The Dark Side Of The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is a philosophy suggesting that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. It is based on the belief that thoughts are a form of energy and that positive energy attracts success in all areas of life, including health, finances, and relationships. All of this is true and I have proven it repeatedly in my life and in my counseling activities. Beings are living thoughts capable of influencing the material universe.

This law works for evil and negative thoughts as well. Negative energy, such as thoughts of revenge and destructive retribution, attracts beings bent on destruction and punishment. The person holding on to those negative feelings gets reinforcement from the spiritual beings they attract. And you will see them get more bitter and more determined to wreak harm every day. This has nothing to do with whether the cause is just or not, it has everything to do with the energy being used to accomplish the desired ends.

This has an unfortunate result for all parties involved in a conflict. As a conflict escalates, the thoughts of all parties to the conflict become more negative, and all parties attract beings who are eager to use force to achieve victory at all costs. There are countless disembodied beings who are smarting for a chance to wipe out the memory of their last crushing defeat. If they can achieve victory through you, it will make up for the humiliation they suffered when they were killed. It really doesn’t matter who you are fighting, the chance to kill someone and achieve victory is what matters to them.

If you ever wondered where the killing rage you feel when you are frustrated beyond belief by someone comes from, wonder no more. You have spiritual allies who are ready to storm the barricades with knives in their teeth and murder everything in sight. Their righteous joy at finally getting a chance to make things right is truly thrilling to experience. It is so satisfying that some people are addicted to it and go through life acting out their rage on all and sundry.

These people achieve a feeling of power by letting their inside beast loose on people who frustrate them. Unfortunately, the beast they are hosting attracts more spirits who operate in the same way and the person becomes more evil, mean, and nasty, day by day. The spirits who surround a person create an echo effect that amplifies the mood and makes it stronger as time goes on.

If you are maintaining a positive attitude and using reason to manage your life, your spirits will act to strengthen that attitude and things will go better as time goes on, If you are acting destructively, you will attract spirits bent on destruction and you will manage to destroy anything that offends you and your life will become a scene of destruction and distrust where nothing will act on your behalf. You will eventually feel threatened by those who are bent on doing good and will turn your efforts to destroy them also.

Until you encounter someone who recognizes what is happening to you and drives out or rehabilitates your demons, you are doomed to continue your downward spiral. Since demon rehabilitation is not taught in universities or churches, your only hope is to learn about Spiritual Rescue Technology and use it on your demons and other people’s demons. A demon is just a spirit stuck in some ancient incident that overwhelmed him and drove him mad. He can be contacted with caring communication, woken up, and brought to understand how he let himself get overwhelmed. Once that is done, he will rapidly come to present time and operate in a more positive way.

You can control the beings you attract by maintaining a positive attitude. If you find you are succumbing to thoughts of rage or hate, take time to meditate and deal with those beings you are now attracting. My book, Talking To Spirits, will give you the information you need to understand and talk with your spiritual companions. It is available on and can be downloaded from this link:
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