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We have been exploring the outer reaches of the spiritual aspects of personality and we know a lot more about why people act in mysterious ways, but we haven’t been spending enough time applying all of this knowledge to the important subject of spiritual healing. Yes, we are immortal spirits with untapped powers and whatnot, but we are currently operating bodies that are animated by large numbers of spirits and we don’t really have a handle on all of the things that spirits are doing with and to our bodies.

Some of us have a severe reality on what spirits can do to affect the health of our bodies. But most people are mired in a mystery when it comes assessing why their bodies do strange things. When medical professionals, with all of their experience, encounter spiritual effects on a body, they resort to defining these effects as syndromes, which means a group of symptoms which are known to go together but don’t have a clear cause, course, or symptom path. A disease is a disorder that is more likely to have a known cause, a distinct course, and established treatments.

I am not trying to make the point that all syndromes are caused by spirits, just that spiritually caused disorders are usually identified as syndromes because there is no easy solution for them using approved medical procedures.

Those of us who are used to working with spirits can usually spot the presence of spirits when a person is ill or injured and we can pick up the intention of the offending spirit as well. Handling the spirit with caring communication and Spiritual Rescue Technology allows an SRT user to heal another person quickly, even at a great distance. I have been doing online spiritual healing for clients located all over the planet and it is as easy as doing an in-person healing session, once you know how to communicate with spirits.

I am going to focus on spiritual healing for the next few workshops and am prepared to discuss how our recent discoveries regarding spirits contributing to our personalities affects our ability to do spiritual healing.

We are finally getting an understanding of the issues that prevent a person from communicating effectively with his spiritual companions and with spirits affecting the body’s health. To give you an idea of what this can entail, consider the situation where a SRT user is trying to heal someone by dealing with the spirit who is causing harm to that person’s body, and one of the spirits who is part of the sick person’s personality is opposed to the healing for some reason.

In other words, a person can have beings protecting him from spiritual attack by putting up a barrier and that barrier prevent him from being able to communicate with spirits. In order to deal with opposition from unexpected sources, an SRT user needs to understand the nature of the beings protecting a person as well as the beings attacking a person. The SRT user trying to heal someone is simply trying to locate the disturbed beings causing the problem and free them from the incidents they are stuck in.

The presence of beings who are opposing the healing activity will confuse the healer who does not have the data we recently discovered. It is my hope that we can effectively demonstrate how to use this data in the next few workshops.

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