In Spiritual Healing, We Are Shooting At A Moving Target

Time after time I have helped a client handle a painful injury to a big win, only to have the client report sadly that the pain returned a few days later. Sometimes, the client could handle it on his own, but occasionally I would do another session on the area and would find beings that we had apparently missed the first time.

This week I discovered that there is another mechanism at work that will make you feel like a failure when you do spiritual healing of any nature, whether it is a touch assist, a body communication process, or a full-on spiritual healing using an SRT process. I feel it is another aspect of the Law of Attraction that we don’t usually look at. The law of attraction describes the attraction between spirits but is usually focused on the person supposed to be doing the attractive activity.

Attraction is focused interest and is an example of affinity at work. Creative spirits are attracted to art and people doing creative things. Sympathetic spirits are attracted to suffering and are drawn to help people in those situations. Angry spirits are drawn to conflict and are eager to participate. Injured spirits are attracted to sites of pain and injury which trigger their memories of pain and suffering.

There are spirits stuck in a death process who are stuck in memories of being in a decaying body. If you have necrotic tissue in your body as a result of an injury or operation, this tissue is dying and attracts spirits who are still stuck in a similar incident of their own.

If you come along and do your best to spot and banish a group of spirits who are holding painful or necrotic images in place on someone’s body, you can usually get the body to show signs of improvement with enough careful work, because the culprits are happy to leave with enough caring communication. At our current state of ability, we are not able to actually repair the wound and jump-start the healing process, so the spiritual upset is removed, but the damage is still there.

As I have mentioned before, we are surrounded by myriad disembodied spirits so there are usually plenty of them in the vicinity who are attracted to the unhealed damaged area. Even if the person is in a hospital environment, there are so many spirits with memories of injuries that infection is highly likely unless truly prophylactic measures are in place. In a home environment, there are many spirits ready to settle on the wound area and do their thing now that you have removed the previous occupants.

What this means is that once you have cleaned the wound and done a spiritual healing, you need to revisit the site constantly until physical healing of the wound is well underway and there is no attraction for stray spirits. This can be done remotely by many spiritual counselors as long as the affected person can direct their attention to the damaged area. You will know when the healing is well underway when the injured person reports they are pain-free and have no further attention on the area.

Keeping spirits away from a wounded area is no different than keeping a wound clean and safe from bacteria in the environment. It is just a matter of knowing that danger exists and taking effective measures to keep the area safe from further harm. Failing to handle spirits when they are attracted to a wound is like taking bandages off a wound too early and ignoring the possibility of reinfection.

If you keep wounds protected and remove troubled spirits, you will see your spiritual healing achieve the results you deserve.

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