Creating The Right Ideal Scene Can Keep You Going Forever

Reposted as a reminder that you have work to do.

I am going to test your awareness here, not your credibility. If you are aware you are an immortal spiritual being who picks up a new body every 50 to 95 years, you can create an ideal scene that will enhance that activity and give you encouragement to continue forever.

If you have been indoctrinated to believe you are body and when it dies, you will go off to heaven or some other place, you will continue to struggle through life watching your body become less functional and your abilities dwindle until you decide to quit and go elsewhere. You will put more and more attention on the state of your body and spend more of your resources and money trying to keep it operational with medical treatments. Your quality of life will depend almost entirely on the state of your body.

For those of you who have some hint that you are a spiritual being. I have some suggestions for creating ideal scenes that will enhance every moment of your life in your present body and during your transfer into your next phase of existence whether in a body or not.

First of all, your ideal scene must include some provision for maintaining and enjoying your body. That is a given, at least for continuing life on Earth. More importantly, your ideal scene must include provisions for discovering your spiritual abilities and the abilities of the spirits who accompany you through life. If you have been following my writings through the last dozen years, you must have a hint, at least, that you are not here on your own. Your spiritual companions provide support and direction to your life when you know how to make use of their support. If you think you are here on your own, all alone against the implacable universe, you are not making use of the singular power that spiritual helpers can provide.

Furthermore, if you are that oblivious of your spiritual companions, I can guarantee that your indifference has not only lost you valuable support, it has probably irritated some of them to the point where they are causing you harm with their counter intention. Intention is cause and if you are surrounded by spiritual beings who are not in accord with your needs, their intentions may not be hostile but they will not be helpful. Everything that can go wrong will. Your spiritual companions influence and affect you every day and if your ideal scene does not include them and their welfare, you will encounter resistance when your desires do not take them into account.

Your first step in creating an ideal scene that makes use of the power of your spiritual companions is to communicate with them in a caring way and find out what they need and have to say. You should be doing this every day, preferably first thing in the morning while you are waking up or with your first cup of coffee. You can start by meditating to clear your mind and asking them what they have to say to you. Make sure you acknowledge everything they communicate, even the snarky comments if there are any.

Then you should let them know what you are trying to accomplish and get all of their comments and suggestions. Once you have gotten into this practice, you will find that they will have lots of suggestions and many of them will be valuable.

By now, you may have gotten the idea that your ideal scene is not an individual activity. Most of your helpful spiritual companions have been with you for many lifetimes and they will have excellent ideas for any ideal scene you wish to create. If you think of your life as a team effort, you are beginning to get the correct viewpoint for running your life and creating ideal scenes. Your spiritual companions joined you over many lifetimes, usually when you needed assistance and they felt they could help.

You merely need to learn how to manage them and how to keep them interested in helping you and life can be very easy and interesting indeed. You will also find spirits who have been damaged by their past experiences and you will need to learn how to help them and send them on their way to a new life. This is not exorcism, it is a conversational process that helps spirits discover what past events they are trapped in and gives them the assistance they need to come to present time and go free. It is called Spiritual Rescue Technology and you can learn it and use it by reading my books.

If you can think of yourself as the captain of a ship with a vast crew with millions of years of experience in every possible profession, you may be able to approach creating an ideal scene with a better attitude. You should set the course, but if you do not draw upon the experience of your spiritual companions, you will be wasting a valuable resource and will end up frustrated and unhappy.

The more you work with your spirits, the more your viewpoint expands and you realize that this lifetime is just one more step in achieving goals that are impossible to achieve if you limit yourself to a simple human experience. You have abilities you are not using now and have not used for centuries. If you work on creating an ideal scene that takes into account your spiritual companions and their abilities, your options for future adventures expand astronomically. This lifetime becomes one step of many on the road to recovering your full spiritual abilities rather than an unending series of short lives ending in oblivion again and again.

Are you willing to create an ideal scene to recover your immortality and all of the power that came with it? We are way overdue for a change and this is something we can do together. I will be continuing this discussion in the next few posts.

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