realities of spiritual life on this planet. For every spirit animating a body, there are thousands of disembodied spirits with the potential to disrupt what the animating spirit is trying to do. They get attracted by what you are doing and they can get disturbed if what you are doing brings up some old painful memories from their pasts.

This population of ascended spirits changes over time as you pick up new spirits from everyone you associate with and even those you are opposed to. If you have ever encountered someone who is insane and you felt different afterward, it was because you picked up some of the insane person’s spirits because they thought you might be a better host than the one they had. If you have ever been in a hospital for treatment or visited a sick friend in the hospital, you probably noticed that you felt different when you left and did not know why that occurred. Hospitals are full of spirits whose bodies died and the spirits did not know where to go. They often pick a new host and go home with him.

This transfer of spirits from one individual to another is a constant activity and increases when you change occupations and major activities. What this means is that processing to achieve ascension is not a one-time thing. You need to do daily processing as in solo sessions to maintain a state of ascension. Very few people have the resources to get professional spiritual counseling to keep their spiritual companions in an ascended state.

The big advantage of doing daily solo sessions is that it develops your ability to communicate with spirits until it becomes a natural habit and you and your helpful spiritual companions work together as a well-drilled team. I work with my spiritual companions every day and they make my writing effortless. We get an idea for an article and toss it back and forth between us until it takes enough shape to start writing it down. Once I sit down at the computer keyboard, the writing just flows onto the screen and there are very few changes that need to be made.

I also do spiritual counseling sessions on an average of once a day and in each session, I discover issues that spirits were unable to resolve until I engaged them in an SRT session. My spirits participate in these sessions and extend my ability to perceive what is happening in some spirit’s universe. This appears to be a result of our combined attention being placed on an individual spirit and having it reveal significant incidents affecting that spirit. Guiding a spirit to uncover hidden incidents is much easier when you can perceive what the spirit has done and tried to hide from itself.

What this means is that the daily sessions needed to maintain an ascension provide daily boosts to your abilities and to the well-being of your spiritual companions. This is a dynamic situation and is kept stable by continuing solo SRT sessions on a daily or more frequent basis.

Once you graduate to a firm working relationship with your spiritual companions, you don’t even think of these interactions as sessions. You intend to do something, and you get cooperative intentions from your closest spirits and you all work together to meld these intentions into a working whole. In essence, you are designing a future state of activity and modifying the design as you go. This is creativity at a very high level and the feeling, while you are doing this, is euphoric. Those of us who are doing sessions daily are experiencing gains that do not stop. We keep exchanging notes to see how far we can push this. There is no plateau, just continuing discovery of new abilities.

There is also no increase in apparent effort. As long as we do daily sessions, new abilities continue to appear. You can do all of this at your own speed. Just read my books and articles and apply what you learn.

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