Thinking Of A Career In Spiritual Counseling?

There are many things you can do that are absolute miracles, but the things you can do which will keep you busy and build a good reputation are the actions of remotely healing people’s bodies with simple conversations.

Remote Healing With Spiritual Rescue Technology

We are all spiritual beings animating bodies, but most of the people on this planet, at least, think of themselves as human beings rather than spirits playing at being human. When you understand Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) and can change a person’s life and personality by ridding them of the ghosts that are haunting them, you are performing miracles that modern medicine and psychiatry can’t duplicate. If you know SRT and can change suicidal anxiety to productive activity with a conversation, you are changing a life in ways few people can, but it can remain unreal to onlookers and even the person you have rescued.

On the other hand, if you have a conversation with a person and cause a remission of his cancer during the conversation, he will consider you a miracle worker and will not hesitate to recommend you to his friends. If you have a conversation about an injury that has refused to heal for several years and the pain disappears during the conversation, the person you have healed has no doubt that you are performing magic because you have done something that his doctors could not do and you did it over Zoom from thousands of miles away.

The actions you perform to aid the person mentally are essentially the same ones you use to heal cancer, or a festering sore, or injuries that linger for years, but the recipient sees the body change as a miracle and the mental changes as a fortunate accident. I have been performing life-changing miracles for at least 14 years but the simple changes to body health have been the ones that my clients raved about and remembered for many years. A single session that enabled a friend to put away his walker and regain his ability to walk without it brought me more referrals than any other action I have performed.

I have now stepped up my research and am now teaching my clients and students to turn their attention to healing chronic physical problems like emphysema, allergies, cancer, and even age-related diseases like hearing and vision. The impact of enabling someone to see better with a healing conversation can be greater than restoring their will to live and be creative again because body conditions are such an important part of our lives.

The reason one can heal someone with a conversation is that every physical infirmity and disease has a spiritual component. If you are able to communicate with spirits and use caring communication to free them from the incidents that have trapped their attention and keep it trapped in the past, you actually restore them to life and free them to resume an existence that can include picking up a body and playing at being human again. Spiritual beings are immortal, but when their attention is stuck on a problem they could not solve, they will focus on that problem for millennia or longer and they participate in life as mindless zombies, reacting robotically to activities and emotions in the environment.

You have heard of the law of attraction but you may not have been told that it is a result of the attraction of spiritual beings to emotions they identify with. If a spirit lost its body in a fire or an accident and has not been able to pick up a new body because of its attention on the event where it lost its body, it can be attracted to an injured person suffering from a similar event and will stay there sympathizing with the injury and the emotions associated with it. The presence of these sympathetic spirits does not promote healing and can cause the site to remain distressed for an extended period of time. If a trained SRT user communicates with the spirits and gets them to move on, the person experiences immediate relief and the body will begin to recover normally.

The processes used to communicate with the spirits can be easily learned and only require an understanding that disembodied spirits can be helped and are beings like us who have had unfortunate experiences that are still holding their attention. Learning to detect those spirits who are affecting bodies and setting them free will gain you well-deserved respect and will make you lots of satisfied friends and clients. Read my books on Spiritual Rescue Technology and my articles on spiritual healing to get started and contact me at to experience this kind of spiritual healing for yourself. Having personal experience with spiritual healing of a chronic condition will give you the confidence to do it for others.

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