We Are Adrift In A Sea Of Confusing Ideas

Our planet seems to be descending into confusion again and our leaders point in every direction except the right one. I am not claiming that I have all of the answers, but there is a huge factor affecting everyone on this planet and it is usually overlooked or ignored because it is too far-fetched to be believable.

We live and operate in a sea of invisible disembodied spirits and their thoughts impinge on us and affect us every day. We, who think we own this world, are merely immortal spirits wearing short-lived bodies and playing a never-ending game of what we call “Civilization” and for the most part, we cannot perceive the surrounding spirits or hear their thoughts and warnings. What we do experience is their emotions and their occasional impulses that disrupt our confused lives and we take these manifestations as some sort of mental illness and take various drugs in an effort to block them from occurring.

I have spent the last thirteen years helping clients deal with the spirits that affect their lives and although most of them see their lives being greatly improved by communicating with spirits, they do not recognize that dealing with disembodied spirits is a daily affair. These spirits are not generally hostile, but their activity is a continual distraction and if you do not manage your relationship with the spirits surrounding you, you will be continually distracted and given to irrational actions. This pair of images suggests the difference between an ideal life with no spiritual distractions and the usual state of man on this planet with constant irritation from spiritual activity.

Everyone, from birth to body death, is being impinged upon by random thoughts, images, and emotions from the disembodied spirits who surround them. It is amazing that anything gets done with all of the misdirection and confusion happening. If you meditate, you will notice the clamor dying down and after a while, you can be alone with your own thoughts. The practice of mindfulness will help you be fully present, but it does not provide you with the knowledge to actually manage your spiritual companions and put them to work for your benefit.

You cannot escape these spirits, but you can communicate with them and manage them for their benefit and yours. They are an inexhaustible resource of information and creative ideas but they need to be organized and put to work so they can contribute to what you are doing and get the recognition they deserve for doing so. I have written three books on Spiritual Rescue Technology which cover most aspects of communicating with disembodied spirits and helping them recover from the incidents that have prevented them from assuming human identities. 

Some spirits are happy to disappear when woken up and rescued from their past, but others are eager to take part in projects you are working on. As you continue to communicate with your spirits, you can build a team of beings who work with you in a coordinated fashion to help you with what you are doing in life. As an author, I rely on my team of spirits to help me produce articles every day. There are other members of my spirit team who help with chores they delight in doing.

As my team grows, I see that there is much less influence from stray spirits and I feel that my spiritual team is protecting me from much of the random spiritual activity that used to flood my space. It’s too early to describe them as my spiritual security team, but the presence of helpful and friendly spirits gives me a sense of security and peace I have not enjoyed earlier in this lifetime. In a very real sense, I am never alone now and that gives me great hope for the future. We have a lot to accomplish and I will use all of the help I can get from them.

We live on a very confused planet and we will each do better with a team of spiritual friends. I am setting up a newsletter for those of you who are developing teams of helpful spirits. These spirits are providing useful hints to us as their managers and we are finding it helpful to exchange these hints so we all can benefit. If you are creating a team of helpful spirits, you are welcome to join my newsletter.

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