Working With Spirits – Project 2024 – Part 1

Several years ago after successfully completing a book called Talking To Spirits, I decided I needed to write a book called Working With Spirits, and by the time I finished the first draft, we had discovered so much more I would have had to rewrite the book completely from scratch. Since then, our observations have multiplied tenfold and the information we have accumulated for spiritual rescue technology has grown every week.

To create some coherent documentation on what we have discovered, I am writing a series of articles about the challenges and rewards of working with spirits so the useful information can be put to work in sessions by others.

This first article is focused on the spiritual teams who make up our human personalities. We have known for some years that we are all composite personalities, but we did not know the full details of what that composite personality entailed and how the team of spirits operated and was organized. Everything we do is as a team of spirits. This image may give you an idea of how it works.

Recent sessions and workshops have revealed that there are spirits with different functions in a human personality team. There is usually a Pilot which is the designation we give to the lead spirit activating the body and managing the overall personality team. This immortal being is normally awake and functioning in a spiritually healthy person. Hopefully, this is you. The pilot’s likes and dislikes are the basis of much of the person’s personality and he has a great deal of effect on the body’s behavior.

There are multiple Co-Pilots which is the designation we give to beings who are normally awake and who take control when the pilot is overwhelmed or unable to function. These co-pilots are independent immortal spirits with a full history of incidents that will affect their responses to environmental stimuli. Co-pilots have likes and dislikes and these contribute to the person’s overall personality and behavior.

A helpful co-pilot will take control in coordination with the pilot’s intention. As an example, co-pilots are responsible for the actions currently described by science as “muscle memory” and “instinctive behavior”. When you drive a car over a known route, the driving is generally done by a co-pilot while the pilot concerns himself with what will happen on arrival at the destination. When you tie your shoes or brush your teeth, the co-pilots do the work while your attention is elsewhere,

There are co-pilots who are not operating in alignment with the pilot and their responses to external events are determined by their past experiences. The violent change in a personality, when a discussion of politics or sex occurs, is almost always produced by a co-pilot being triggered by the discussion.

Some co-pilots are not even aware they are spirits and they operate on their own agendas. They are attracted to the energy and personality produced by the existing spirits and they participate in the activity without being a group member or realizing they are a spirit. I spoke to one of them recently when he lectured me on the impossibility of spiritual healing through communication alone. He had been a degreed medical professional who was not aware he was no longer a living doctor. He felt it was his duty to inform me that what I was doing was not based on sound medical principles. When I gently brought him to realize he was in a condition of treason to his state as a spiritual being, he went off to ponder the matter.

Additional Note:

We have long known that there are spiritual beings who are attached to the body and they affect body health and operation. The untrained pilot may not be aware of their presence and they do not seem to be controlled by the pilot. These beings operate at many different levels and may consist of individual spirits as well as clusters of spirits. These beings are the target of many spiritual processes and rituals, such as exorcisms and the Scientology OT levels, which are a form of exorcism. These beings do not seem to control the personality directly but exert an influence on all spirits in the body through their emotions and intentions. There can be many thousands of these spirits attached to a body at any given time and they are attracted by the emotions the personality team puts out.

The law of attraction applies to spirits at all times and this means that a pilot needs to stay in control of the team so that the team does not broadcast low-toned emotions unnecessarily. If a person is betrayed by friends or employers and stays in a mood where he is seeking revenge, that emotion attracts beings who have also been betrayed and they will flock to the person and add to the anger and destructive intentions. The presence of so much hatred can be felt by the people this person meets and works with and will affect how others treat him and trust him. This hatred will also affect the functioning of the personality team and the person’s behavior will continue to affect his relationships with others and his success in life.

If the personality team is well-trained in SRT and knows that maintaining a positive outlook is essential, they will attract spirits of high emotional tone levels and will find success at every turning of the road. This is a dynamic state of affairs and requires constant vigilance to detect and handle attacks on the emotional stability of the person. 

You readers need to understand that you are leaders of teams of spirits and your success or failure in life depends on how well you manage your team and handle threats to your health and sanity. You may think you are running your life all by yourself, but if you take the time to meet and communicate with your teammates, you will find that life is much easier and happier than you have ever imagined.

If this is all new to you, I suggest you start by reading my book, Talking To Spirits, available on Amazon and as a downloadable PDF file.

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