Working With Spirits – Project 2024 – Part 2

This second article is focused on getting to know the spirits making up your personality, who are they, what are their talents, and how they work together. The major players determining your personality are the Pilot, which is normally you, and several Co-Pilots who take control as directed by the Pilot or when the Pilot is overwhelmed or unable to function. The Pilot and Co-Pilots are individual immortal spirits and have likes, dislikes, and fears, resulting from their past histories and these individual attributes contribute to your personality and behavior.

When we use Spiritual Rescue Technology to free spirits from past incidents that have trapped their attention, they wake up and their attention is freed to focus on events occurring in the present and on intentions for future events. This is an ongoing process and the result is a continuing increase in awareness and power for all beings who are part of the team making up your personality. The Ideal Scene for a person occurs when the entire group of spirits is organized around a leader, the Pilot, and is projecting a unified personality. When this occurs, the Pilot and all Co-pilots are fully aligned and act in harmony. 

Achieving An Ideal Scene

We are developing a tool for getting information from the beings making up your personality and this tool, which is a special questionnaire, can be used by a counselor or by an individual on their own. The first part of this questionnaire includes questions that cause individual beings to reveal themselves and the second part of the questionnaire explores the talents and motivations of the individual beings who play a supporting role in determining the person’s behavior and intentions.

This questionnaire enables a person to detect co-pilots who are not working in alignment with the rest of the personality team and singles them out for handling with SRT processes to get them operating in alignment or relocating to join a group they align with. 

This questionnaire can be also used on random spirits surrounding and influencing the body when they do not respond to simple SRT processes. It gives an SRT user a comprehensive set of questions that quickly identify beings with intentions and histories that require special handling. These spiritual companions may be helpful or distracting and they are only dealt with when they become a distraction to the Pilot and Co-Pilots. Regular SRT processing can handle troubled spirits in a matter of minutes, but a questionnaire can be used when a distracting spirit does not respond promptly to caring communication.

We are testing the questionnaire in sessions now and will be demonstrating its use in this Sunday’s SRT Workshop. Our primary target is to get SRT users to the point where they can easily change their personality as needed to achieve their purposes in life. Once this is achieved, handling the effects of the other spirits surrounding the body, influencing its health and affecting the person’s mood, becomes much easier. When your Pilot and Co-Pilots are working in harmony, handling troubled beings in the environment is much easier.

If this is something you are interested in, please join us on Sunday, February 4, at 12 noon EST using this link: 

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