SRT Workshop #10 – Improving Your Personality

If you are a Spiritual Rescue Technology user, you already know that you are accompanied by spirits who contribute to your personality. Some of these spirits help you do many of your daily tasks and others provide ideas and inspiration for your creativity, that’s why we have dubbed them co-pilots. They affect your personality, and you can change your personality by applying Spiritual Rescue Technology to the co-pilots you wish to change.

We recently started reaching out to these co-pilots who help you present yourself to the world and have been helping those who were not working in alignment with the others. In Sunday’s workshop, we will be demonstrating how this is done and will be introducing new tools for gathering information from spirits and improving your personality.

If you use Google search for ways to improve your personality, you will find about 651,000,000 results in 0.48 seconds. Most of these are useful advice for behaving in ways that will gain approval from others, but they do not address your underlying personality. This is a typical list:

5 Unique Tips To Improve Your Personality

  1. Self-awareness: The next step is to learn every day. …
  2. Continuous learning: Next, you have to work on building self-confidence. …
  3. Building confidence: Start paying attention to your body language. …
  4. Work on body language: …
  5. Learn to adapt:

Our target for 2024 is to get SRT users to the point where they can easily change their personality as needed to achieve their purposes in life. Once this is achieved, handling the effects of the other spirits who are surrounding the body, influencing its health and affecting the person’s mood, becomes much easier.

When you, as the Pilot, are working in harmony with your Co-Pilots, life is more rewarding, and handling troubled beings in the environment is much easier.

If this is something you are interested in, please join us on Sunday, February 4, at 12 noon EST using this link:

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