Locate Yourself On This Newly revised Chart And See Where Your Feelings Come From – UPDATED 1-25-24 8 am

Your personality is created by you and the beings who have joined up with you. If all is going well, you are the pilot and the other beings are your co-pilots. If you check out this new table, you can see why you feel the way you do. We are now using this chart to handle issues we have not been able to address before. Let me know if you see changes that should be made.

*Definition of Terms

Personality = The behavior manifested by a particular spirit or a group of spirits acting together

Pilot = the lead spirit activating the body and managing the overall personality. Hopefully, this is you.

Co-pilot = A spirit who is always awake but takes control on a stimulus-response basis. A helpful Co-Pilot takes control in coordination with the Pilot’s intention.

Passengers = Uncoordinated spirits attached to the group animating the body. They occasionally comment and react to actions being taken by the Pilot and Co-pilots.

Spiritual Companions = Spirits in and around the body of a person who are in various states of awareness. They react in various ways to whatever the Pilot and his Co-Pilots are doing.

Ideal Scene for a person = The Group is organized around a leader and is projecting a unified personality. The Pilot and all Co-pilots are fully aligned and act in harmony. Passengers and Spiritual Companions are aware of the Pilot and his mission.

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