Can A Deaf Doctor Help You With Your Hearing?

Suppose you have an entire field of medicine that is deaf to telepathic messages. What do you think happens when you go to them complaining of voices in your head and thoughts that you can’t seem to stop from invading your mind? You are getting alarming thoughts and your doctors can’t hear them and do not believe they exist. What they do not realize is that hearing voices in your head and picking up thoughts that are not yours is not a bug. It is a feature of spiritual awareness that not everyone has.

Failed Healing Session

The first approach in allopathic medicine is to handle the symptoms of your complaint and that is to give you drugs that will turn off your ability to receive alarming telepathic messages. Yes, it is similar to turning off a pesky fire alarm so it does not disturb you, but it does not handle the cause of your upset. You have spirits trying to warn you about dangers and you have doctors who do not believe spirits exist, so they give you drugs and if these do not calm you down, they send you to a place with padded rooms where you will not disturb others.

I have clients who have been sent to psych wards because they were unwise enough to share what was happening to them. When your observations about the world exceed the reality of the telepathy-deaf doctors you consult, they do the best they can and send you somewhere quiet where you will not disturb others. The more you insist you are being bothered by voices from invisible people, the more likely you are to be sent somewhere you will not bother your family and others.

What you probably do not realize is there are many people who can hear spirits, but they do not talk about this and treat the messages as “hunches” or “insights”. There are thousands of people who are aware they can hear spirits and some of them become spiritual counselors, mediums, or spiritualists. They may not be able to teach you to talk to spirits, but they can probably let you know that you are not crazy and are being affected by the spirits you have attracted.

Yes, this all comes down to the law of attraction. If you are happy and productive, you will generally attract helpful spirits, but if you are mean and resentful and seeking revenge upon those who have wronged you, you will attract thousands of spirits who have been wronged and never had an outlet for their anger. If you surround yourself with happy spirits, your life will be blissfully productive and you will get results in almost everything you do. If you hold on to your resentment, your life will be very unhappy and your health and your sanity will suffer.

If this makes sense to you, read my third book, Talking To Spirits, and you will get an appreciation of how spirits influence and affect our lives. If you want to learn how to communicate with the spirits who surround you, you can post a request on the internet asking for advice or you can send me an email at and I will give you a free introductory session to see if you can be helped in that regard.

I have a high success rate in helping people learn how to communicate with spirits because I can talk to your spirits and find out how you are treating them and whether they are willing to help you or if they are there to punish you for past misdeeds.

If your spiritual companions feel you are worth saving and you are willing to work with them as teammates, I give you a simple daily program to do which is essentially spiritual team building and we can start weekly sessions until you gain the abilities you want to develop and start achieving the objectives you want in life. If you are willing to do this and do the program, you will experience immediate changes in your stability and in your ability to perceive and communicate with spirits. Life will become much more exciting and you will feel more alive.

You will also be able to help others in ways you cannot imagine.

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