An Unexpected Phenomenon – Induced Forgetfulness

There is something in our environment that makes us forget certain things within a very short period of time. We can discover something important and then it seems to be erased from our memories within a week or two at most. This is very real but does not apply to every aspect of our lives, only to non-material and spiritual things.

This may sound like a sci-fi story, but it is very real and I have already documented it – and then forgot about it completely. The original post appeared in February 2020:

When I discovered this phenomenon which made helping people spiritually much more difficult than it should have been I wrote an article and held a webinar and even ran a session on someone during the webinar to show that this phenomenon existed and how it worked. We all get excited and our awareness increases and then within a very short time, we forgot all about what we had discovered!

At the time I suspected a dampening field around the planet for the purpose of keeping us contained and stupid. I couldn’t find one and a very short time later forgot about the matter completely! I now have a better grasp of the situation and the cause of this phenomenon is simply spiritual overload from the vast number of spirits surrounding us and clamoring for attention.

Spirits are merely living thoughts. Some spirits animate the bodies of humans, animals, plants, insects, microbes, etc. Other spirits do not have bodies because they are still stuck in some past experience that prevents them from animating bodies and they are everywhere you can imagine. They are attracted to living things like humans, animals, plants, etc., etc, that are doing something that interests them. The Law of Attraction describes this phenomenon in detail.

People who are happy attract happy beings. People who are sad attract sympathetic beings. People who are angry… well you get the idea. There are many more disembodied spirits than there are humans so there are always spirits trying to get your attention and influence you or protect you or warn you. This barrage of thoughts continues day and night on a 24/7 basis unless you are able to meditate or communicate with and manage your interactions with spirits.

Even if you are a trained spirit worker and have a team of helpful spirits at your beck and call, you get interrupted constantly by spirits asking questions or telling you things. It’s much like being a Kindergarten teacher with over a thousand students. If you don’t tune out most of the noise, you can’t get anything done.

As a functioning Earth person, you have trained yourself to ignore many of the idle thoughts that run through your mind so you can concentrate on the physical universe things you have to deal with like eating breakfast, getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school, etc. When you finally get in the car, you may let your mind wander and all sorts of thoughts run through your mind. Most of the time, however, you keep tight control of your thoughts and avoid daydreaming if you can.

As long as you have material objects to deal with, you can stay focused on what you are doing. Memories of spiritual encounters and spiritual healing sessions get pushed away because there are no physical universe reminders to anchor them in your memory. I will do a healing session with one of you and we will both be jubilant that the pain is gone and your perceptions of spiritual activity are enhanced to a great degree.

A month later however, you will be telling me about a new doctor you have discovered who uses a different drug to cure chronic pain and you won’t have a clue that a being is causing the pain. It is almost like a distraction has been created to keep you from using whatever insights you gained from your last session. When we go into session again, many of you are surprised that your problem is being caused by a spiritual being! It is almost like you have forgotten anything you learned in your last SRT session.

In a typical session, I spend 40 minutes discussing the client’s concerns and we finally settle down and spot the being who is causing them trouble and handle the being in the next 15 to 45 minutes. I will stress the importance of doing daily meditation and solo sessions to maintain control of their spiritual companions. A week later you will mention that the pain has returned and on questioning this I will find you have not had time to do daily sessions.

I do daily sessions and find that I am not completely immune to this induced forgetfulness either so I am going to step up my awareness until I find a solution. I have been doing spiritual healing on others and myself for at least 14 years and yet I found myself suffering from severe pains after a recent extraction of teeth. I could see the areas of inflammation and treated them with salt water rinses but the pain continued for about a week. After all, the dentist said it would take a while for the tissues to heal and I was patiently waiting for it to occur.

This morning I compared what I was doing now, being reasonable, to what I would do with a client and immediately started a solo session, and the pain left completely within ten minutes. I looked in the painful locations and there were spirits suffering from old injuries and they took very little convincing to let go of their memories and leave for happier places. I could not believe I had been so forgetful!

If we are experiencing pain, it is either damage being caused to the body right now or it is a memory of a painful experience from the past. The memory can be yours or a memory of spirits located at that point in your body. Putting your attention on the painful spot will turn on images of an accident or injury. Once you get the full story of what happened and how it was caused, the spirits responsible are fully woken up and can be persuaded to take responsibility for their part in the incident and stop holding the memory there to make someone else wrong. They will depart, often suddenly, and the pain will end immediately. The change in your body condition is so sudden and so miraculous that the entire incident will disappear from your memory unless you write it down. In some cases, it seems like the problem never happened.

The spirits involved often have some totally bizarre problems like burning up in a spaceship or dying of plague and although their departure took away the pain, after the session it seems hard to connect them to the pain you had in your shoulder and it drops away from your memory.

Trying to explain this to a family member is impossible of course. An explanation like this is unlikely to reassure, “The counselor had me look at the spot and he talked to the spirits in there and convinced them they were immortal and had better things to do than to carry around old memories of dying in a spaceship.” This kind of magic is hard to comprehend even though one experiences the result and the incredible relief.

If it happens to you often enough, you may begin to remember and use that information for future situations, instead of having it fade from your memory. If it happens enough, you will begin to remember you are immortal and start looking at your human existence in a whole new light. There is more to your life than being human and you may start thinking about your future plans.

Reading about Spiritual Rescue Technology will get you started on discovering and recovering your full spiritual abilities. It could make your life much more interesting.

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