We Need To Team Up To Handle Heavily Charged Incidents

I am encountering incidents that are so heavily charged that I cannot handle them by myself and they are all incidents from very far back on the time track. I think this is a result of my increased psychic abilities and I have seen others encounter similar situations but with lesser effects. My spirits say this is why we shut off our memories when we pick up new bodies as these incidents are too heavy to handle by ourselves and we survive by blocking them from our memories.

Blocking Out The Past

These are incidents where we were almost completely destroyed as spirits through implanting. I have been running out implants for years but these seem to be a magnitude greater in effect as though I was subjected to them for extremely long periods of time. The curious thing about these incidents is that they also involved my efforts to help someone, so they acted as a barrier to helping others by turning on memories of punishment when I was successful in present time.

I realized that I had no memory of these incidents until they were restimulated by a session or by reading a short story. I had done an excellent job of blocking them out over many lifetimes but now that my awareness is increasing every week, my memory blocks are no longer working.

I do not want to stop increasing my ability and I do not want any of you to be blocked from recovering your abilities, so I want to have us consider attacking these incidents as pairs or groups of SRT users so we can handle them without damage to ourselves physically or spiritually. This will take very little change in our SRT processing.

It means that the client has to begin participating in the session as a counselor instead of just channeling what the spirit is saying. I already have a few clients who are doing this and the session goes much faster. We should all consider how we can do this in future sessions and share our results.

This is a logical progression in the development of Spiritual Rescue Technology and can result in a major increase in the number of people who can do spiritual counseling for others whether on a casual basis or as a profession. We have already seen how doing solo sessions increases awareness and how a healing session where two people work together to spot problems increases their psychic powers, so having two people share tasks in an SRT session should give us new skills and greater awareness for handling problems of greater magnitude.

Consider this a co-creation of great importance. I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

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